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Chapter 342: Ghost Armband

Chapter 342: Ghost Armband
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Following this laughter, the scenes in all the mirrors disappeared.

They formed the face of a clown!

The clown had a grave stare and an evil smile.

"You actually discovered my hiding spot."

"Max is very surprised…"

The clown's voice was laughing, yet not laughing at the same time, and it made them feel a slight chill.

But Marvin wasn't worried at all!

Clowns were originally funny people in circuses. This kind of character could bring about a lot of joy, but the fun was achieved through humiliations. Clowns would have the most sinister auras, and ultimately becoming parts of Theater Spirits' bodies was pretty normal.

The thing that surprised Marvin was that these Evil Spirit Envoys actually nurtured the clown into mirrors.

This was somewhat difficult to do.

Although the entrance of the changing room was blocked by the two people, the theater itself was under the control of the Spirit. It wouldn't take long before these Evil Spirits rushed in.

It would be very troublesome if that happened.

"What should we do?" Gwyn frowned. "Such a huge number of mirrors, which is the real one?"

Marvin took a glance at the door, which was being attacked by the Evil Spirits, and decisively said, "Split up and look for it!"

He casually chose a mirror and rushed in!


The world in the mirror was a complete reproduction of McKenzie Theater.

Such a big theater was completely empty and only sobs could be heard in the pitch-black atmosphere.

Marvin sneered, using Listen to the maximum while he surveyed for any changes in the air.

He followed the voice and soon found a clown covered in bruises under the stage!

He had a throwing knife stabbed in his body, and under his worn-out clothing there were fresh bruises.

He had his head down as he wept.

Marvin grasped his daggers and asked, "Why are you crying?"

The clown raised his head and glared at him in hatred. "Why did you fire me?"

"I have been working so hard, why did you have to fire me?"

"Is it because I wasn't careful last time and accidentally found out about the affair between you and Siya?"

He rushed toward Marvin as he wailed.

His tongue was long, like a snake.

Marvin dodged easily, but suddenly, the clown's head opened up! The tongue and rows of teeth flew toward Marvin's neck!

The clown himself tried to pierce Marvin's waist with his nails!

Just before being hit, Marvin used Shadow Escape and appeared behind the clown.

Pity could be seen in his eyes. "Sorry, you got the wrong person."


A gunshot echoed out as the clown's head exploded!


The mirror broke.

'Not this one.' Marvin had a gloomy expression. He didn't see Gwyn anywhere, so he should still be in another mirror.

There were thirty-two mirrors in the entire changing room, and right now he could only check them one by one!

Since the Evil Spirits had yet to break in, he didn't delay and rushed straight into another mirror!


Outside the Desolate Ancient Altar area.

Facing the projection that had just finished condensing, the Pale Hand's face showed a pondering expression.

"Tidomas, you seem to have been quite active after Diggles' death…"

"Could it be that you really trust that so-called prophecy?"

The huge Dragon's head coldly looked down at Sky, his voice booming like thunder, "Vampire, although you have set foot in the Legend realm and this is only a projection, you aren't a match for me near this altar."

"Leave immediately, or this great evil will deprive you of both your spirit and your regrets!"

This large Dragon's head was the projection of Tidomas, the Overlord of the [Evil Dragon Cemetery] sub-plane.

Reportedly, Tidomas himself was a Dragon that was later chosen as the [Dragon Cemetery Watchman].

With the passage of time, Tidomas became corrupt, lured by power, lured by the Evil Spirit Sea. He was affected by the resentment of Dragon souls remaining in the Dragon Cemetery, and under the sinister influences, he ultimately became extremely vicious and powerful.

He used the power of the Dragons' resentment and established the Evil Dragon Cemetery. Although the Ancient Dragon God snatched back most of the Dragons' corpses, the Evil Dragon Cemetery he established became the closest sub-plane of the Negative Energy Plane to Feinan after the Decaying Plateau!

Among the Nineteen Evil Spirit Overlords, Tidomas was one of the most powerful. A lot stronger than Diggles, who'd had great potential!


An Evil Spirit Overlord's projection appearing in Saruha went far beyond what he had expected to be dealing with.

What secret did this Desolate Ancient Altar hold for those two Evil Spirit Envoys to keep chanting even after they were in danger?!

'What are they doing?'

Sky was quite curious about them, and out of the corner of his eyes he noticed a tiny ball of light between the two.

A scene was displayed on that ball, but it was behind the Evil Spirit Barrier so he couldn't see it clearly.

Sky laughed. "Tidomas, I don't really care about your matters, but your two subordinates must have stayed in Saruha for a long time. They should know a lot about this place."

"I hope they can help me find someone."

"Then I'll leave immediately, how about it?"

The Pale Hand felt that his words were reasonable enough.

He was a Legend powerhouse after all, and Tidomas was another powerhouse. If it wasn't because he was worried about the power accumulated in the Desolate Ancient Altar over the years, he would have just gotten rid of Tidomas' projection!

As long as the two Evil Spirit Envoys helped him find Gwyn, he would be willing to back off.

But he was shocked by Tidomas' unexpectedly tough reaction. "Get lost!"

The Dragon opened wide and a green poisonous mist spread out!

Sky's complexion changed.

This was an Evil Spirit Overlord's poison. If he got affected by it, it wouldn't be easy to get rid of it!

At the same time, he was infuriated by Tidomas' attitude.

The Pale Hand disappeared in an instant!

A flash flickered around the altar!

"Filthy Evil Spirit, I already made great concessions! Since you still don't agree, then don't blame me for being rude!"

At that time, four figures came out from the Shadow Plane, went directly through the altar's barrier and pounced toward the two Evil Spirit Envoys.

"Stay your hand!"

Tidomas apparently hadn't expected that this Legend Vampire would be able to ignore the barrier like that!

But there was no time for regret.

Sky was extremely ruthless. The four Pale Hands attacked one of the Evil Spirit Envoys and killed him off!

In that instant, he clearly saw the contents of the light ball and his expression changed yet again!


Meanwhile, in the backstage area of McKenzie Theater, most of the mirrors had been shattered!

Only one remained.

Marvin and Gwyn had just both come out from the mirror worlds and frozen before revealing relieved expressions.

Although it ended up being the last one, the core of the Theater Spirit was found!

The two rushed like lightning toward the mirror, slipping past a few Brain Eating Monsters on the way before they entered the mirror world.


The mirror world was exactly the same McKenzie Theater as before.

But this time, the theater was crowded!

Cheers thundered from all sides as the two felt a bit at a loss.

The theater had no signs of life previously. Where did these people come from?

This must be another trick of the Theater Spirit.

Marvin scanned the stage and saw that a show was underway.

It was a guillotine!

A clown came up from backstage to stand next to the guillotine.

As he ran up, people threw banana peels and soft apples at him.

But he still kept smiling.

"Idiot Max."

"Idiot Max, the show hasn't started yet, do you want to be beaten?"

The spectators ridiculed him loudly, not caring the least about the clown's feelings.

The clown was very embarrassed as he stood on the stage, struggling for a long time before managing to get the people's approval to give him a chance to do his first show.

He happily went over to the guillotine.

"Open your eyes wide." He raised his head with a brilliant smile on his face. "This is the most dangerous magic trick."

A tall and sturdy man suddenly appeared at his side.

The sturdy man ruthlessly activated the guillotine!

The next second, blood splashed everywhere!

The clown's head fell to the ground.

The audience was in uproar.

Marvin and Gwyn looked solemn. The clown's head rolled on the ground and arrived near the two, still smiling, before asking, "Was my show good?"

Before they could answer, all of the audience members lost their heads too and they turned and watched the two coldly. "Was our show good?"

"What kind of magic trick is this in the end? Illusion?" Gwyn wondered impassively.

This was the first time he'd met such a strange scene!

Marvin was still calm and dully muttered, "I was bored to death."

With these words, the smiles disappeared from all the faces, replaced by hatred instead!

"Those who don't like my show will die!" Max the Clown roared fiercely.

All the heads rolled over, trying to bite Marvin and Gwyn to death.

But at that time, Marvin entered the darkness.

Night Boundary!

His body fused with the darkness and then suddenly appeared on the stage.

Clown Max's headless body was still lying down under the guillotine.

"No!!!" All the heads shouted!

They seemed very frightened.

Marvin raised his daggers and chopped the corpse into minced meat!

The #4 Holy Water was radiating with a brilliant light.

Before Gwyn could react, a shattering sound echoed beside him.


The final mirror shattered.

"Even though we eliminated the Theater Spirit, the enemy's strength had suddenly decreased. There must be a reason for it."

"There must be something wrong on the Evil Spirit Envoys' side."

Marvin held a black armband in his hands and immediately regrouped with the Vampire.

The two glanced at each other, realizing what Marvin's words meant.

Only that Legend would be capable of causing major trouble for the Evil Spirit Envoys!

"We need to leave this place immediately."

Marvin put on the Spirit Armband he found on the clown's corpse.

That was a good find.