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Chapter 347: Control Room

Chapter 347: Control Room
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The dark sewers weren't as nauseating as Gwyn had imagined.

The sewers had already been abandoned for so many years after all, so all the filth had already turned to dust under the passage of time.

The air there was actually pretty clean.

"Could your secret exit be hidden in the sewers?"

Gwyn rushed over to Marvin, realizing that the sewers were most likely the way to leave Saruha.

Marvin nodded and pointed in one direction while saying, "Follow this path. With your strength, even if you meet a monster, you should be able to take care of it. This is the way to the secret exit. The sewers' exit is well-hidden, so the Ancient Gnomes weren't worried that another lifeform would come in through them. Moreover, you can turn into a bat to leave."

Gwyn hesitated slightly. "You don't intend to leave with me?"

Marvin forced a smile. "There are still many good things waiting in Saruha, how could I leave now?"

Gwyn looked at Marvin speechlessly.

This guy was obviously White River Valley's Overlord. He was sitting on two gold mines and according to the rumors, he had conquered a sub-plane, obtaining endless resources and wealth. Now this guy was still greedy for Saruha's treasures… Was this guy the hero who destroyed an Evil Spirit Plane?

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Gwyn wouldn't have believed the rumors about [Great Hero Marvin] being such a miser!

He kindly reminded Marvin that the Dark Side's Vampires didn't take pity on Humans and even had somewhat of an antagonistic feeling toward them, and also warned him to be extremely careful.

Afterwards, the two parted ways. Gwyn went to the sewers' exit, and Marvin turned and went deeper into the sewers!


In the maze-like sewers, Marvin quickly moved forward.

In this place, nothing could block his path.

In fact, he was much faster underground than above ground.

Even if Marvin didn't remember Saruha's map in detail, he more or less knew the directions.

Saruha was a roughly circular vestige. From the back entrance, one would have to go through the Crystal Hall and then the small treasury to reach the Gnome Residential District.

The steel gates northeast of the Gnome Residential District led to the Arsenal.

North of the Arsenal was the 3rd District, the [Control Room].

Northwest of the Control Room was the 4th District, the [Armory].

Southwest of the Armory was the [Desolate Ancient Altar].

The five big Districts formed a circle, surrounding a rocket silo. According to the legends, Saruha's Gnomes intended to set out for the skies, to explore the mysteries of the Astral Sea… That was before God Lance had descended and when the God Realms had yet to be set up in the Astral Sea!

But unfortunately, what happened afterwards stopped them from accomplishing this feat. That rocket silo was embedded deep in Saruha, waiting to be excavated by later generations.

From what Marvin knew a bit about the place, there wasn't much of anything useful in the Residential District. He had already obtained a lot of remnants from Gnome Engineer's in the small treasury and was quite satisfied. The Spirit Armband was an unexpected windfall, while the K metals gave him another hidden card.

But the treasures he truly cared about were still in the other two Districts.

The [Control Room] and the [Armory]!

There were many constructs and parts in the Control Room, along with Saruha's current leader, the Chaotic Memory Construct, [Slaughterer].

Slaughterer had a memory issue, and had two modes. One was a regular mode, during which it was possible to communicate with it. But his sentences would frequently cut off and he would be extremely jumpy, frequently referring to some very strange things and even bluntly using God Lance's name.

And the other one was a slaughter mode. As the name implied, when in that mode, Slaughterer would slaughter everything nonstop.

Slaughterer under slaughter mode was a nightmare for any intruders.

In reality, Marvin was exploring Saruha pretty casually this time.

Even if he already knew some things about the Gnome's vestige, he didn't make a move because the constructs left behind by the Ancient Gnomes were his nemeses!

To Rangers, these constructs wrapped in iron were extremely troublesome.

They couldn't be reasoned with and only followed orders.

Marvin would feel sorry for his weapons if he fought with them.

They had no lives, and were more like robots. And Marvin doubted he could receive experience after killing a construct.

Thus, despite coincidentally entering Saruha, he had no intention of facing that construct.

If there were Evil Spirits, he would kill them all, but as for constructs, he would simply enter Stealth.

'Most of the things in the Armory were taken away by the Ancient Gnomes during their disaster. Only that big one wasn't removed.'

'If I can get that one… Even if an Ancient Red Dragon invaded the territory, White River Valley wouldn't be worried!'

'But the key to control it should be in the Control Room.'

Marvin clenched his teeth and ultimately decided to go toward the Control Room, even though that place was the constructs' headquarters.

Marvin traveled back and forth in the sewers before finally finding an exit.

He gently pushed the lid and acted swiftly, transforming into a shadow and disappearing from where he was.

This place was a lot more oppressive than the Arsenal.

A large amount of X-model constructs were waiting in formation. Only their sensors were activated, continuously scanning the place.

Marvin's Stealth was high enough, but someone else would have definitely been discovered.

As the name implied, the Control Room controlled all of Saruha.

It was set up in a huge cave.

In the center of the cave there was a metal building divided into three floors, the highest of which was the control hub.

And Slaughterer was in the 2nd floor.

Marvin used Stealth and quietly reached the building.

The large entrance was tightly secured and the walls were smooth. Only someone with the Ancient Gnomes' command could enter.

If he tried rashly, it would lead to the constructs attacking.

The current Marvin was level 19 and had the Shapeshift Sorcerer skills, along with many other cards, so he wasn't worried about these constructs. He was just unwilling to fight them if he could avoid it, as it wouldn't be worth it.

Marvin went around the building three times, feeling extremely annoyed.

The Control Room was strictly guarded, he couldn't open the entrance, so how could he go in?

'It was said that the hidden keys to control the Titan is in the 3rd floor of the Control Room.'

'Without that set of keys, even if I got hold of those constructs, I wouldn't be able to control them.'

'Do I really have to kill my way up?!'

He stayed for a while around the Control Room and thought of all kinds of methods to go in, but this was Saruha's core. How could he find a hole in the defenses so easily?

Helpless, Marvin intended to leave.

But he hadn't expected that a group of people would suddenly appear in the cave, south of the Control Room!

Leading them was Pale Hand Sky!

Marvin entered Stealth, restraining his emotions and his surprise.