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Chapter 354: Launch

Chapter 354: Launch
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Glynos couldn't make sense of this strange feeling.

He frowned... this feeling came from his God Realm.

'Could it be that someone wants to harm me?'

Glynos' eyelids twitched.

He suddenly thought of the attack on the Universe Magic Pool!

It must be known that the Gods weren't all united.

Almost all of the Gods participating this time were 3rd Era New Gods, and most of the Ancient Gods had warned them!

The Universe Magic Pool was a barrier set up by God Lance to protect Feinan. Even if Lance wasn't there, if he returned and saw that the Universe Magic Pool was destroyed, he would definitely be furious.

Those three powerful Gods of the Gods' Assembly jointly entered the Primal Chaos Fringe and found proof that God Lance had already left this world, or perhaps had simply fallen... But he still felt worried.

Back when the Gods were sealed, he once saw that great God's face. Even though Lance looked calm, he gave out an unfathomable pressure.

Glynos always felt that it would be unlikely for this immeasurable existence to fall.

But in any case, the Gods' Assembly had already made the final decision.

A month later, they would attack the Universe Magic Pool and the Gods would march on Feinan.

Only in this way could they obtain higher quality Faith and be able to reach a higher level of existence.

Among them, some people suggested to let Glynos be the first to march on Feinan as the vanguard.

The reason was that he was the most familiar with Feinan.

Glynos naturally refused.

Although he was a God, the current Feinan wasn't as weak as it looked on the surface.

There were many powerhouses who chose not to ascend to Godhood during the 3rd Era and remained hidden.

Facing such formidable decision, they chose an even more challenging path. If they managed to temper themselves well, their strength might be comparable to that of the Gods who seized every opportunity to fight for Faith.

And in the open, Glynos surely didn't stand a chance against the Great Elven King of Thousand Leaves Forest.

Thus, this time he was very careful and stayed low-key. Even if he would reap fewer rewards, he wouldn't show off.

After all, his strength was far from reaching the level of these powerful Gods.

'So I should be very safe. Why do I feel like I'm in danger?'

Glynos was puzzled.

The two beauties looked at each other and reassured, "Deity, relax."

Glynos nodded and showed a lewd expression.


At this very moment on Feinan, the rocket's propulsors were heating up, kicking a lot of dust into the air.

Marvin was nervously squeezed inside the Mechanical Titan.

Sixteen seconds left!


"[Movement Power System] unlocked!"

"[Shift System] unlocked!!"

Marvin was overjoyed. He instantly took control of the Mechanical Titan's Shift System and issued a command, [Shift to fixed location]!

The Shift technology was a very advanced technology of the Mechanical Titans and was almost comparable to using a long distance Teleportation Gate.

But suddenly, a line flashed on the panel. "Authority insufficient, unable to shift to designated location. A Shift test has to be done before a first-time shift!"

Frigging test!

Marvin nearly scolded out loud!

But there were only eight seconds left! Saruha was about to completely sink!

He immediately denied the Shift test!

[Direct Shift!] he commanded.

[Random Shift starting…] Strange lights flashed on the Mechanical Titan's surface.


The entire Mechanical Titan started shaking.

Six seconds left!

[Random Shift calibration failed! Switching to Random Launch!]

This line flashed in front of Marvin.

'Unreliable Gnome technology!' Marvin scolded in his mind.

He felt a frightening force pulling him, before a powerful rising feeling came over!

The terrifying Mechanical Titan rose up, launching toward the sky!


Saruha completely collapsed as a giant figure pierced through the rocks next to the rocket's head!

The sky was spinning!

Marvin felt bitter!

But in that split second, he saw Gwyn standing next to a woman. Both of them looking at him with wide eyes and their mouths wide open.


The Mechanical Titan's speed was very fast, reaching the sky in a blink and catapulting toward the South!


Everyone in the South was in an uproar.

That shadow appeared too suddenly and disappeared into the sky just as quickly.

They didn't get to see what it was!

Only a few powerful Wizards were able to see it clearly.

That was a Mechanical Titan!

And someone was controlling it.

'Did the Ancient Gnomes return?'

'It shouldn't be, I looked at the cockpit and the pilot wasn't a Gnome, he looked Human!'

A Legend Wizard was using his crystal ball with his Divination skill to replay that scene.


The scene stopped as the Mechanical Titan was soaring.

'It's him!' Leymann was startled.


The Mechanical Titan flying into the sky turned out to be just an interlude.

What truly shocked them happened after it vanished.

Three seconds later, the rocket took off!


The earth shattered as the entire Pambo Seashore shook!

A long cylinder left the ground and accelerated to a shocking speed as the terrifying heatwave turned the ground to lava!


Its speed was unfathomable as it charged straight toward the Astral Sea!

The illusion in the sky disappeared as everyone looked at the rocket disappearing in the sky, unaware of its final destination!


Back at Rocky Mountain, everyone's sight followed the rocket in the distance. They gradually recovered from the shock.

They didn't know what had happened, but the scene in the sky seemed unrelated with the fight here.

The Black Dragon God's Apostle Tlorin also recovered.

She stared at the three sisters once again, before looking at the Source of Fire's Order on the city wall, greed apparent in her eyes.

"This is your final chance."

"Hand over Robin."

Jessica clenched her fists, her long hair fluttering as she said categorically, "It definitely won't happen!"

Tlorin smiled cruelly. "You've dug your own grave."

She then lifted her black scepter.

"Attack!" she ordered.

But suddenly, one of the more powerful Black Dragons shouted, "Careful!"

Tlorin was startled and raised her head, instantly becoming frightened!

A huge piece of metal was falling from the sky and was about to smash into her!

Fortunately, the Black Dragon had given a warning. She avoided that hunk of metal with a Divine Spell!


The big piece of metal abruptly smashed into the ground, creating a very large hole!

A moment later, a voice came out. "Damn… It fuckin' hurts."