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Chapter 363: Duel!

Chapter 363: Duel!
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Everyone was still stunned as the Copper Dragon looked closely at Marvin.

They originally thought the Dragon appeared because of [Weeping Sky].

After all, it was a Divine Weapon that frightened the Dragon Race.

Robin, as the owner, would inevitably be attacked by Dragons.

However, it seemed that they didn't just guess wrong. They were far off the mark!

This Robin seemed to be friendly with the Copper Dragon.

"Who is that guy in the end! Why was there no word of him before?"

"Yeah, it feels like he came out of nowhere. He killed Clarke with his bare hands first, then got a Mechanical Titan from Saruha, and now it turns out he is even a friend of the Copper Dragon."

They were all admiring him.

Since the Black Dragons escaped, this war could be finally considered over.

In fact, after Marvin and the Copper Dragon said a few words, the latter transformed into a Human and accepted Marvin's invitation, entering Hope City as a guest!

Some who saw this scene felt even more terrified.

The onlookers gradually dispersed.

All of them had this feeling that Rocky Mountain would rise abruptly!


Marvin was surprised by Copper Dragon Professor coming by and scaring off the two problematic Ancient Black Dragons.

But this was the best outcome.

If the fight kept going, Marvin's life might have been in danger.

After all, fighting off two Ancient Black Dragons would not be an easy task.

Professor had only been passing by, but when he caught the scent of Black Dragons, he flew over to take a look, which scared the Black Dragons away. Marvin could see some regret on his face.

As for the Dragon Slaying Spear's aura, he naturally felt it.

However, the Copper Dragon ignored it. Although this lethal weapon had slaughtered some Metallic Dragons, it had only killed a few.

Most of those killed by it were Chromatic Dragons or other Evil Dragons.

The reason behind it was very simple. Dragons tended to be lazy and isolated, especially the metallic Dragons. They stayed in their own territories and rarely wanted to be disturbed.

Only the Chromatic Dragons sometimes pillaged cities, thus becoming known and getting targeted by the holders of the Dragon Slaying Weapons.

Professor didn't mind Marvin using the Thousand Paper Crane to store away the spear and the Black Dragon's body.

What really interested him was the Mechanical Titan!

He slowly circled around the machine many times, gasping in surprise and muttering a few words of praise.

The Copper Dragon had always been interested in novelties, and became even more interested after hearing that this Mechanical Titan had effortlessly slaughtered two Black Dragons.

Unfortunately, the Titan's energy had been used up. Marvin tapped into the last bit of the reserves to move it outside Hope City.

In any case, until Marvin found a new power source or a way to recharge the energy, this Mechanical Titan could only stay there and become a protective symbol for Hope City like the Source of Fire's Order!

This made Professor rather regretful.


After clearing everything up, they started discussing.

Professor had a good opinion of Marvin.

Back when Marvin passed through the mirror world, he was only a 1st rank Ranger!

After a short few months, he was already close to becoming a Legend.

Although the Copper Dragon didn't have access to lot of information, he still heard about the major events.

Especially the destruction of the Decaying Plateau, which greatly increased his favorable opinion of Marvin.

Marvin knew that the Copper Dragon hated Evil Spirits, considering them this world's filthiest things. Getting rid of Diggles caused the Copper Dragon to have a whole new level of respect for Marvin.

Marvin was happy to maintain a deep friendship with the Copper Dragon.

He was not only friendly and witty, but he would also be a powerful ally against the Gods and evil lifeforms after the Great Calamity.

At the same time, he was also a wise teacher, bringing up his own recommendations for Marvin's current situation. "Your bloodline strength… There are a lot of things mixed in, and although they can raise your strength in the short term… It'll also suppress your own potential."

"You became a Night Walker? This is a very powerful inheritance. I think you should have your own Legendary Advancement Manual, and intend to advance to Legend."

"Train your basic skills well. Your Blade Techniques shouldn't stay at Master level, and your body has room to grow."

"Oh, I see… You actually reached the Godly Domain. It is very difficult to break through this bottleneck without ascending to Godhood."

The discussion between the two was very casual, as if they were two old friends who hadn't seen each other for many years.

Marvin calmly and bluntly told Professor, "I won't become a God."

Professor nodded in praise. "I won't control your choice, but I'd say you are right."

"Look at those Gods. What is the difference between them and prisoners? They will forever be marked by this plane and universe. They will go crazy sooner or later," he said meaningfully.

Marvin was slightly surprised.

Professor was a lot wiser than he imagined.

He actually knew some mysteries about the Gods… He was worthy of being called an Ancient Dragon powerhouse.

There were some powerful existences in Feinan who had some understanding of the Gods.

After discussing various things with Marvin, Professor was ready to leave.

He was planning to leave for the southwestern wilderness, an area even more desolate than Rocky Mountain!

He didn't specify the reason, but once he found out that Marvin was about to leave for the Dead Area, Professor muttered irresolutely for a bit and then wrote a letter, handing it over to Marvin.

He had an old friend who had been living in the Dead Area for many years and he hoped Marvin could deliver the letter for him.

Of course, he wasn't expecting Marvin to run errands for free. His old friend would certainly give Marvin a generous reward.

Marvin looked at the address and shook.

It was actually Xunshan Monastery.

'Could Professor's old friend be that one?'

Marvin held the letter with a happy expression.


After handing over the letter, the Copper Dragon left Hope City.

At Marvin's suggestion, he left in a very ostentatious way. Under the morning light, he turned back into a huge Dragon and spread his wings over Hope City before leaving.

Many saw this scene.

The gloom of war had finally been lifted from Hope City.

Some people would go clean up the battlefield. Those two crushed Black Dragons were relatively worthless and Marvin was now rich, so he didn't care about that pile of flesh.

He discussed with the three sisters, mainly about the matter of the girl with Holy Blood being pursued by the Dark Side.

The three sisters were righteous and were moved by the girl's fate. When Marvin asked if Hope City could temporarily host the girl to prevent the Dark Side from taking her away, the three unanimously agreed.

Rocky Mountain was a place where all kinds of races mixed in. There wouldn't be discrimination against a Vampire.

Marvin himself was leaving for the Dead Area and couldn't take care of the little girl and her foster mother for now, so entrusting her to the sisters was the safest way.

Jessica urgently went to recover Daisy, and this matter would be hers to take care of.

The Fiend Sorceress' Teleportation ability was very powerful and even if she was chased by a Dark Side Vampire, they would still be able to escape.

And with Kate Protection defending the city day and night, even if Dark Side Vampire sent Legends, they might not necessarily succeed.

Marvin wrote a letter as a token for Daisy so she could seek the Wood Elves in Ruins City.

As for himself, he found a safe corner to rest.

Night Walkers' nocturnal fighting habits had affected his sleep. He would sleep during the day and handle everything during the evenings and nights.

Lorie and Kate seemed to have something to tell Marvin, but he was way too tired after everything that had happened, so after hesitating a bit, they left.


Late at night, a shadow slipped away from Hope City.

Marvin moved gracefully and crossed the city gate, heading southeast.

This time, he was going back to the City of Knowledge to complete his quest.

Mark 47 had given Marvin the quest to look for his memory chip. Marvin found something similar and didn't know if it was the thing Mark 47 wanted.

Taking advantage of the fact that he still had time before leaving for the Dead Area, he decided to give it a try.

If it was successful, he would get a generous exp reward!

Marvin needed a lot of experience right now!

Under the moonlight, Marvin entered the darkness as if he was fusing with the night.

He didn't move very fast, but he kept a strange rhythm, making him hard to detect.

But at that time, he felt a chill appearing from behind.

Marvin squinted.

Shadow Escape!


He vanished, but that chill didn't disappear and followed him closely instead!

Marvin snorted coldly, stopping on a sandy dune and turning while slashing!

The Azure Leaf let out a beautiful arc under the moonlight.


Two blades met each other!

A power suppressed Marvin and he felt a sharp pain on his wrist. He couldn't help but take a step back!

The attacking shadow gradually transformed, revealing a surprised expression. "Your Perception is pretty high."

Marvin smiled coldly without responding.

The newcomer was the Pale Hand, Sky!

In fact, in the day after the fight with the Black Dragons, Lorie noticed a few powerful existences in the crowd who had enmity toward Marvin.

Marvin paid attention carefully at the time and discerned some traces of Pale Hand Sky.

That guy chased him all the way to Rocky Mountain and was unwilling to let go!

But since Marvin knew, he would of course be on guard.

In fact, he had asked the Copper Dragon to leave in such a noticeable manner in order to lure the Pale Hand out.

He also made arrangements before leaving Hope City.

A few Fiend Sorcerers cast some buffs to his Perception before he left!

His Perception had now temporarily reached 20 points, high enough to detect the Pale Hand's sneak attack.

"So what if your Perception is high?"

Sky looked disdainfully at Marvin. "You aren't a Legend and without the Mechanical Titan, you are nothing!"

"Tell me Gwyn's whereabouts immediately."


"Otherwise what?" Marvin sneered.

Sky raised his long dagger and licked it. "You'll find out that coming here was your biggest misfortune."

He couldn't have expected that Marvin would suddenly laugh very loudly.

"What are you laughing at!" Sky was very angry.

Marvin smirked and shook his head. "I'm laughing because if I didn't want to duel you to hone my skills, you would already be dead."

So what if it was a Legend? Marvin wouldn't spare him!

Moreover, this was Rocky Mountain's domain.

Not far away, three faint silhouettes could be seen.

The three Fate Sisters... they appeared quietly, watching the scene from nearby.

Sky's face turned green.

He grew furious.

A guy who couldn't even be considered a Half-Legend actually dared to challenge him?

"You are too arrogant!"

"Even with the Fate Sorceresses, if I want to leave, they won't be able to stop me!"

"As for you, you don't deserve to duel me!"

Sky conceitedly declared, "I'll let you understand that ordinary people like you can't even look up to the Legend Realm!"

The Azure Leaf in Marvin's hand was pointed as Sky as he calmly asked, "How would you know without trying?"