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Chapter 309: Hellhound

Chapter 309: Hellhound
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The three specialties rewarded for reaching Godly Dexterity were already known by Marvin.

They was [Extreme Nimbleness], [Extreme Speed] and [Extreme Burst].

Their descriptions were very simple. Marvin's Dexterity already reached the human limit. His flexibility when controlling his body reached the extreme. His speed and his burst power both reached the limit of what a human could do.

In other words, his Dexterity already reached the [Limit Bottleneck].

To break through this bottleneck, the simplest way was to ascend. Otherwise, it would be more difficult.

It would take a long time to examine.

But Marvin wasn't worried, as he still had some methods and experience he could use.


Regardless, 30 Godly Dexterity gave Marvin frightening power.

He had this kind of attribute at level 18. Even Shadow Thief Owl's Dexterity was at most on par with Marvin's.

However, he had all kinds of Legend specialties and Legend skills that would definitely crush Marvin's. And also that exquisite Origami.

Marvin relaxed. After clearing away his things, he ran toward the Shrine.

'The Princess should have already taken care of the Paladins, right?'

In the Shadow God Palace, there shouldn't be a lot of power remaining. It was time for Marvin to sort the loot!

What he needed the most to advance to Ruler of the Night was the Shadow Diamond, which was in the Shadow God Palace!

He rushed there quickly and soon arrived on the ruins of the prayer hall.

He raised his head a bit. That cloud was still floating on the sky, reflecting everything that happened here.

Marvin grinned.

Everyone from Royal City saw that grin. But they didn't know its meaning.

However, what they did know was that this extremely powerful plane traveller just broke the Idol of their God they had worshipped for more than a hundred years.

They watched Marvin and could see from his external appearance that he was just an ordinary youth.

He looked quite refined, and his smile was very gentle.

He was a normal human.

But he killed the Idol.

Everyone's heart was somewhat moved.


In the ruins, Marvin walked back and forth, trying to find an entrance downward.

But at that time, low whining sound came out from the ruins of the broken wall on the side.

It was followed by two heartbreaking whimpers.

Marvin's heart moved. His attention was too focused on the statue earlier and he didn't notice the Hellhound's misfortune.

He followed the sounds and walked over, finding a One-Headed small version of the Hellhound!

That guy had lost two heads. Only the one in the middle remained, and it looked quite sinister.

The pitiful Hellhound almost died from the Idol, and lost a lot of its power.

Marvin went forward and gently picked it up.

"Poor little guy."

The Hellhound looked at Marvin with dispirited eyes.

Marvin originally only wanted to use this Hellhound, but seeing its current appearance, he felt compassionate.

The Ranger class could have pets. There were some specialties for this path, increasing the pets' power.

For example, [Master Beast Tamer].

After his class reached level 3, he had automatically gained a pet spot.

But Marvin hadn't found an interesting pet yet.

He originally wanted to find something like Lance's Eternal Dragon, or perhaps going to a Chromatic Dragon's nest and stealing a few eggs would also be pretty good.

But he suddenly changed his plans.

This Hellhound felt close to him.

He held it in his arms and the puppy licked his palm.

It was badly mangled as an outcome. The tongue actually had barbed tips all over!

Marvin cried out painfully, immediately pulling his hand back. The little guy felt wronged and dejectedly lowered its head.

Marvin's expression was solemn.

In that split second, he had felt his soul fluctuating!

The Hellhound's unintentional move almost absorbed his soul into its belly!

It's just that the puppy didn't decide to do so, or perhaps it didn't have the strength to do it.

Through swallowing humans' souls, it could gradually recover its power.

In short, even though a Hellhound was a common lifeform in Hell, it also was an extremely evil existence!

Marvin had to think twice before taking this Hellhound as a pet.

He carefully considered whether or not he could control it.

'With its current appearance, even if it is sent back to Hell, it would get swallowed up by something else!'

'And remaining in this world or Feinan wouldn't be good. A Hellhound is very powerful. If it recovered, the consequences would be too horrible.'

Marvin looked calmly at the puppy in his embrace.

He only had two choices now.

Kill it, or contract it as a pet and look after it strictly!

A Hellhound was an evil lifeform. This characteristic couldn't be changed.

It would eat others' souls to become stronger.

Who knew how many people this puppy would need to eat to recover to its peak!

Kill, or raise.

This was the question.

Marvin sat atop the ruins, thinking it over for half a minute.

After half a minute, he took a contract from his storage.

This was a pet contract offered by the Ranger Guild.

This was something Marvin received early on and had left forgotten in a corner of his storage item. It was finally time for it to be useful!

He took out a quill and wrote his own name on the contract.

Then, he handed it over to the Hellhound.

The Hellhound looked at Marvin while tilting its head, puzzled.

Marvin pointed at its paw, and then pointed to the blank space on the contract.

This Hellhound was apparently quite smart. It actually reacted. After hesitating for an instant, it cautiously put its paw mark on it!

The contract automatically burst into flames.

An invisible connection was formed between the Hellhound and Marvin.

A lot of memories appeared in his mind!

An overgrown scorched land, drifting randomly, a crimson sky, more frightening Devils...

These were the Hellhound's memories.

Marvin could clearly see his life from his birth till today.

This was the connection between Ranger and pet.

Marvin actually didn't sense any wickedness from the Hellhound. This was all an instinct.

No one gave him any guidance besides the restless power stirring in his bloodline.

That was the power from Hell!

"Be good."

"You'll follow me from now on."

"As a pet, you naturally need a name."

"What good name should you get?"

After a bit, Marvin's usually swift mind actually got stuck.