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Chapter 349: Go Big Or Go Home!

Chapter 349: Go Big Or Go Home!
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Nobody noticed Marvin slipping in during this chaos.

Even Sky was completely focused on the frightening Slaughterer and didn't see Marvin sneakily flashing in.

The Wolf Spider group began to counterattack despite their difficult situation.

Sky was roaming between the Prime Material Plane and the Shadow Plane, trying to land a good hit.

But Slaughterer's defensive power was too shocking. He went all-out but could only leave a shallow wound on its metal body!

What was more frightening was that this kind of metal could even heal itself.

This made them feel incredibly bitter!

Some mercenaries intended to turn and flee.

How could Humans' bodies contend against them? Unless they had an army, or a Legend Wizard, they couldn't be able to make a move on the army of constructs without walking to their doom.


Marvin took advantage of the intense battle outside the Control Room to sneak in.

Even though he had already gone past the constructs and only remembered Slaughterer being inside the building, there was no harm in being careful.

In this situation, the hidden characteristic [Stealth Master] from reaching 200 points of Stealth was most definitely put to good use.

Without this characteristic, his speed in Stealth would be reduced by half and it would be very hard for Marvin to get what he wanted before the battle outside ended.

The interior was completely covered in sensors. Marvin had to move carefully to avoid them.

His eyes were fixed on the open space center of the room.

The building had three layers which could all be seen from the center as it was open. The tallest layer was completely shrouded in glass with green and red dots flickering inside.

That was the real control hub of all of Saruha!

On the side there was a spiral staircase that he could take upward.

Marvin avoided the sensors and rushed to the 3rd floor!

'Finally got in!'

Marvin was pleased.

If not for the diversion of the Wolf Spider group, he wouldn't have had such a smooth opportunity.

Slaughterer was always defending this place, as the control hub's temporary master, giving outsiders no chance to approach.

But it was different now.

It might have been the Legend powerhouse's aura that made Slaughterer personally make a move, leaving the protection of the control room and taking the initiative to attack.

Marvin stood on the 3rd floor and looked outside.

From the glass window he could see a disturbingly frightening scene!

The constructs were like a tide of metal rushing up from the bottom of the depression.

It was a massive mountain of metal! With swords growing all over their bodies!

Marvin would rather face an army of Evil Spirits than be in front of that group of steel monsters!

Breaking their defenses was so difficult. How would they be able to hold against them?

He didn't dare to keep looking and focused his energy on the control hub's door.

This was the Control Room's final layer of defense.

To reach the control hub, he would have to input the correct password.

This layer of defense actually should have been the most difficult. Even in the ancient eras, very few Ancient Gnomes knew the password.

In ordinary circumstances, if he wanted to learn this secret password, he would have to defeat Slaughterer.

But Marvin had an alternative.

He entered the numbers and symbols into the control hub's door with a "Snap!"

Marvin smirked. 'The password for Saruha's control hub had been leaked on the forums by the players…'

He quickly entered the glass cover.

"Bang!" The entrance closed.

Marvin pushed the green button which meant [Standby], and began his own operation!


At the moment that Marvin opened the control hub, outside the Control Room, Slaughterer stopped.

It ignored everyone around and rushed back into the hall!

All the people outside the Control Room were shocked.

The Pale Hand quickly followed.

Rem and the others looked at each other. The constructs from the bottom had already reached them, so if they didn't follow, wouldn't that mean certain death?

They all rushed in immediately.

Fortunately, Slaughterer was completely ignoring them now!

He was rushing to the center of the Control Room!


"Get the fuck out! That's my throne!"

The hoarse machine voice echoed menacingly.

The six pitch black gun barrels were aimed at the glass cover on the 3rd floor!

They all looked up and were shocked to find out that a figure was already on the 3rd floor.

From their expressions, it looked as if the Wolf Spider mercenaries had seen a ghost!

"Someone is inside!"

"How did he get in!"

"He looks a bit familiar, who is he?"

"He is moving so fast, who the hell is he? It wouldn't be a ghost, right?"

Meanwhile, a strange scene played out before them.

Slaughterer was utterly angry. "Get the fuck out!"

It tried shoot at the control hub, but this was a serious violation of its protocols!

The control hub was the most important part of Saruha, and Slaughterer was in charge of protecting this place, not destroying it!

This frightening construct kept sprinting toward the glass sphere.

At that time, an angry voice resounded beside the pillar, "Ghost? Bullshit! It's that man you invited!"

"What! It's Kerry… No, Sir Robin!"

"Dragon Slayer Robin! Wasn't he at that steel gate? How could he suddenly rush over to the Control Room?"

The mercenaries were puzzled.

Only Sky's face paled.

Although he didn't know how Marvin got a hold of the control hub's password, he more or less guessed the entire process.

He had noticed Gwyn and that Robin being very close to each other. This guy was in the control hub, so where was Gwyn?

"Sir, what should we do?" Rem cautiously inquired. "If I'm not wrong, the one in the control hub is the [Dragon Slayer] famous in the Pambo Seashore…"

"Dragon Slayer?" The Pale Hand sneered, "I feel that there is an issue with the rumors!"

"If he really was so powerful, why would he sneakily hide behind us and take the opportunity to enter the Control Room?"

"I don't sense the aura of a Legend from his body. This guy is only a 4th rank ant!"

Rem frowned.

The Dragon Slayer name was very awe-inspiring. Although he also didn't feel any Legend aura from Marvin's body, he didn't dare deny it so easily.

"I want to see how he plans on finishing this!" Sky said.

"Make your people hide, don't let the construct kill them."

"That pile of scrap is trying to take back the control hub, so we are safe for the time being."


Just as Sky had pointed out, Slaughterer's main target was Marvin.

It extended its arm, trying to input the secret password to enter.

But the door had already been locked by Marvin.

The only way to enter now was the forced override procedure. It had temporary authority here after all, so it could use this kind of method to open the door.

But this method would take at least five minutes!

And five minutes would enough for Marvin to do a lot.

Marvin always did his own things.

This trip to Saruha was originally to try his luck, but he hadn't expected that he was really able to take advantage of the others' crisis to reach the control hub.

Marvin was quite daring. When he set foot in the control hub, he reviewed everything he knew about it in his mind.

'Hehe, in the game, the one who entered the control hub for the first time would obtain many benefits, while the later people could only get some constructs' parts or microchips.'

'It seems different this time.'

His eyes were spinning around the control hub. Soon, he found the thing he wanted!

It was a green iron box, calmly sitting atop a shelf in the control hub.

The iron box had a strange rune carved on it. Marvin only slightly recognized some parts of the rune representing the ancient eras' Sun God.

The iron box itself was also a treasure, but Marvin currently didn't know how to use it.

To him, the things inside the box were most important.

It held a green card and a thick handbook!

A rather unusual light flowed around the card, and as for the handbook, it was rather thick and filled with many details. It was fully written in Ancient Gnomish.

Marvin didn't know Ancient Gnomish, but he remembered this book's name!

– Mechanical Titan's Control Handbook –!

And that card was the key to activate Saruha's ultimate killing device, the secret key to activate the Mechanical Titan!

Seeing this card, Marvin was ecstatic.

He already had half of that guy in the Armory now!

If he could really leave Saruha with a Mechanical Titan, he would profit immensely!

It had to be known that when it came to pure melee ability, the Mechanical Titan could match the Dragon Race.

"Du du du…" Marvin heard a hurried sound.

He frowned and immediately put away his things.

He knew that Slaughterer had begun to forcibly unlock the door.

He didn't have much time left.

He then kept looking and soon found the thing he wanted.

It was another iron box, with five slots in it. There were four chips in the box!

Construct Memory Chips!

If Marvin wasn't wrong, these chips were most likely related to Mark 47's quest.

Mark 47 had followed God Lance on this world, and God Lance apparently descended in the Post-Primal Chaos Era, so there was a bit of a time deviation, but he instinctively felt that they were probably related.

Getting the Memory Chips was one of Marvin's goals.

As for that empty slot, needless to say, the chip was in [Slaughterer]'s head. He wouldn't be able to take it without killing it.


After taking care of everything, there were only three minutes left.

Marvin was sweating.

He stared at the console.

Although the console was now completely dull gray, Marvin still recognized the buttons!

This time he was prepared to go big or go home!

'Although I don't know why such a large rocket couldn't be launched back then, it's a pity to leave it there.'

'Glynos… You almost killed me once. This time, I have a gift for you.'