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Chapter 361: Another One

Chapter 361: Another One
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Tlorin's heart was overwhelmed with shock, but she managed to use a Divine Spell to avoid the Mechanical Titan!

The Black Dragon wasn't as lucky and was caught!

"Snap! Snap!"

The Mechanical Titan's limbs locked around the Black Dragon in a firm embrace!

Both of them crashed to the ground!

The earth caved in where they landed, only a dozen meters away from Hope City.

All the onlookers couldn't help but gulp, impressed again by the Titan's speed, but also noticing how close they were to Hope City.

Tlorin panicked.

As the Black Dragon was still being bound tightly by the Mechanical Titan, the cockpit of the latter opened up!

A figure crawled out from inside!

Tlorin scrunched her brows as she noticed that long spear.

Weeping Sky!


The bound Black Dragon felt the aura of the Dragon Slaying Weapon!

At that time, the spirits of the Dragons killed by the Dragon Slaying Weapon seemed to be floating around, reminding the Black Dragon of how fierce it was.

But besides panicking, the Black Dragon couldn't do anything else because of being firmly bound, muzzled, and pressed down by the Mechanical Titan.

The Mechanical Titan firmly bound his limbs and head, while his tail was firmly pressed against the ground, unable to move.

Marvin had slightly turned the cockpit to create enough space to crawl out.

Finally, he stood on top of the mass of metal while holding the Dragon Slaying Weapon.

Cheers burst out from Hope City.

"Sir Robin!"

"Dragon Slayer!"

"He hadn't given up on us!"

Meanwhile, the Black Dragon God's Apostle floating in the sky didn't have such a good expression.

She could feel that this guy hiding in the Mechanical Titan was close to being a Legend Powerhouse.

'If he is deliberately hiding his power… who knows if he is already a Legend Powerhouse.'

Marvin was already standing on the Black Dragon's head!

The Black Dragon struggled, going all-out trying to break away from the Mechanical Titan, but could only manage to shake a bit.

The Mechanical Titan should be able to keep it bound for at least a few minutes.

During that time, that Black Dragon would be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, and Marvin definitely wouldn't show any mercy!

But before he started, he still paid attention to Tlorin's movements.

He wasn't hiding in the Mechanical Titan anymore, so he was wary of her Divine Spells.

Tlorin loudly yelled, "Stay your hand! Release the Dragon, we will leave."

Marvin smiled. "Is this a compromise?"

Tlorin started to say something, but the next second, Marvin jumped hard and the Dragon Slaying Spear in his hand shone frighteningly!

Like last time, Marvin didn't even need to use any force. The spear burst with a frightening aura and pierced through the Dragon's scales, viciously passing through the head!

The entire Dragon Slaying Spear pierced through, only leaving a part of the shaft out.


Regardless if it was Tlorin or the other two Ancient Black Dragons, they were unwilling to see it happen.

Five Black Dragons came from their nest and attacked one city, but they suffered such a loss.

This was all because of that monster in front of them!

The Dragon under Marvin's foot whimpered a bit, just before Marvin ruthlessly stomped on the shaft!

The Black Dragon instantly died.

The surroundings went silent.

After a while, one of the onlookers couldn't help but mumble, "Another one slain…"

Nobody responded to him.

Yes, another Dragon was slain.

This wasn't a Goblin or a Gnoll.

This was a Black Dragon!

An existence at the peak of the food chain!

Many cities would be frightened at the mention of such a fierce life form.

But Robin had killed no less than four of them!

Of the four Black Dragons, the death of the last one could be considered rather decent. Rather than being torn apart with bare hands or being miserably crushed to death, it died quickly from the Dragon Slaying Spear!

But it was still very depressing, being bound by the Mechanical Titan without being able to resist at all.

From Marvin's relaxed appearance, it seemed as if he had only killed a small chicken and not a Black Dragon.

"Although he used an external force this time, Robin's strength is still very fierce."

"His boldness is also incredible. Is he someone from Rocky Mountain?"

"Apparently not. Someone saw him using Sha weapons. In short, his origins are very mysterious. I heard he was also seen in the Pambo Seashore not long ago."

"The Mechanical Titan was operated by him. It reminds me of that thing that flew up and seemed to rip apart the sky, too frightening."

"Yeah, Robin's recent fame is comparable to that Lord in the east."

"You are talking about that [Hero Marvin]? The one who destroyed the Decaying Plateau?"

Everyone couldn't help chatting about it.

Although Rocky Mountain's fight wasn't over, Robin's battle results so far were already enough to make any Legend ashamed.

He killed three Black Dragons so quickly. This was such a big move.

The two Ancient Black Dragons left on the battlefield might be the only two Black Dragons remaining in Feinan.

Those who had enough knowledge about Dragons could tell that these two Dragons just happened to be one male and one female...

If one of them died, Feinan's native Black Dragon species would become functionally extinct!

This was something unprecedented.


In the crowd, two pair of eyes were watching the battlefield.

The two people attentively watched Marvin standing on the Dragon's head. One of them sighed, "I told you, you aren't necessarily his match."

The voice was very gentle and came from Gwyn, who seemed to be giving advice.

Standing next to him was Stephanie from the Dark Side.

The relation between the two was somewhat complex. Gwyn had no feelings for Stephanie, but Stephanie was deeply infatuated with him, to the extent that she even fell out with the Bright Side.

Stephanie was very protective of Gwyn.

Before the rocket ascended, the Pale Hand appeared and Stephanie protected Gwyn, letting him escape.

Afterwards, the two joined back up and were attracted by the Mechanical Titan, so they followed it.

In fact, this place was quite a distance from Saruha. But for them, Half-Legend Vampires, they could manage to come over in a reasonable amount of time if they used their secret skills.

Stephanie shook her head. "His strength is difficult to figure out, but he is the target of my mission. I have to kill him. You seem to understand a lot about him, so how about you tell me some of his weaknesses?"

Gwyn stared at Stephanie. "No way! He is my friend!"

Stephanie smiled gently, not taking offense. She whispered back, "Just a friend? You defend him so much, protecting a human… I'm a bit jealous."

"I want to kill him even more."

Although she said the last sentence with a smile, anyone hearing it could feel the coldness within.

She clearly wasn't joking.

Gwyn angrily retorted, "You want to kill him? Fine, but that is your business."

"I'll do my best to stop you."

An indescribable expression appeared in Stephanie's eyes, as she suddenly asked, "Did you fall in love with this Human?"

Gwyn almost choked in exasperation!

Soon after, she conceded, "Since he is your sweetheart, I won't kill him when you are here."

She had a very sincere expression.

Gwyn simply couldn't understand that lunatic's train of thought.

He could only nod in response.


Marvin was standing proudly on the corpse of the Black Dragon.

The aura of [Black Dragon Nemesis] spread from his body, causing deep fear in the two Black Dragons, and even in Tlorin.

Altogether, four Black Dragons had been killed!

This was a disgrace to the Black Dragon Race!

The two Ancient Black Dragons glanced at each other and then roared, their shame and anger prevailing over their fear.

The two Ancient Black Dragons broke away from their opponents and pounced fiercely toward Marvin!


Lorie cried out in surprise!

Jessica stumbled, not having been ready for the Ancient Black Dragon to break away with such speed. And it was the same for Kate, whose strength had been waning as she was blocking the Black Dragon. Now that it wanted to retreat from her, she simply was unable to stop it!

At the most important moment, Kate bit her lip and a bright radiance descended onto Marvin's body!

This was Protection. It would be able to shield Marvin to some degree!

But facing the Ancient Black Dragons' claws, this Protection might not be enough.

An angry Black Dragon was extremely frightening.

Especially for a Human being attacked by two Ancient Black Dragons.

Just the Dragon Might would be enough to kill an ordinary person!

But Marvin wasn't worried about it, since he was immune to Dragon Might.

He was already expecting the two Ancient Black Dragons to counterattack. The next moment, his figure disappeared from where he stood!

He didn't leave any trace!

Night Boundary!

Dawn was approaching, and Night Walkers' abilities would soon be restricted.

But for now, everything was still under the rule of the Night Devil Kings.

Marvin went through the edge of the distorting night and appeared behind Tlorin!

Everyone was in uproar. After Robin killed four Black Dragons, he had no plans to escape and chose to keep attacking instead!

He was so bold, this time aiming at the God's Apostle!

Tlorin had a lot of experience, and instantly sensed Marvin's intent.

"Want to kill me?" Tlorin sneered.

She stretched her hands down, in a strange position.

In an instant, her body burst with a dark halo.

This halo was filled with the aura of Divine Power. It was a Divine Power Sanctuary of the Black Dragon God!

It seemed Tlorin was a lot stronger than Tess.

But Marvin was still expressionless, slashing down callously with his daggers!

"This is a Divine Power Sanctuary! Your blades simply can't…"

Tlorin didn't finish her words as she was slapped in the face by the mournful reality!

The [Azure Leaf]s went through the Sanctuary, not even slowed by the Divine Power's protection!

50% Divine Restraint activation success!

Night Beheading!

Marvin beheaded her with one slash. He then kicked her corpse and landed stably on the ground.

"Sorry, your God can't save you," he said indifferently.