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Chapter 364: Legendary Showdown!

Chapter 364: Legendary Showdown!
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Marvin's attitude completely infuriated the Pale Hand.

The Legend Realm was something that almost everyone had to look up to.

Even if Marvin had some weird tricks, he still wouldn't be a match for a Legend.

Because once someone advanced to Legend, they would obtain many incredibly powerful specialties.

These specialties were mostly passives, but they would play a very important role in battle.

For example, when Marvin and Sky previously crossed daggers, Marvin went all-out while Sky merely slashed probingly, but their attacks more or less had the same strength.

But Marvin still felt some pain in his wrist.

This was the strength of those who reached the Legend Realm.

It was something unalterable, practically part of the plane's laws.

In Feinan there were many known cases where the weak defeated the strong, like a 3rd rank beating a 4th rank. But mere "mortals" wouldn't challenge a Legend!

Sky was angry, not only because Marvin helped Gwyn escape, but also because Marvin stole the prize he wanted in Saruha… And now he was even provoking him!

And so what if the three Fate Sisters were there?!

Every single Legend was extremely proud. As an expert Vampire of the Dark Side, Sky felt that he could kill Marvin and then easily escape.

Even Fate Sorceresses shouldn't be able to stop him if he sincerely wanted to escape.

This was Sky's plan.

Marvin smirked, brandishing his daggers in a taunting manner.

Sky, with his confidence in his strength as a Legend, wouldn't even need Stealth, attacking skills and other methods. And Pale Hand was the fiercest melee Legendary advancement class for a Thief. Even if the enemy was a Ranger, he wasn't worried in the least!

In an instant, daggers flashed on the lonely dune!

The two were experts with their daggers and they immediately felt how strong the other side was!

'That guy certainly has certainly reached at least Master level in his Blade Techniques!'

Marvin was startled.

It seemed that Sky's confidence wasn't without reason. He had definitely worked hard on his Blade Techniques.

This actually corrected Marvin's misconception of the Dark Side. In his mind, the Dark Side was a group that would do anything for more power, always taking shortcuts and rarely training their skills.

But Sky clearly wasn't one of those.

His Blade Techniques were unusually fierce. It felt like he had broken away from all standard Blade Techniques and made his own.

Vampires originally had greater speed and physical capabilities than Humans. If not for Marvin having Godly Dexterity as a foundation, he likely would have already been slashed to death by Sky!

Despite this, he was still in a troublesome situation.

The Pale Hand's unpredictable skills were hard to defend against. After merely ten exchanges he was already at a sizeable disadvantage!

He was pressured by every single attack.

This wasn't due to the difference in attributes, but rather due to the overpowered advantages of the Legend Realm.

Marvin felt the power of the Legend class!

Fortunately, he knew what skills Pale Hands had and responded properly with his Night Walker skills to avoid Sky's lethal attacks.

But he was hovering on the border between life and death every time.

The other side didn't seem to have higher Dexterity or Strength, but Marvin was still suppressed by Sky in every way.

This made Marvin feel a bit dejected.

This was the suppression of the Legend Realm. The Pale Hand probably had several more battle specialties than him, so keeping up for this long was already admirable.

Marvin didn't use his Shapeshift Sorcerer or Battle Gunner abilities. First, these two subclasses wouldn't be enough against that Legend, but more importantly, he wanted to temper his Blade Techniques!

Marvin's usual plan would have been to seek the aid of the three sisters, lure the Pale hand over and then gang up on him...

He normally would never have chosen a duel!

He would always use external help when he could!

As long as he fulfilled his purpose, who cared about the process?

This line of thought wasn't wrong, but after his discussion with Professor, Marvin felt that his strength had been restricted by this tendency.

For example, after his Blade Techniques reached Master level, he didn't progress much further.

Although he had trained with straight daggers in his previous life, with his natural talent, he shouldn't stop at this level. He could feel that just as Professor said, his classes still had a lot of potential.

Whether it was as a Ranger or a Night Walker, he still had potential for growth.

Although Shapeshift Sorcerer and Battle Gunner could raise his strength in the short term, they wouldn't contribute much to his fighting strength's upper limit once he reached the Legend Realm.

He would ultimately be relying on the Ranger and Night Walker classes, and he would advance to the greatest rogue class, Ruler of the Night!

If he gave up on training his skills because of his sub-classes it might lead to his foundations being unstable.

Even if he had a system, this was a real world, and his tricks might not always work.

Thus he changed his plan this time.

He decided to ask the three sisters to support him and guarantee his safety while he dueled the Pale Hand!

Naturally, a non-Legend challenging a Legend directly was like courting death.

The buff given to him by the Demon's Hand Fiend Sorcerers would ensure that his Perception would temporarily break through 20 points to get the threshold effect.

That way, he could defend himself from the sneak attacks of the unpredictable Pale Hand, helping to make the fight fairer.

He was using Sky as his own whetstone.

He hoped that his Blade Techniques would break through after this fight.

The previous breakthrough was because of the confrontation with the Heavenly Sword Saint.

He needed a true expert to "help" him, even if the other side was unwilling.



Under the light of the full moon, a shadow quickly streaked across the sky over a sandy dune, splitting into six shadows.

Sky rushed at Marvin from six different directions, a sinister expression on his face. "Drop dead!"

For him, not being able to kill Marvin in ten exchanges was a disgrace.

At that time, he no longer held back and went all-out with his battle skills!

The six shadows were extremely fast. Even though Marvin used Shadow Escape and Night Boundary, they still chased after!

'Those are not just shadows!'

'They're real doppelgangers, and all of them have considerable strength!'

Marvin was in a pitiful state as he was chased down, covered in minor wounds with blood flowing continuously.

Fortunately, Rangers had a lot more Constitution than Thieves, and Marvin even had the [Endurance] specialty. That specialty made it so that his combat effectiveness wouldn't be inhibited by the pain.

He could still react at the fastest speed. With Godly Dexterity, Marvin could still resist!

One versus six!

But Marvin fought back! At an opportune moment, he used Shadow Step out of nowhere and swung behind him.


His dagger slashed an empty spot, instantly splitting Sky's doppelganger in half!

At that time, Marvin seemed to have understood something.

Up until now, his fighting techniques purely consisted of killing techniques. He rarely used linked blade techniques. He almost always focused on honing his ability to get that one fatal blow.

But this was the Thief's path.

His experience as a player was a big help to Marvin, but this time he was a Ranger and a Night Walker.

His Blade Techniques seemed to be flawed. Besides killing skills, he didn't have anything to combo together. His basic movements, even the way he blocked, were all done in the posture of using straight daggers, which came from the game's basic training camp for the Thief class.

It could be said that he was a Master in Blade Techniques, but in another sense, it could be said that he wasn't using curved daggers properly.

'I understand!' Marvin realized.

He suddenly understood why Professor gave him the letter and made him deliver it to the Dead Area's [Xunshun Monastery]!

Because Professor had noticed these issues!


Marvin had cut down a shadow, but this was a battle to death!

Sky's original fury went through the roof after one of his doppelgangers died, but how could he let go of the ensuing opportunity?

He noticed Marvin's distraction and almost cut his throat!

Fortunately, Marvin's battle instinct was outstanding. He used Night Boundary once again and escaped from the five doppelgangers!

However, this was his last use of Night Boundary tonight!

This specialty had a usage limit!

Sky encircled Marvin again, so that he was facing the joint attack of five skilled Pale Hands.


Not far, the three sisters had worried expressions on their faces.

Although Marvin promised them it would be fine, that was still a Legend!

Despite Marvin' continuously creating miracles, it was very difficult to believe that he could kill a Legend in a direct fight!

Yes, Marvin lured Sky here simply to use him for training.

He wanted to personally eliminate that Dark Side Vampire Legend.

Otherwise, even if he left for the Dead Area, Jo wouldn't be safe in Hope City because of her Holy Blood.

"You should just help him." Ding came out from some corner, looking disdainfully at Marvin. "Men… Do they only care about their reputation?"

"He obviously isn't his match, but he still wants to show off."

Lorie blinked repeatedly and said with a serious face, "Ding, you are wrong. Marvin is definitely able to kill that Vampire."

Ding paled. "I must have slept for a long time. When did you stop calling him [Sir Marvin] and start calling him just [Marvin]?" She then pouted, "I already knew that Marvin guy wasn't any good…"

Lorie's face reddened. "Hey, can you focus on the important part?!"

Ding looked as if she hadn't heard her. "I shouldn't have given him that Luck…"

The three sisters felt speechless.


On the sandy dune, the besieged Marvin took a deep breath.

'Legends are really powerful.'

He firmly held onto his daggers before letting out a smile. 'But this won't change the outcome!'

The next second, a strange aura burst forth from Marvin.

A faint halo spread out from his forehead, emitting gray rays of light.