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Chapter 343: Steel Gates

Chapter 343: Steel Gates
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Although they avoided the trap for the time being, the Vampire clearly had some suspicions.

He looked at Marvin and couldn't help but ask, "How come you knew that the Theater Spirit resided in the headless body?"

In his opinion, the clown's head was more likely to be the dwelling place of the Spirit.

Marvin bluntly answered, "Luck."

Gwyn snorted, obviously not believing Marvin's excuse.

Marvin could only laugh bitterly.

He wasn't lying. In his previous life, the Theater Spirit was a hidden boss in the Saruha instance that was extremely hard to trigger. He never cleared it himself, so he didn't have the experience.

But when the mirror shattered previously, the Theater Spirit's unfathomable strength was subtly weakened, and Marvin noticed something.

It was a very mysterious feeling, as if he suddenly had outstanding senses.

From his point of view, although his Perception wasn't necessarily high, his soul was a lot stronger than those of ordinary people. When facing against evil, he was willing to trust his instincts.

As a result, his gamble paid off.

Originally, regardless of what happened, the Theater Spirit would be a very troublesome enemy.

Even if they found his core, they still needed to fight defeat him. But the Theater Spirit poured its strength out like a tidal wave, leaving his core unable to resist as Marvin warped straight to it and slashed down.

This was because of how sudden Marvin's attack was, and most importantly, because of the Evil Spirit Envoys controlling the Theater Spirit.

A Theater Spirit was just a type of collective consciousness Evil Spirit. Its existence was a mix of all kinds of evil thoughts.

But there was no main ego controlling it.

It was powerful, but it also needed to be controlled by an equally matched Evil Spirit Envoy.

The Desolate Ancient Altar was a bit away from the Residential District, so it wasn't easy for them to control it from that far, not to mention after one of the Evil Spirit Envoys had been killed by the Pale Hand!

In that split second, all the evil thoughts gathered in the Theater Spirit began to fight over leadership, which Marvin noticed!


Marvin considered what had happened.

In the current Saruha, there is only one person able to take out an Evil Spirit Envoy.

'Since he accidentally met the Evil Spirit Envoy, it means he missed this District Area and went straight to the Desolate Ancient Altar.'

'As long as we go away from there, we should be able to avoid him!'

Marvin thought quickly and lead Gwyn out of the theater in the opposite direction!

In that direction was the Ancient Gnomes' Arsenal.

If Marvin remembered right, this Arsenal was not occupied by Evil Spirits, because some constructs were still patrolling inside.

These constructs were generally uniform in models. Most of them were X–1 Models, a few of them were elite type constructs, but with their speed, the two could easily shake off the most powerful constructs.

There was a magical steel gate between the Residential District and the Arsenal that could completely seal the path.

Once it was successfully sealed, even if the Pale Hand wanted to go through the Shadow Plane, he shouldn't be able to get in.

This was the main reason Marvin was confident that he could save Gwyn.

Although he didn't know Saruha like the back of his hand like he did with the Crimson Monastery, he certainly knew a lot more than the Wolf Spider's people!

The two didn't have any hesitation as they rushed toward the steel gate that was in Marvin's memories.


Marvin actually remembered there still being many treasure chests in the Ancient Gnomes' Residential District.

Even if the things in these chests were probably mostly common equipment, there was also a chance of getting something good.

But since they successfully got rid of the Theater Spirit and gained another 10000 battle exp, Marvin was already satisfied.

Moreover, he also obtained the Spirit Armband!

The Spirit Armband was set up by the Evil Spirit Envoys in order to control the Theater Spirit. Although there was only one effect, it was a specifically important one!

[Spirit Armband]

[Quality: Magic]

[Property: Willpower +2]

The Willpower increase was to allow the Evil Spirit Envoy to suppress the chaotic emotions inside and give him a bit more control over it. In the end it was convenient to Marvin.

In order to resist the Archdevil's head and Book of Nalu's enticement, he urgently needed equipment that could raise his Willpower.

He could think of a few more powerful pieces of equipment in Feinan that could raise Willpower. But there weren't any more of them in the Pambo Seashore, so Marvin couldn't deal with it at the moment. He hadn't expected to receive that Spirit Armband like this. This could actually reduce the threat and influence of the Book of Nalu on Marvin's soul.


In the Desolate Ancient Altar, that scene flashed past. Sky wasn't a fool, and instantly understood what he had done!

'Theater Spirit!'

'They were actually in the stomach of a Theater Spirit. It must have been an Evil Spirit Barrier. Damn! I actually let them out!'

Sky was quite upset.

But being upset now was useless. He had killed the Evil Spirit Envoy, and Tidomas was extremely angered!

That huge Dragon head began to chant in Dragon Language.

The remaining Evil Spirit Envoy was also angry. Even if Sky wanted to explain that their goals were aligned, it probably wouldn't have any use!

The Evil Spirit Envoy shot out a spell.

In any case, the Theater Spirit had already been killed by Marvin. They couldn't leave the Desolate Ancient Altar, and unless Marvin walked right into the trap, their opportunity to avenge the Decaying Plateau had already been lost!

Thinking of this, both Tidomas and the Evil Spirit Envoy wanted to vent all their rage on the Pale Hand!

The Dragon's voice echoed from the Desolate Ancient Altar.

Although it was only a projection, it was able to use magic through the Dragon Language!

Tidomas merged the Evil Spirit chanting technique with Dragon Language magic to come up with his own Dragon chanting technique.

In an instant, the entire Altar became quiet.

Sky was once again startled and furious. He kept using escape skills but found himself unable to leave the Barrier.

Tidomas' cold voice taunted, "I already sealed this altar. Even if you have more powerful escape abilities, you still won't be able to leave."

"For ruining our plan, accept your death, lowly ant."

The next second, the Evil Dragon's head suddenly made a move, and a great amount of acid and poison mixed together was flying toward Sky!


Two people were flying through the Residential District, hardly taking notice of the Evil Spirits that they passed by.

They saw a tall steel gate in the distance.

A group of people were gathered under the steel gate.

Wolf Spider mercenaries!

When they saw Marvin and Gwyn, they were shocked.

The Wolf Spider's leader, Rem, couldn't help but blurt out, "You aren't dead?!"


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