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Chapter 353: Activation

Chapter 353: Activation
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Dust rose up from the clothes, making Marvin cough several times.

The beautiful metallic glow was very clear even in the night.

This was one of the highest accomplishments oxf the Ancient Gnome Race, the Mechanical Titan!

Practically all of Saruha had already collapsed from the earthquake. Slaughterer didn't have any kind of authority over the stone door, and thus could only escape in the end!

Holding the card, Marvin climbed on the Mechanical Titan's body, reaching the cockpit in a blink!

The green card brushed past, and the cockpit immediately opened.

Marvin frowned.

Even if he had been expecting it, the narrow cockpit made Marvin rather annoyed.

This Mechanical Titan was crafted by the Ancient Gnomes for Ancient Gnomes after all, so the cockpit had two positions which would be operated by two Gnomes.

But it was too narrow!

Although Marvin could be considered quite thin, forcing his way in the cockpit was still very challenging.

But with the current circumstances, he couldn't do much about it. If it was before, he could have used the Assassin's Bone Shrink technique.

Marvin eventually forced himself into the cockpit.

His movements were very twisted.

When he was fully inside, the glass cockpit automatically closed and Marvin inserted his card into a slot on the side. A beeping sound echoed beside his ears.

The Mechanical Titan truly activated!

Even though he normally couldn't understand anything about the Mechanical Titan's controls, the System Assistance could help him solve this issue and even help control the Mechanical Titan for him.

He placed his hands on the controls on both sides while his entire body was scrunched into a ball. It looked rather funny.

"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

The red light in front turned green.

With the help of the System Assistance, the Mechanical Titan's display automatically switched to Common with no traces of Ancient Gnomish left!

"Correct key detected, Titan is activating…"

A mechanical voice echoed near Marvin's ears.

"Hurry up!" Although he was already hiding in the Mechanical Titan, Marvin was still alarmed.

In less than two minutes, the rocket would be launched.

It wouldn't be fun if he died trapped in here!

Fortunately the Mechanical Titan booted very quickly. The sweet sounding mechanical voice once again echoed by Marvin's ears. "Activation procedures completed. Testing all major modules…"

"Remaining energy levels are low…"

"Warning! You don't have enough authority to start all modules!"

Two notifications resounded one after the other, creating waves in Marvin's heart.

He checked the logs and found to his annoyance that even if he held the key and had help from the System Assistance, he still needed the Ancient Gnome bloodline to completely activate all of the Mechanical Titan's modules!

He was a Numan descendant and was otherwise thoroughly Human. How could he have Ancient Gnome bloodline to activate the remaining modules?

"Beep Beep Beep Beep!"

The beeping became increasingly alarming, and echoed not only in Saruha's underground cave, but even in the surrounding areas!

One minute left!

Sweat trickled down Marvin's forehead as he asked while clenching his teeth, "How much power is left?"

The mechanical voice answered, "29% remaining."

Marvin slightly relaxed. It wasn't completely out of energy. After all, the original energy reserves should have been filled originally.

"Which modules can be activated at the moment?" This was Marvin's most important concern!

"The Cooling System," the mechanical voice answered perfunctorily.

Marvin was speechless.

Through his logs, he could easily understand that the Cooling System controlled the temperature of the cockpit… It was air conditioning!!!

'Fuck! Could it be that you can only control the air conditioning with the key?' Marvin felt extremely gloomy.

But he didn't give up.

Because his logs showed that his System Assistance was still breaking through the Ancient Gnomes' simpler procedures!

He might have a chance to unravel the other modules before the rocket was launched!

Marvin carefully looked at the progress of the modules being unlocked and suddenly had a headache!

It would take at least twenty minutes to break through all the modules.

'No good, this is taking too long!'

"Alter the decoding priority, start by unlocking the [Movement Power System]... And the [Jump System]!"

Marvin gritted his teeth and controlled the System Assistance procedures with his will.

The time was immediately shortened, only needing 28 seconds!

There was still time.

Marvin relaxed a bit.

The rumbling could be heard getting louder and closer.

He could even see some sparks as well as lava emerging from the earth!

It wasn't natural, and was instead created from the rock melting under these high temperatures.

But as things reached this stage, Marvin was actually calm.

Since the air conditioning system had already been unlocked, he could hopefully rely on the Mechanical Titan's outer shell to handle the extremely high temperatures without worrying too much about his life.

But in order to avoid the Mechanical Titan suffering unneeded damage, Marvin still wanted to leave before the rocket was fired!


The entire South was watching the scene in the sky.

What happened in Feinan these days made people restless and alarmed.

Such a strange scene appearing in the sky made some people recollect things.

"That's the sign of the Ancient Sun God!"

"Saruha! It's a vestige of the Ancient Gnomes."

"Who woke up the dormant Saruha? And what is that thing?"

Wizards in their Wizard Towers were observing the rocket as it became unearthed, while checking ancient books.

And in the Astral Sea, curses could be heard!

There was that dense fog once again!

It was clear that a major event was happening in Feinan, but they couldn't see the situation. It was hard to keep calm in these circumstances.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no need to feel anxious."

"It's only a group of mortals, so in the end, what difference does it make?"

"A decision has already been made during our meeting. We will attack the Universe Magic Pool in a month."

"Everyone, please return to your own God Realm to cultivate."

An awe-inspiring voice echoed through the Astral Sea, and all the gods seemed to be afraid of this voice. They all silently scattered.


In the Shadow Realm, the Shadow Prince was pleasantly enjoying the services of two blonde beauties.

These two beauties were chosen from a sub-plane he recently opened. Not only did they have the potential to be Apostles, but their physical bodies were also outstanding.

The Shadow Prince had ascended to godhood using a Fate Tablet fragment in the 3rd Era and naturally felt emotions and desires. It was just that the more he obtained, the higher he would aim. Otherwise, something like stealing the Moon Goddess' lingerie wouldn't have happened.

'That Marvin should have already died from my curses, right?'

'Hmph, he made me lose an avatar and a sub-plane. It's a pity I didn't capture him alive.'

He was currently rather satisfied, but suddenly, he had an ominous feeling!