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Chapter 350: Race Against Time

Chapter 350: Race Against Time
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Outside the control hub, Slaughterer was carrying out the override procedure.

Once it was unlocked, Marvin would be in an extremely dangerous situation.

He didn't have much time!

Sweat trickled down Marvin's forehead. He didn't know that much about Ancient Gnomish, and wasn't prepared to deal with the controls.

But he had heard that the first player who entered Saruha successfully shot this rocket with the help of the player interface system.

Marvin wanted to check whether his Essence Absorption System was completely like his previous system.

He pressed his palm on a small screen under the control hub. "Di di di." A red light flickered.


This meant he didn't pass the verification test.

Countless logs flashed in front of him.

Suddenly, one of them attracted Marvin's attention.

[Do you want to activate the System Assistance function – Simple Programs Operations]

The yes option cost 10000 exp.

For Marvin, 10000 wasn't a small amount, but this was an extremely rare opportunity!

Marvin's desire to retaliate was very strong. He and the Shadow Prince were mortal foes. Since he had the chance to send him a gift, he wouldn't pass up on this opportunity!

Battle exp could be farmed after all!

He chose to activate the System Assistance.

He placed his palm down once again, and the System Assistance automatically activated. It began to crack the launch procedures for the rocket.

Meanwhile, the screen brightened up and a line of data flashed in front of him. Although he couldn't read it, with the System Assistance, he understood that it was the process for the rocket's launch procedures!

'Sure enough, it's a rough model.'

'Back then, that group successfully launched the rocket and posted all the information about it to brag, including even the launch password! Hehe, this time I'll launch it alone!'

Marvin focused himself on the launch procedures, completely ignoring the sounds of Slaughterer still in the middle of unlocking the door.

"Ding!" A sound echoed, showing that Marvin had successfully broken through the Ancient Gnomes' lock.

A long password box appeared on the screen.

This was the password to launch the rocket.

Marvin took a deep breath. Fortunately, his memory was amazing. Moreover, he had also paid close attention to that event because of his curiosity, which made it more prominent in his memories.

It came in handy now.

The password was entered.

A countdown appeared on the screen!

Marvin grinned.

No one in Feinan knew what kind of things were in the rocket.

But he clearly knew.

That was a bomb! It was called [Judgement Day].

The Ancient Gnomes at the time seemed to have noticed some strange and powerful lifeforms in the Astral Sea, and this rocket was prepared for them!

But for some reason, the rocket wasn't fired, and the Ancient Gnome Race was completely destroyed.

In the end, it benefitted Marvin.

"Di di di!"

The countdown began.

Marvin hurriedly began to adjust the coordinates.

This rocket was originally aimed above their heads, to the Astral Sea. But it would have surely crossed countless God Realms on its way, alarming many gods.

This wasn't what Marvin had in mind.

He only had one target!

The Shadow Realm!

Marvin remembered many coordinates of many God Realms, and the Shadow Prince's place was definitely one of them.

After the countdown started, Marvin quickly changed the destination in less than thirty seconds with the help of the System Assistance.

Target: Shadow Realm!

Glynos wasn't aware that in Feinan, a frightening missile was aiming at his home!

And the Universe Magic Pool wouldn't obstruct something leaving Feinan.

Marvin was sure about this. Few people knew more than him about the Universe Magic Pool in this world!

"Di Di Di!"

There was less than a minute left before Slaughterer would break through the door.

Marvin was frantically adjusting the settings. He didn't really understand everything, but the System Assistance could help him carry out his intentions. He only needed to enter the desired result and the System Assistance would take care of it.

This was the advantage of the system. Everything was exactly like it was in the game!


"Despicable Human! Stay your hand!" Slaughterer's ominous voice echoed from outside, "What are you doing?!"

It had temporary authority over the control hub and was able to find out what Marvin was doing, but couldn't prevent it.

Because it wasn't Saruha's true master!

Thirty seconds left.

Marvin sighed in relief.


The countdown on the launch screen was at fifteen minutes!

Marvin locked the procedure so that Slaughterer wouldn't be able to alter it, and then prepared to escape.

At that moment, all of Saruha began to shake.

There seemed to be an ancient monster waking up in the center of the circle-shaped Saruha.

Rumbling sounds kept echoing, and stone kept falling in the cave!

Marvin sneered and jumped up before suddenly disappearing!


"What has he done?"

"He disappeared!"

"Hold on… Saruha is shaking… Damn, is this place going to collapse?"

Rem and the others were convulsing with fear.

They didn't know what the Dragon Slayer did in the control hub, but it actually shook the entirety of Saruha.

And after he was done, he mysteriously disappeared from the control hub!

This was quite confounding.

The control hub building's materials were extremely special, to the point that even Sky, who was very proficient in travelling through the shadows, wasn't able to cross over!

They were all frightened, and Slaughterer roared!


The control hub doors finally opened.

Sky instantly flashed into the control hub, but what he saw shocked him!

Countless red lights were flashing, and a huge screen was flickering with the same color. A long trajectory map appeared in front of him.

'This is…'

With his superficial knowledge of the planes, he could tell that this trajectory led outside the Universe Magic Pool!

'What is that guy trying to do!' Sky was at a loss.

But at that time, a steel arm suddenly flew over!

If not for Sky dodging away quickly, he might have been pierced by this arm!

The mechanical part at the end of the long steel arm was apparently manipulating the control hub.

"Di di di" sounds kept echoing as Sky hid to the side.

Not long after, Slaughterer's angry voice echoed outside the door. "No!"

"How could this be! Wretched intruder! He locked the launch procedure!"

The loud roar echoed through the Control Room.

Everyone was dazed.

Launch procedure?

What was that?

That was completely outside their understanding!

Only the shaking of Saruha gave them a sense of crisis.


Rem was very firm. The Wolf Spider mercenaries standing tall and not falling for so long was due to them knowing when to give up!

With the intensity of these vibrations, Saruha might very well collapse!

The Wolf Spider group began to retreat.

And the crazy Slaughterer inside was unable to stop Marvin's locked launch procedure because he had entered the full launch code!

Once the rocket started the countdown, Slaughterer wouldn't be able to stop it.

It angrily retracted its mechanical arm and began utilizing its authority to search for traces of Marvin in Saruha.

But it didn't find anything.

Marvin seemed to have completely disappeared.

Sky was still looking around for him.

He used Stealth and cautiously looked for Marvin in the control hub.

As he looked overhead, a pitch-black ventilation shaft appeared in his sight!

'Damn, that kid is escaping!'

The Pale Hand suddenly reacted and chased after him!


In the dirty ventilation system, Marvin strenuously crawled forward.

Launching a rocket was only a small gift for Glynos. The most important part was to quickly get the things he wanted!

That Titan construct in the Armory!

The place he was in right now, the ventilation system, was like the sewer system. It was a passage linking all five areas of Saruha and was a lot safer than the ordinary path.

Marvin's speed was very fast. He roughly guessed his desired location and cut an exit out of the ventilation system, landing on the ground.

'Armory at last!'

He scouted his surroundings, looking for the correct direction.

He had to find the Titan construct and leave this place before the rocket was fired.

Because all of Saruha might get buried after the rocket launched!

'Where is it?' His eyes shone all around, trying to find a landmark.

At that time, a black construct appeared in front of him.

'No good!'

Marvin had just been rushing at top speed and was discovered by the construct because he didn't have Stealth active.

In the Control Room, Slaughterer suddenly retracted the plugged part and coldly said, "Intruder found, in the Armory."

Its speed instantly increased past human limits as it rushed to the Armory.


A race against time had just started in Saruha.

But a grim scene was also playing out in Rocky Mountain, 500 kilometers away from Saruha.

It was worse than when Black Dragon Clarke lead an Underdark Army to attack Hope City!

A purple-gowned woman was standing on a hill not far from there, watching the three sisters floating over Hope City.

She looked extremely refined and radiant.

But her expression was very grim.

Hope City's inhabitants were anxious.

Because there were no less than five Black Dragons behind that woman!

"Hand over that Robin guy."

"Otherwise Rocky Mountain will become ruins after today," the woman coldly declared.