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Chapter 355: Judgement Day

Chapter 355: Judgement Day
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It was silent outside Hope City.

At that time, this object from the sky had even stolen the limelight from the five Black Dragons.

Everyone was staring at this this piece of metal that had appeared so suddenly.

Dust was billowing in the air, filling the entire area.

Tlorin was startled and angry. She appeared on the head of a Black Dragon and was cautiously sizing up the colossus in the cloud of dust.

Meanwhile, the deep rumbling just reached them from the north. It was from Saruha's collapse and the rocket that soared into the sky!

"Mechanical Titan… Ancient Sun God's mark… Could it be Saruha?"

Tlorin couldn't help but shiver.

How could the Ancient Gnomes who disappeared so long ago suddenly reappear?

Tlorin instinctively felt a bit afraid.

But everyone was surprised to hear that the voice coming from the Mechanical Titan was a Human voice!


On Hope City's wall, everyone was feeling doubtful.

With some big object appearing like that, who would know how to react?

Only Lorie's eyes brightened/ "It's him!"

Jessica and Kate stared at her blankly.

Lorie's eyes flickered with an air of wisdom, apparently seeing through the dust and recognizing the person in the cockpit.

"Is it really him?" Jessica asked in disbelief.

The three sisters had an exceptional understanding of each other and realized who she was referring to!

Kate also nodded, a happy expression on her face. "I also feel Ding's aura. Her condition is better than before."

"He didn't deceive me."

"But this entrance, it's a bit too much…"

Lorie smiled. "Isn't that worthy of a Great Hero?"


In the dust, the Mechanical Titan struggled to adjust its position.

Marvin was dizzy and absentmindedly shouted out in frustration.

But he quickly recovered consciousness.

The Mechanical Titan had discovered very frightening lifeforms!

'Fuck! Five Black Dragons! Don't tell me I've been randomly thrown into a Black Dragon nest?!'

Marvin turned pale with fright.

Although the Mechanical Titan had protective cushions, they were shaped for Gnomes. Marvin's body was too big and became bruised all over when he hit the ground!

Fortunately, his body was much stronger than it had been in the past. Not only had his Constitution risen, but after advancing to 4th rank, many of his physical resistances had also been upgraded.

He composed himself and took advantage of everyone's surprise to check his surroundings.

He saw his acquaintances as a result.

Hope City and the three Fate Sisters!

'Rocky Mountain…'

He suddenly realized what had happened.

Five Black Dragons jointly attacking Rocky Mountain?

This was something that hadn't happened before!

Marvin's heart tightened. This timeline kept deviating further and further away from the past.

By his estimates, there should still be two months before the Gods attacked the Universe Magic Pool, but now it seemed that nothing was certain anymore.

'I need to raise my strength quickly!'

He had to advance to Legend during this trip to the Dead Area!

This was the target Marvin set for himself. But before that, he still had to deal with the current situation.


"Clear up!"

A Divine radiance emerged from Tlorin. The dust around the Mechanical Titan was being swept clean.

Marvin sneered and immediately used the perception inhibitor function.

During the fall, he had continued unlocking the most basic modules of the Mechanical Titan. As the name suggested, the perception inhibitor would prevent those outside from being able to tell who was in the cockpit!

Tlorin frowned.

A black crow was perched on her shoulder. The crow's eyes glowed scarlet and were focused on the Mechanical Titan's cockpit.

It was using a very powerful perception spell.

But she still couldn't see anything!

By this time, everyone could see the majestic figure of the Mechanical Titan quite clearly.

The tall body was about one-third the size of one of the Dragons!

It was exuding a silvery metallic luster, and in the night right before daybreak, it shone under the moonlight and looked exceptionally radiant.

A cold aura came from inside the Mechanical Titan as it laid motionless!

Marvin was stalling for time!

He needed time to unlock more modules. His logs showed that more modules were gradually unlocking.

He was now prioritizing the most important combat modules, but it would take at least five minutes for those to finish!

He knew that the words he let earlier out definitely made the Dragons suspicious. What should he do if the other side approached?

As Marvin was considering his options, a figure appeared on the screen!

It was an extremely alluring purple-gowned woman with a crow standing on her shoulder.

'Another Apostle!'

'The Black Dragon God is truly relentless!'

Marvin froze for a short moment, apparently understanding something.

At that time, a very subtle voice echoed in Marvin's mind. "Sir Marvin, long time no see."

Marvin's expression changed as he turned toward Hope City's wall.

Lorie of the three sisters was looking at him with a smile.

"You can speak in my mind?"

Marvin felt a little shocked at first, but it was soon replaced with relief.

This little girl's mental abilities were heaven-defying! Even though she hadn't advanced to Legend yet, she had already mastered a telepathy skill.

She had always been the most overlooked of the three sisters, but her Fate Power of [Wisdom] was just as frightening!

"It's just a skill I recently mastered. I didn't expect it to be useful so quickly."

"Nevertheless, Sir Marvin, you came with such a huge killing machine. Was it in order to save us?"

Hearing Lorie's tone like that of a fangirl, Marvin was momentarily speechless.

He actually wanted to tell her that he still couldn't use this thing!

"What's going on here?" he asked.

He had to take advantage of Tlorin's cautiousness to better understand what was happening.

Lorie froze. "You don't know?"

"I don't know," he insisted.

"..." Lorie fell silent for a bit.

She quickly explained the ins and outs of the situation to Marvin.

Soon, Marvin fully understood. This crisis was actually because of him!

Previously, even though Jessica tore the Black Dragon apart with her bare hands and also angered the Black Dragon God, she hadn't drawn the whole Black Dragon nest out.

What attracted them here this time was [Weeping Sky] and [Dragon Slayer Robin]!

In short, Marvin's use of a taboo weapon had startled the Dragons, especially the sinister Black Dragons. They felt a sense of danger and joined forces in order to get rid of him!

Hearing this, Marvin couldn't help but feel a bit of relief.

At least he had used Disguise, or else White River Valley would be the place welcoming the Black Dragons!

"What are you going to do?" After hearing everything, Marvin also felt a sense of danger.

There were five Black Dragons here!

And with the addition of a God's Apostle, it was such a powerful lineup! Unless Marvin's Legend friends were there, Rocky Mountain would be in terrible danger!

And even if he did have more help, a battle between Dragons and Legends would see a lot of losses on both sides!

The current situation in Hope City was very dangerous!

"We are waiting for you," Lorie answered innocently.

Marvin smiled bitterly.

A Black Dragon…. He might be able to get rid of one with Weeping Sky.

But five…

Perhaps only when he was completely in control of the Mechanical Titan!

To be frank, the current situation was really bad. Unless the South Wizard Alliance helped out, Rocky Mountain's destruction was imminent!

Marvin almost wanted to just leave this place.

But this battle had started because of him, so he couldn't just leave and watch as Hope City was destroyed.

Especially since Jessica's unyielding attitude moved him.

"Give me some time!"

This was Marvin's answer to Lorie!

The next second, he began to focus on controlling the Mechanical Titan.


Time slowly passed. Tlorin's patience had ran out.

While it was very strange for the Mechanical Titan of Saruha to appear like this, she eventually decided to just ignore it.

She might as well attack the town!

But just as she decided that, a frightening explosion echoed in the sky!

Next second, everyone felt panic welling up.

It felt as if the entire sky was being torn apart!

A red-hot flame like a sun appeared in the sky, but it seemed to be blocked by a layer of dense fog, making it look blurry!


Half a minute earlier.

Glynos was still leisurely enjoying the services of his beauties.

But at that time, he suddenly saw something rushing toward his God Realm in the vast starry expanse!

'What's this?!'

'Is it just passing by? Even the Moon Goddess doesn't know my God Realm's coordinates, so how could someone find the exact location?'

Glynos was about to use a Divine Spell to check the contents of that thing.

But as [Judgement Day] approached his God Realm, it seemed to have a great attraction toward it and suddenly accelerated toward it!

At that moment, all the Gods in the Astral Sea felt a sense of danger!

Glynos paled.

His Divine Spell was actually ineffective!

If Marvin was there, he would have jeered at Glynos for trying.

[Judgement Day]'s outer shell was crafted with all three K metals, adding Magic Penetration, Divine Restraint, and Unbreakable!

Even a Divine Spell couldn't interfere with it.

"Deity, what is wrong?"

The blonde beauty looked at Glynos, who lost his self-control before her for the first time. She walked in the direction Glynos was looking.

"Don't go!" Glynos shouted in a stern voice.

But as he shouted, the empty space ahead of them tore open and a sharp cone-shaped thing rushed out from the void.

The beauty was instantly ripped apart!


A loud sound echoed through the God Realms, and the entire Astral Sea shook!

It was Judgement Day!