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Chapter 371: Ice Monster Cave

Chapter 371: Ice Monster Cave
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Marvin didn't know what Professor said in the letter.

But in any case, he still was very grateful to the Copper Dragon. The hermit Kangen would very rarely teach his Blade Techniques to others.

In the game, you needed to do a lot of complicated quests in order to be able to have the right to study a Blade Technique Style.

Advancing down the martial path was the same as mastering skills in the sense that it was also a path that required training. It was just that the requirements were even more demanding, so it wasn't widespread.

Marvin really needed an entire set of Blade Techniques to fuse with all his moves and skills.

The Copper Dragon was incomparably wise. He had lived for who knew how many years and had seen a lot of people like Marvin, so he knew that Kangen could find a way to settle Marvin's issues.

And this [Desperation] Blade Technique Style was chosen by Grandmaster Kangen for Marvin, who only knew how to kill.

Indeed, although he was called a Blade Technique Master, strictly speaking, Kangen had already stepped into the Grandmaster level in both Blades Mastery and Blade Techniques.

Compared to Marvin's Curved Dagger Mastery which was at Master level, it was two whole levels higher.

Above Master was Greatmaster, followed by Grandmaster.

Others might not be qualified to say that Marvin didn't understand blades, but Marvin would accept Kangen's remarks unconditionally.


For Marvin, advancing to Legend rank was indeed the most important matter, but advancing and training his Blade Techniques were also ways to increase his strength.

If he was able to learn a powerful Blade Technique Style, it would have an amazing effect even in the Legend realm.

This could be seen from the fact that Kangen destroyed the Winter God's avatar in one move. Blade Techniques trained to a certain degree would become very frightening.

The next few days, Marvin trained under Kangen, residing in the mountain behind Xunshan Monastery and practicing this strange Blade Technique Style.

Desperation, as the name implied, was created by Blade Technique Master Kangen when he was in a desperate situation.

At that time, he was being attacked from all sides and was in a hopeless situation. He rarely had a chance to attack and could only defend.

Thus, each attack he made had to kill an enemy!

Marvin initially trained under Kangen for two days, but the latter didn't explain anything to him, only making Marvin practice all his killing techniques once.

Marvin didn't hide anything and calmly displayed all his previous killing techniques.

The Master was very satisfied with this.

The killing techniques Marvin knew were already very powerful. Many famous killers didn't have so many strange and crafty killing techniques.

Even Kangen himself, as a genius of the martial path, had no choice but to acknowledge Marvin's frightening skill in this field.

After watching everything, he sat alone for the night. The next morning, he imparted everything about the Desperation Style to Marvin.

After watching Kangen's demonstrations, Marvin was shocked.

This Desperation Style had actually fused all of Marvin's killing techniques, along with the Master's own understanding and a few other simple moves.

The goal was to integrate all of Marvin's techniques to form a coherent series of moves, rather than having a bunch of scattered killing techniques.

Marvin was indeed a PK specialist in his previous life, but PKing wasn't training in the martial path after all. He couldn't create Battle Techniques like a Greatmaster of the martial path.

Not to mention, he used to wield straight daggers in his previous life while walking the Assassin's path. Assassins would focus on the concept of one hit one kill.

He was a Ranger now, so his battle ability in a direct confrontation had been greatly increased. It would be a waste not to take advantage of it.

Marvin trained for no less than three days before his Desperation Style showed signs of forming.

This wasn't like the kind of Blade Technique that could be conveyed on scrolls. This was a complete style.

Even though the techniques used in the Blade Technique Style were all familiar to Marvin, it still took three days to fully grasp it while relying on his own abilities.

In spite of this, Marvin's training speed still shocked Kangen.

In barely three days, Marvin showed signs of already having the foundation of the Desperation Style. This made him sigh while thinking that Marvin was also a martial path genius.

But in reality, it wasn't like that.

After sufficiently practicing the Desperation Style, Marvin used experience to learn the basics completely.

20000 exp was rather costly, but in order to save time, he had no choice but to do so.

Under normal circumstances, Marvin wouldn't be able to learn the Desperation Style well enough for practical use unless he had about a year of training.

Yet now he had a new martial path technique style of his own:

[Blade Technique – Desperation] (Beginner)

There wasn't much of a description for this technique, and it seemed like it didn't give any bonuses.

But Marvin knew that if he perfectly mastered this style, his melee abilities would definitely grow a few levels stronger.

For melee experts, the additional effects of martial path skills would be comparable to Legend specialties at the later stages!

Marvin used three days to finish learning Desperation, and then he planned to take his leave. After all, you had to rely on your own efforts to become stronger. And he didn't come to the Dead Area to train in Xunshan but to find Ivan.

But at that time, Kangen blocked Marvin with a smile.

His reason was simple. "Now that you have learnt Desperation, you are considered as my half disciple."

"Before you have reached Master level in this Blade Technique Style, I won't allow you to leave Xunshan."

Marvin was startled and soon complained with a bitter smile.

How could he have the time to stay and train laboriously?

He was about to start explaining, but Kangen spoke first. "Rest assured, it shouldn't take too long."

"Xunshan isn't suitable for someone like you who trains in killing techniques."

"But there is one place you have to pass through. You need to spend some time and look at yourself.

After saying this, he took Marvin to a strange cave at the rear mountain.

This cave was the most remote one. When the two went inside, Marvin noticed the temperature constantly lowering.

At the same time, he was shocked to find that his own skills were starting to turn gray on his interface.

"Here, you are unable to rely on other things."

"Besides the martial path's techniques, you have nothing."

Kangen slightly smiled, throwing a pair of wooden short daggers to Marvin. "Use those."

Marvin put away his daggers and obediently grabbed the cold wooden daggers.

The two of them walked to the depths of the cave and past a certain point, Marvin found out that all his skills were sealed!

"This is an Ice Monster Cave. It was one of the roads to the bottom of the mountain but was later occupied by an Ice Monster Leader. I already killed him, but there are still many Ice Monsters inside.

"There are a lot of secrets hidden here, and thus you can't use your skills. You can only rely on your own Blade Techniques. If you want to leave this place, you have to kill your way out."

Kangen concluded seriously, "The real Desperation Style isn't something you can learn from rote practice."

"It is something you learn by killing."

Marvin faintly nodded, holding his wooden daggers in his hands and moving a few steps forward.

At that time, two human faces appeared on the walls.

A cold aura assaulted his senses.

Two Ice Monsters roared and fiercely pounced on him!

Marvin remained calm and used his wooden daggers to display the Desperation Style, slashing fiercely at the head of one of the Ice Monsters!

But the wooden daggers didn't strike with as much strength as Marvin expected. Instead of cutting the Ice Monster, the attack simply provoked it.

The two Ice Monsters rushed at him again.

In an instant, Marvin was under attack from two different sides.

But he seemed to have gained some understanding.


Xunshan Town.

While Marvin was training his Blade Techniques on the mountain, he didn't know that Black Knight Sangore had led the rest of the Black Knights and completely overturned Xunshan Town.

That day when Marvin used the Book of Nalu to absorb Dark Phoenix's Divine Source and trick her, he had already attracted Sangore's attention.

The aura of the Book of Nalu was particularly strong there, and the Black Knight was determined to have it, clashing with many people.

But although Xunshan Town was lively, there weren't many people willing to contend against the Legend Black Knight.

Several days later, the Black Knight still hadn't found the Book of Nalu.

He finally lost his cool as he gazed at the mountain hidden between the clouds.

"Go up, grab everyone!"

The Black Knight pulled on his reins and rushed up the rough mountain path!

Many people were discussing this in the town with faces of worry.

A war was unavoidable.