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Chapter 345: Arsenal

Chapter 345: Arsenal
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After going through the steel gate, a rusty smell spread over from the distance.

The two were very sensitive people. Although this place was pitch-black, they could feel some danger!

The Ancient Gnomes' Arsenal was not a safe place!

In fact, the Ancient Gnomes was a crazy race. They were famous for a time, but because of all kinds of crazy actions, they provoked a countless number of people and were ultimately erased from history, leaving only those Wild Gnomes behind. Although they had the Ancient Gnomes' bloodline, their intelligence had already seriously degenerated, and they were no different from monsters.

As for their Arsenal, all kinds of strange weapons were being manufactured there.

In order to prevent enemies from stealing their core secrets, this place had the strongest defenses in all of Saruha!

Despite only being just past the steel gate, they could feel that not far from there, a few constructs were roaming about!

'X-model patrol type construct…'

Marvin squinted.

He turned and looked at the bitter face of those four guys from the Wolf Spider group, who were still firmly turning the wheel-like mechanism.

It seemed that if [Sir Robin] didn't say a word, they wouldn't dare do anything else.

Marvin coughed, "Leave!"

The four, as if they had just been pardoned, ran away at extreme speed.

With their departure, the solid wheel spun back and the steel gate rumbled down, closing against the ground.

Marvin swiftly went to the right side of the steel gate. He remembered a small mechanism being there.

This was a temporary alert mechanism. Only when something big happened would it be used.

After activating it, no one would be able to go through the steel gate for at least twelve hours.

This was one type of defense used by Saruha's Gnomes.

This mechanism was very easy to find. Marvin felt around where a Gnome would reach before finding it. The mechanism was very simple, so that even the lowest Gnome would be able to use it to seal the steel gate.

Marvin studied for it a bit, and with help from his rather fuzzy memories, he quickly put the steel gate in temporary alert mode!

"How is it?" Gwyn asked in a heavy voice.

"Done!" Marvin was full of confidence. "Rest assured, since the two of us reached an agreement, even if the Pale Hand catches up, I'll protect you!"

A strange expression flashed across the Vampire's eyes.

Marvin was a Night Walker, so he was able to see this, but he felt a strange feeling.

'Damn, this Vampire is so beautiful... my orientation won't deviate, right?'

'His expression is a bit strange.'

He coughed, dissolving the awkwardness while pointing to a distant location and explaining, "We will look around the Arsenal. The Ancient Gnomes' treasury definitely had a lot of good stuff."

Gwyn faintly nodded.

The steel gate was actually set up halfway up a mountain while all of Saruha wriggled to and fro underground, snaking around in tunnels.

The Arsenal was set up on a depression, and from their position by the gate, the two overlooked the entire Arsenal.

With Gwyn's perception, they quickly noticed all the constructs that were emitting red light!

The patrol constructs.

They weren't a kind of humanoid construct, instead having four wheels, and rectangular bodies with all kinds of weapons inside. They could notice enemies in their surroundings due to the sensors at all the corners of their bodies.

"Too many. And the further inside it is, the more packed they are." Even if Gwyn was a prominent figure in the Bright Side, it was the first time he had seen so many constructs!

Saruha had already been abandoned for so many years, but there were still so many constructs working!

"Where are they getting their energy from?" Gwyn asked Marvin again in a low voice.

Marvin forced a smile. He knew that the ability of these constructs to keep moving was related to Saruha's final BOSS, [Chaotic Memory Construct]. It was also due to that construct's artificial intelligence that Saruha became even more dangerous.

But he didn't say too much at that time. He only played it down and said, "I won't know until we go down and take a look."

He ignored Gwyn and turned into a blur, rustling down the mountain.

Gwyn stood there, dissatisfaction apparent on his face. He slightly stomped his foot, his behavior looking rather feminine.

'How many secrets does this Marvin have after all?'

'He obviously knows Saruha like the back of his hand, but he pretends to only know the surface. Does he think I'm blind?"

He snorted coldly, very dissatisfied with Marvin's behavior.

But what could he do? When he smashed the mirror, he also noticed Pale Hand Sky looking at him.

With his perception, and Marvin previous reminder, he was able to notice that strange gaze.

That man really was targeting him.

If he wanted to survive, he would have to go along with the mysterious Marvin!

He could only bite his lip and follow closely behind.


Desolate Ancient Altar.

The Evil Dragon's head had long been forcibly scattered by him, but he had also received a serious injury.

What enraged him was that before Tidomas' projection disappeared, it used a spell to lock him on the Desolate Ancient Altar.

Although Vampires had high resistance toward many types of magic, an Evil Dragon Overlord's spell was not something common.

Sky was trapped on the Desolate Ancient Altar, feeling extremely gloomy.

And on the side, the Evil Spirit Envoy was glaring at him.

He kept using spells to disturb the Pale Hand. Even if his spells couldn't cause much harm to him, it was still very troublesome!

Weakness, Bleeding, Disease, Injury... All kinds of curses were layered, and even if he was a Legend powerhouse, with all the curses stacked like that, he would be greatly weakened.

Sky was extremely depressed about this entire course of events.

He knew he had overestimated his own strength, and underestimated Tidomas!

All he could do was toss around in the barrier that Tidomas created, dodging the Evil Spirit Envoys' curses as much as he could.

At the same time, he was secretly looking for a gap, intending to break through the barrier.

As he looked, he noticed that not far from there, a group of shadows appeared.

The Wolf Spider mercenaries!

Rem, Lillia, Bull, and others, they were all there.

Compared with the start of the exploration, at least half of the people had been lost in the Crystal Hall.

Those able to reach this far were naturally elites among elites.

When Sky noticed them, they also noticed the confined Pale Hand!

"What is this altar? It's actually so evil? Even a Legend is locked in!"

They were all shocked. "Yeah, Sir Sky seems to be in pain."

"This is the aura of Evil Spirits. There is even an Evil Spirit Envoy."

The Wolf Spider group stood there, neatly ordered.

Rem and Lilia glanced at each other. It was a headache.

Although they knew that Saruha would be full of dangers that they might not be able to overcome and hired many experts in advance, they somehow still hadn't obtained any good treasure and kept meeting trouble after trouble.

Not even mentioning the Tentacle Horrors and the Crystal Hall, just having two Legends appear among them made them very distressed.

Whether it was Pale Hand Sky or Dragon Slayer Robin, they were both people they couldn't afford to provoke.

After they were driven out by Marvin, they went around the Ancient Gnomes' Residential District and got a few scattered chests.

But those were just the hidden personal items of some Ancient Gnomes. The good things were either in the Armory or the Arsenal and they were still far from them.

They had followed the path and found a road sign. According to what was depicted on it, as long as they went through this region, they would reach Saruha's location with the most treasures, the [Armory]. In the rumors, the Armory held a Titan construct that was able to fight with Dragons!

These adventurers didn't hope to find a Titan anymore. If they could get their hands on a few constructs, or some high level blueprints or jewels, it might be enough for them to flourish.

Thus they had carefully gone that way.

But just as they left this Residential District Area, they caught a glance of the Desolate Ancient Altar!

The aura of Evil Spirits was everywhere, making them think of the Tentacle Horrors in the tunnel!

Rem had an ominous premonition.

He was about to hint to everyone to pretend not to have seen this and instead circumvent this place when suddenly, Sky's voice reached their ears. "Help me destroy this altar. There will be a large reward."

The wise and thick-skinned Rem forced a smile.

Even as a Legend, you aren't able to deal with the altar, so how could we do anything?

But he didn't refuse Sky. He braced himself and quietly asked, "What can we do?"


In the pitch-black Arsenal.

The air was filled with a thick rusty smell. Besides the sound made when wheels rolled on uneven surfaces, this place was completely quiet.

Two shadows disappeared in between two buildings.

A X-model construct slowly came over. The eight sensors in its body probed at the same time, checking in all directions.

A faint red light swept through the surroundings, but there was no difference.

After a moment, it went away.

Marvin and Gwyn slowly came out from behind a thick pillar.

Gwyn muttered quietly, "Where do you want to go in the end?"

"Why are there more and more constructs gathering there?"

"Moreover, why do I feel that these constructs aren't working based on set patterns, but are instead controlled by someone?"

A smile appeared in the corner of Marvin's mouth. "The Perception from the Blood Mark is really amazing. The deeper we go, the more patrols there will be."

Gwyn frowned. "The Pale Hand may catch up anytime!"

With a distinct lack of concern, Marvin said, "Coming to Saruha isn't that easy, so shouldn't we take out some precious things? Moreover, are you really afraid of that Pale Hand? If I'm not wrong, he should be dying from Tidomas and his subordinate's attacks. Even if he successfully escapes, he would have quite a few curses on his body, like Weakness and such. At that time, if we join hands, we might be able to finish him."

The Vampire laughed at Marvin. "You are insane. It's a Legend powerhouse. Even if he was weakened by them, he isn't someone a 4th rank class holder can kill."

"Just kidding." Marvin's eyes shone.

In fact, he still had some assurance that he could catch the Legend Pale Hand off guard and kill him.

After all, he had saved up all kinds of tricks and methods ever since he transmigrated. So what if it was a Pale Hand? As long as he couldn't avoid every blow, Marvin would have a chance to take his life!

Even the Shadow Prince's avatar died in Marvin's hands. Marvin simply didn't fear Sky!

But in order to remain cautious and conceal his strength, he temporarily hid his confidence.

He only casually tossed out a few sentences and kept checking the terrain.

There was actually nothing incredibly great in the Gnome Arsenal.

There were no treasure chests and no treasure, only some cold constructs.

Marvin didn't know about the constructs' control hub, so even if he brought all those constructs home, they wouldn't be very useful.

Of course, if he could find a way to control these constructs, it would be a different matter.

Unfortunately, controlling these constructs was but a dream. Marvin didn't expect too much from the beginning.

His target was something else in the Arsenal!

Gwyn saw Marvin frowning while looking in the distance and asked in boredom, "This place is a pile of junk, and even if the best materials were left behind, they would become waste with the passage of time. What are you looking for?"

Marvin ignored him, focusing on trying to recall the Arsenal's layout.

After a long time, a complete and clear map appeared in his mind.

"Let's go!"

He didn't hesitate any longer and rushed to an alley, crossing through the Arsenal in the darkness.

Gwyn was angry. If it was any other place, he would have already ignored Marvin and left.

Sadly, this was Saruha. He originally came to join in the fun, but who could have known that there would be a Legend powerhouse trying to kill him. Now his life depended on Marvin, and he could only passively follow behind him.

Fortunately he had a good temper. If it was someone else, they would have lashed out already.

The two travelled through the darkness, avoiding the constructs.

They finally stopped in front of a very short building.

What surprised Gwyn about it was the lack of a symbol or words or any kind of description. This was different from the other buildings in the Arsenal.

"What is this place?" Gwyn asked curiously.

Marvin watched the building's entrance attentively, a happy expression showing on his face. "This is one of the storage facilities used to store raw materials in Saruha's Arsenal."

"Raw materials?" Gwyn was disappointed.

After so many years, any raw materials here should have already turned into a pile of scrap iron.

But Marvin's next sentence suddenly made him excited.

"K series metals. Have you heard of them?"