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Chapter 357: Divine Source

Chapter 357: Divine Source
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Not many people in Feinan knew the cause of that scene in the sky.

In the end, the sun-like ball of fire flashing in the starry sky transformed into a shooting star that flew toward a distant corner of the universe.

And then everything was calm again.

On Black Coral Island, Dark Phoenix understood everything that happened.

She was coldly watching Hathaway and suddenly made a move.

In an instant, the entire Black Coral Island was covered in black clouds. Lightning bolts as thick as an arm coiled around like snakes!

Dark Phoenix opened her arms and chanted softly.

The next moment, all the lightning exploded against the ice crystals!


The sea began to boil. A boat unluckily passing too close was crushed by large waves!

Under the ice crystals, the electric current rushed up toward Hathaway.

The woman inside the ice seemed to have felt it and a large amount of ice crystal began to move to absorb that electricity.

Dark Phoenix sneered.

The lightning bolts fell down for no less than ten minutes.

The ice crystals held firm.

But Hathaway, who still had her eyes closed, actually had blood seeping out of the corner of her mouth.

A drop of that blood was drawn out by a mysterious power and slipped through a small crack in the ice.

Dark Phoenix watched that drop of blood attentively. She manipulated the blood to flow across the ice crystals and fall into her palm.

She smiled, pleased.

After a short time, she left the easternmost island, no longer caring about Hathaway.

She went back to a hidden temple in the main island and sat alone in the main hall.

Ancient God Language began to echo in the hall.

Dark Phoenix spread her hands, countless runes flashing in her eyes.

In her left hand there was a drop of Hathaway's blood, while in her right hand there was a bright light!

If Marvin was there, he would recognize this light as Divine Source!

Only Gods had Divine Source, something that could never be changed since time immemorial.

Dark Phoenix smiled. That drop of blood and that light flew up, fusing together.

Both entangled together, and under the effect of Divine Power, they transformed from a speck into a halo.

The halo kept expanding, gradually turning into the shape of a person.

Dark Phoenix waved her hand, and the radiance retreated, revealing the figure of a naked woman.

"Who are you?" Dark Phoenix smiled.

"Hathaway," the woman answered.

She looked exactly the same as Hathaway who was sealed in ice!

"Help me kill someone," Dark Phoenix said with a chuckle.

The woman nodded. "Okay."


Marvin was naturally unaware of everything happening on Black Coral Island.

But the scene in the sky seriously surprised him.

And All of Rocky Mountain's people, including the five Black Dragons, were frightened by the scene.

The sky seemed to have been ripped apart by a mysterious power, and the collapse of the Shadow Realm was displayed in front of them.

They also saw the remainder disappearing in the sky like a shooting star.

What kind of power could force a God to have no choice but to escape?

Their gazes were all focused on that Mechanical Titan!

The key of today's matter definitely came from Saruha.

And the person in the Mechanical Titan was most likely the one who destroyed a God Realm!

Marvin was also incomparably shocked.

Under the effect of a mysterious power, he saw what took place more clearly than the average person.

He saw Glynos continuously perishing and reviving in his God Realm.

He saw the Shadow Realm continuously collapsing before ultimately turning into a strange speck and fleeing away.

'Slumbering and sending himself into self-exile…'

Marvin could feel his heart beating very fast.

He hadn't expected his gift to be fierce enough to almost eliminate the Shadow Prince!

Even though Glynos hadn't completely died yet, he wasn't far from it.

Marvin didn't know how many years it would take before the Shadow Prince could recover his strength and awaken from his very long slumber.

This would require a lot of luck, and he'd need a pious and powerful follower to awaken him in the future.

Of course, for that to happen, he must not come across an Astral Beast with sharp perception during his slumber and self-exile.

Otherwise, Glynos and his Shadow Realm would be swallowed whole by it!

In short, Glynos was unlikely to appear during the Great Calamity.

Marvin felt like it was a dream.

Such a big issue was settled like that?

The Ancient Gnomes were so frightening?

That [Judgement Day] name wasn't just to show off.

Tonight's matter was bound to spread through Feinan. But whether the main character behind it would be leaked or not, Marvin didn't know.

The Wolf Spider mercenaries and Pale Hand Sky, they knew the truth.

They could choose to stay silent... or would they identify "Robin"?

'Luckily it's just another identity…' Marvin rejoiced inwardly. Even if the matter spread about, it was the doing of [Robin], the Dragon Slayer.

It was just that he almost slew a God, inadvertently. Even Marvin himself was in disbelief.

Quite importantly, there were still some other remains like Saruha!

From what Marvin knew, there were at least two more.

Even if those two locations didn't have something as overpowered as Judgement Day, they also had items that represented the highest level of science and technology of the Ancient Gnomes.

Marvin couldn't help but contemplate this.

Time slowly passed.

Marvin was very willing to see everyone being so focused on what happened in the sky.

After all, the more time he gained, the more advantageous it would be.

The Mechanical Titan's modules were being unlocked continuously, and the Black Dragons seemed to have been shocked by the series of strange events, having yet to make a move.

The onlookers far around Rocky Mountain kept increasing. Many people were coming over from Pambo Seashore. They wanted to see how Hope City would resist the five Black Dragons' attack.

This was Hope City's biggest crisis since its establishment.

If they survived, Rocky Mountain's rise would be unstoppable.


Tlorin felt the changes in the God Realms and wanted to receive more instructions from the Black Dragon God.

But this time, her prayers seemed to reach no one and went unanswered.

On the contrary, she felt the Divine Power granted to her by the Black Dragon God weaken!

'How could this be?' Tlorin was startled. Could something have happened to the Black Dragon God?

This never happened before.

In fact, the Black Dragon God really had a bit of an issue...

His God Realm happened to be near Glynos' Shadow Realm and suffered from the effects of Judgement Day!

Although there was no devastating damage, the Black Dragon God had to use a large amount of Divine Power to resist the shockwaves.

Tlorin's prayers couldn't be answered so she could only go ahead with her original plan.

Taking advantage of the Black Dragons to destroy Rocky Mountain in one go!

Displaying the Black Dragons' might!

She then looked ahead and pointed at Hope City. "Destroy it!"



The five Black Dragons looked up and roared. The sound emitted was very frightening.

If not for the Source of Fire's Order blocking a part of the Dragon Might's pressure, perhaps many soldiers would have peed their pants!

This was Dragon Might!

This was the horror of a lifeform at the top of the food chain.

Humans were too insignificant after all.

Even the people looking from the sidelines couldn't help but retreat further away.

It looked like Hope City was really done for this time!

At that time, a seven-colored radiance suddenly emerged from the city wall and flew in the sky!


She was still empty-handed, a calm expression on her face.

"If you aren't afraid of retaliation, come."

Her words were simple but mighty.

Tears appeared in the eyes of the soldiers behind her.

Jessica's attitude was clear. Even if the Black Dragon destroyed Hope City, she could still survive.

As long as the Fate Sorceress survived, whenever she met a Black Dragon, she would get vengeance!

This was Rocky Mountain's will!

This was the will to be free!


A group of cold weapons appeared on the city wall.

These things had been hidden under a green cloth and no one had paid much attention to them.

But now that they appeared, the cold metallic luster startled the Dragons.

Twelve Dwarven Ballistas!

Every large city would be equipped with these large killing machines!

After the previous invasion of the Dark Races, the three sisters got in contact with northern Dwarves and spent a lot of money to buy twelve Dwarven Ballistas!

Oil was applied on the large black arrows and they flicked with a light. That was the effect of enchantments.

Five sturdy soldiers were in charge of controlling each Ballista. They were sweating, but stayed firm.

As long as the Black Dragons dared to come, these cruel killing weapons would be fired!

The Ballistas' bolts could break through the Black Dragons' defenses, there was no doubt about that.

Even if only one shot hit, it would harm the Dragon.

The five Black Dragons let out a low roar. In their eyes this was a great provocation!

They didn't fly, and one of them, at Tlorin's direction, slowly began to walk toward Hope City.

The other Black Dragons followed behind.

Looking at that scene, Hope City's soldiers felt their hearts tightening!

The Aurora Sword Saint sighed, "Such a crafty woman."

Black Dragons were usually unable to use spells, as they were close combat specialists. Clarke was an exception, since as a God's descendant, she was bestowed the Black Dragon God's Divine Spells!

However, the Black Dragon God's Apostle were able to cast spells.

Her spells might be unable to directly block the ballistas' bolts, but they should be able to alter their paths! And with the Black Dragons' powerful defenses, the Ballistas wouldn't be too effective anymore!

Jessica sighed gloomily, the seven colored radiance blocking in front of the Black Dragons.

She stood there alone. Compared to the five Dragons the size of a mountain, she seemed insignificant.

But from the aura she displayed, she looked like an army!

"You've already received too much care." A hint of jealousy flashed through Tlorin's eyes. "Destroy them!"

The Dragon under her suddenly increased its pace, its wings spreading!

But suddenly, a colossus jumped out of the hole to the side!