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Chapter 362: Rebirth

Chapter 362: Rebirth
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The body of the Black Dragon God's Apostle was lying on the ground while a light kept flickering around it.

This was a sign of the Divine Spell [Major Regeneration].

But without waiting for the Divine Spell to take effect, Marvin attacked once again, turning Tlorin's corpse into mincemeat!

Marvin found out that Reckless Dual Wielder's hidden property was very suitable for dismembering bodies...

The two Ancient Black Dragons froze.

They were intimidated by Marvin's tyrannical determination. And the death of the Black Dragon God's Apostle made them lose their motivation to fight.

They looked at each other, feeling the urge to flee.

Only the two Ancient Black Dragons remained out of the five Dragons.

If they suffered another loss, the Black Dragon Race would eventually become extinct in Feinan.

They glared at the man before them indignantly.

The other side had such a formidable escape skill. If he didn't have the Dragon Slaying Spear, he might not be able to slay a Dragon, but he could certainly still find a way to escape.

Moreover, Jessica had already rushed over and was standing alongside Marvin.

The Fate Sorceress's radiance illuminated Rocky Mountain.

She took a deep breath, prepared to go all-out.

The 6th Layer Fate Power aura kept rising up as she gathered it. Once it reached its peak, she would even be able to tear a Black Dragon apart with her bare hands!

Just as she did in Marvin's past.

Fear flashed in the Black Dragons' eyes.


Marvin took advantage of this opportunity to take out the Fate Tablet fragment from his storage item!

Tlorin, like Tess, should also have the Black Dragon God's Divinity.

Marvin's False Divine Vessel was already full, so it couldn't store any more, and the Hellhound wasn't at his side.

Fate Tablet fragments had always been the key to reach Godhood, so he wanted to see if it could absorb the Divinity.

At that instant, the bit of Divinity that was about to fly to the Astral Sea was instead absorbed by the Fate Tablet fragment.

A majestic lifeforce burst out from the Fate Tablet fragment.

Everyone was attracted to this fantastic scene, including the two Ancient Black Dragons.

They had great knowledge, and were able to recognize that this was a Fate Tablet fragment that had lost its spirituality.

But the fragment's aura was recovering!

Greed flashed through their eyes.

If they could obtain that fragment, they could potentially ascend to Godhood!

The 3rd Era's batch of New Gods was formed in this way.

But the situation developed beyond their expectations.

After the Divinity entered the fragment, the part of the Twin Fates Flower representing Order withered completely!

Marvin had a flash of understanding.

The Divinity was only a medium that triggered the Fate Tablet to absorb the Power of Order much faster!

Kate cried out in surprise on the city wall as she noticed Ding's aura.

But she had to protect the city, so she couldn't leave and could only watch from a distance.

The fragment in Marvin's hand melted and then turned into a small halo.

It wasn't long before a cute lifeform flew out from it.

She yawned. "Wow, didn't expect to sleep so deeply."

Soon after, she saw the two Black Dragons and couldn't help but give Marvin a sideways glance before angrily blaming, "How useless can you be? I gave you five points of Luck and you are still unable to get rid of that female Dragon? And what's up with the other Dragon at her side?"

Marvin was dumbfounded.

Ding was clearly unaware that the situation had changed. She thought he had yet to kill Clarke...

Jessica was very happy too.

She pulled Ding and grabbed her two fleshy cheeks. "You really revived?"

"Good, good, the feeling is right. These Black Dragons just invaded the territory, he already tore the previous one apart," she said, not giving it much emphasis.

Many people burned with jealousy when they saw the Fortune Fairy appear!

They'd heard that there was a mysterious Fortune Fairy in Hope City, but they had yet to see it.

Back when Robin tore the Dragon apart, he had done it with the help of the Fortune Fairy.

She had finally appeared.

The most frightened were the two Ancient Black Dragons!

They knew how scary the Fortune Fairy was. If Jessica had the help of the Fortune Fairy, it would be very life-threatening.

The two Ancient Black Dragons fell back.

They flew up, soaring high up in the sky.

But they were unwilling to retreat, apparently preparing something.

The people in the surroundings felt apprehensive one after the other and started looking for cover. What if the two Dragons let out their breaths at them?

Jessica watched the Black Dragons soaring in the sky, carefully studying their movements.


During that short time, Ding also found out about her "death" and "rebirth" from Lorie.

She looked at Marvin in a bad mood. "I didn't expect that you would be the one to bring me back to life."

"I'm really not fond of you…"

"Forget it… Regardless, you saved my life, so I'll give you something good."

She waved slightly and a small light lit Marvin's finger!

Marvin's heart moved as he noticed that Ding's target was the Ring of Wishes.

"I added a luck skill. It can reduce the probability and severity of bad outcomes from [Pixie's Wish] by about three times," Ding explained.

Marvin felt very pleased. To be honest, ever since he unlocked the Pixie's Wish ability, he had only used it once and summoned a Djinn…

He didn't dare use the monthly Wish afterwards out of fear that he would summon a Demon he couldn't handle.

After all, Pixie's Wish was unreliable. It was too random and without a powerful expert near, he wouldn't dare try it out.

Ding's luck skill would solve this problem. He would feel much safer trying his luck on the next Pixie's Wish.

Hopefully he could get something good!


The small thing waved her fist. "Hey, we are even now."

She then disappeared with a "Woosh!" and appeared on the city wall.

Kate and Lorie cried tears of joy.

Especially Kate, who had been greatly affected by her pet's death.

Now that Ding returned, Rocky Mountain's strength was bound to increase another level!

Everyone could see that a powerful country was going to be built!

This was destiny's will, this was the plane's will!

It couldn't be stopped!


"Those two Black Dragons are still unwilling to let go."

Jessica raised her head and revealed a cruel smile. "I'll kill one!"

She was thinking of using her Fate Power, but who would have imagined that a huge silhouette would be flying over from the distance.

That gigantic body was comparable to the Ancient Black Dragons, and a pair of wings spread out through the clouds. Its speed was very frightening!

Everyone looked at that imposing figure in horror!

It was another Dragon!

The onlookers shook their heads. It was getting more and more complicated.

The number of Dragons they saw today was most likely going to be more than what they would see in the rest of their lives.

The people of Hope City had heavy expressions.

If this Dragon also came for the Dragon Slaying Weapon, it would be very troublesome, because if the two Ancient Dragons had another helper, the outcome of the battle would be difficult to anticipate.

Everyone held their breaths, watching that huge silhouette approach.

Only Marvin felt something odd, a familiar feeling.

Soon, the huge monster arrived.

But to everyone's surprise, the two Black Dragons flapped their wings and flew away!

That newly arriving Dragon slowed down, bringing a wisp of a cloud with him as he slowly descended to the ground.

"Desperate war..."

That huge monster muttered, "I smell filthy Black Dragons."

The cloud dissipated.

A huge Copper Dragon appeared in front of everyone.

They all understood.

It turned out to be a Metallic Dragon.

Metallic Dragons were the arch-enemies of Chromatic Dragons. This Copper Dragon's scales looked like they had reached perfection, probably due to him being very old.


Marvin shouted his name!

He hadn't expected to encounter the Copper Dragon Professor again here!

This guy's strength was comparable to Ancient Red Dragon Ell's. Both of the Ancient Black Dragons together might not be Professor's match!

No wonder they chose to quickly escape.


The Copper Dragon lowered his head, and his eyes blinked. The wise Professor clearly saw through Marvin's Disguise.

"It's you?" he asked with doubt and surprise.