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Chapter 367: Real or Fake

Chapter 367: Real or Fake
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Although this was only a view from the back, the first person that came to Marvin's mind was Hathaway.

He couldn't help but quickly walk over.

The girl noticed him and tilted her head, looking at him curiously.

In that instant, Marvin almost choked.

She looked exactly like Hathaway.

It was her appearance as an adolescent. Her beautiful eyes were sizing him up doubtfully.

"How…" Marvin's mouth felt dry.

Wasn't Hathaway taken away by Dark Phoenix? How could she appear here?

And for some reason she was vigilant towards him. "Who are you?"

"I don't know you."

Marvin froze. Could he have mistaken her?

Impossible! That appearance, that familiar aura, there was no difference from before!

Marvin was a bit confused.

At that time, the other party started moving past Marvin, looking at him with suspicion.

She looked as if she had met someone hitting on her.

This made Marvin very frustrated. "What's your name?" he asked.

She stopped and frowned for a moment. "...Hathaway."

Shortly after, she continued on her way, leaving the deck and returning to the hold.

Only Marvin remained, standing in daze.


Marvin was quite befuddled by his encounter with Hathaway on this trip.

He couldn't understand why she couldn't recognize him.

'Could it be that Dark Phoenix did something to her?'

'How about I stealthily check?'

After entering the hold, Marvin hesitated a bit. He found her cabin and if he wanted to, he could sneak in.

But he didn't do so in the end.

He felt something wrong.

Her expression when looking at him didn't seem fake and he didn't find any special traces, but Marvin still felt some kind of danger.

He didn't have his outstanding buffed Perception anymore, so he could only rely on his eyes. He simply couldn't figure out what had happened to Hathaway.

'Her Magic Power? Why has it disappeared?'

Marvin didn't believe there was someone with the exact same name and appearance in this world.

There was definitely an issue.

'No good… I still want to take a look.'

Marvin decided to check, but suddenly, his heart started beating faster!

This was the same feeling he got when he realized Hathaway was sealed in ice.

A scene flashed in Marvin's mind: While lightning and thunder surged through the sky, a black-gowned woman was smirking as a drop of blood seeped out of the ice crystals...

Marvin's whole body felt cold!

Dark Phoenix!

It was that woman again...

It seemed that before he could go find her, she couldn't help herself any longer and took the initiative instead.

These disjointed bits of information were enough for Marvin to make a rough guess.

A drop of Hathaway's blood plus Dark Phoenix's Divine Source should be enough to create a fake "Hathaway" that looked real.

That God hiding in the human world still couldn't resist making a move against Marvin.

'She definitely saw that I was the one who launched Judgement Day…'

'There is a layer of fog between the God Realms and the Universe Magic Pool. While the rest of the Gods might not be able to see me, Glynos and Dark Phoenix should know.'

'Did Judgement Day's might shock her? Or am I making her worried?'

Marvin calmed his heart, analyzing the situation carefully.

It seemed Hathaway wasn't really dormant in the ice, since she sent Marvin this invaluable piece of information.

This meant that her situation shouldn't be too bad right now. She was probably feigning dormancy as a trick to deceive Dark Phoenix.

Marvin felt a bit reassured.

Shortly after, his eyes turned vicious. "Want to use Hathaway to kill me?"

Dark Phoenix's goal was extremely clear.

This fake Hathaway was a trick to lure him.

If he really tried to sneak in, there would likely be a trap awaiting him!

But since he was aware of Dark Phoenix's trick, Marvin wouldn't worry too much.

Since Hathaway went to great lengths to hide her situation, he couldn't show any sign that he knew about it and decided to delay it instead.

Marvin thought for a bit and then returned to his cabin.

He hid in his cabin without moving for the next few days.

He felt someone hesitating in front of his door, but leaving in the end.

Marvin sneered, 'Still want to hide it?'


Sunrise Island.

This was a large and very strange island. It was obviously located west of mainland Feinan, but was called Sunrise.

This island's history was very long, and the power controlling it was also ancient.

The Black Rider Monastery!

This was a mysterious organization established by Black Knight Sangore, and it had no lack of Legend experts. They controlled every harbor of Sunrise Island and had a very dedicated fleet.

Sangore himself very rarely appeared. Sunrise Island would follow his appointed overseer most of the time.

This place was noisy and flourishing, but the rules were exceptionally strict. If someone dared to use force on Sunrise Island, they would be chased to death by the subordinate organizations of the Black Rider Monastery!

No one dared to fight a mysterious organization that had multiple Legends.

Moreover, it was rumored that Black Knight Sangore had a page of a God's book that contained endless power.

It was part of an artifact, and it was precisely because of that shattered artifact that Sangore was able to rule the entire Sunrise Island and the neighboring seas.

Marvin knew that the so-called God's Book page was in fact the Book of Nalu's 2nd page!

The 2nd page was named [Prosperity].

This page had a strange ability. It could make a city thrive endlessly.

It was also because of this that Black Knight Sangore had been secretly looking for the other pages of the Book of Nalu. But he had been unsuccessful for all these past years.

If it wasn't for Sunrise Island being the only way to access the Dead Area, Marvin definitely wouldn't pass through here.

The two pages of the Book of Nalu could resonate and it would be troublesome if Sangore made a move.

Thus, when the ship reached the shore, Marvin quickly disembarked and silently blended into the crowd.

After a while, the fake Hathaway got off the boat with doubt hovering on her face.

She didn't understand what had gone wrong. Marvin already saw her, so why would he endure and not look for her?

Could there be a flaw in her disguise?

But in any case, the Master's order had to be carried out. Marvin had to die!

Killing intent flashed in her eyes as her gaze went through the crowd, locking onto the disguised Marvin. She quickly followed him.


After Marvin arrived at Sunrise Island, he didn't stay in the initial area for long.

He went to the shore to find a fisherman that would take him by boat to a small island not far from there.

That small island had a very strange shape. There was a volcano on the island and it looked like an animal claw raised high up, making it easy to recognize.

The island was uninhabited all year round and had no specialties it was known for, but since Marvin paid well, the fisherman was willing to take him there. In any case, it wasn't far.

He knew that the fake Hathaway created by Dark Phoenix would definitely be following, but he didn't care.

The two arrived at the island one after the other.

For Marvin, this small island was the relay that would lead him to the Dead Area.

At the edge of this small island there was a cave that could be used to enter the Seafloor Tunnel.

No one knew when that undersea tunnel had been excavated. It seemed to be related to a sea race that had disappeared in the Pambo Sea. If he could activate the tunnel entrance and walk through the transportation tunnels under the surface, it would be a lot faster than sitting in a boat.

But before leaving for the Dead Area, he still had to deal with that big heartache.


On the beach in the evening, Marvin meticulously reduced his speed.

The sun was setting. A somewhat strange shadow could be seen under a coconut tree.

'Clumsy Assassin…'

Marvin smiled coldly.

The lifeform Dark Phoenix created clearly had not yet integrated into this world after being alive for such a short period of time.

Despite having the abilities of a 4th rank Assassin, the traces left in Stealth were too glaring and Marvin could easily see through them.

He wasn't worried, moving forward neither quickly nor slowly.

This was a battle of patience.

In the end, when the sun sank completely, a soft voice echoed behind him. "Marvin!"

Marvin smirked.

He slowly turned, looking at the other side with feigned shock. "Didn't you not recognize me?"

The fake Hathaway reluctantly squeezed out a smile. "I seem to have forgotten many important things."

"But I feel that you are a bit familiar."

"You know me? Can you help me recall my memories?"

Using amnesia?

Marvin sneered inwardly, while appearing overjoyed on the surface.

He walked over quickly and assured, "Of course I'll help you."

As they approached each other, "Hathaway" gave a blushing smile. "How do you intend to help…"

But before she could finish, Marvin suddenly attacked!

Shadow Step!

His speed was incomparably quick and his timing was exquisite. She simply didn't have any chance to react.

Marvin moved right behind her and knocked her out!

Killing her directly wasn't suitable, because he would be sensed by Dark Phoenix if he did so.

But Marvin did have a better method.

He brought the unconscious enemy in the cave and took out the Book of Nalu's 6th page, [Rebirth]!

The fake Hathaway's body instantly weakened!

Marvin could feel the page's excitement and without Marvin's instructions, it began swallowing Dark Phoenix's Divine Source!

'I hope Sangore won't react.'

Marvin glanced worriedly at Sunrise Island.


In Black Coral Islands, a scene suddenly appeared in front of Dark Phoenix:

Her Hathaway creation was chasing after Marvin, but Marvin was too crafty and escaped.

But Marvin was seriously injured and seemed like an arrow at the end of its flight.

'This should be fine.'

Dark Phoenix smiled, pleased with the result. She then immediately shifted her attention elsewhere. She still had a lot of important things to do.