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Chapter 376: Mana Wraith [1/10]

Chapter 376: Mana Wraith [1/10]
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But Marvin didn't let the Apprentice cast his spell. He struck first!

Back when he was at the 2nd rank, he dared to kill people from the Three Ring Towers. Today, with his strength soaring, and even being able to step into the Legend Realm if he wanted, how could he be afraid of a little group like [Blackfire Lava]?

At that time, the Wizard Apprentice had only chanted a third of his incantation before a figure appeared in front of him at the speed of lightning.


Marvin unhesitantly punched him in the face!

"Crash!" How could a pitiful Wizard Apprentice take a hit from a Half-Legend? The punch broke his teeth and the Apprentice flew back through the air, cutting a sorry figure as he fell on the ground!

The slightly older Apprentice was greatly startled. Marvin's move was enough to show his strength.

This was the strength of 4th rank class holder at the very least!

It definitely wasn't someone they could provoke.


A shadow flew over from the sky. A black-gowned caster was sitting on a flying carpet, looking at Marvin coldly. "You want to cause trouble?"

This was a 3rd rank Wizard, apparently the Blackfire Lava specialist in charge of this group.

Marvin sneered, "The one causing trouble is Blackfire Lava. Do you really think the Secret Garden is yours?"

After saying this he used Night Boundary and disappeared!

The 3rd rank Wizard knew that things weren't good. He tried to ascend while intending to cover himself with magic armor.

But before he could do any of that, an icy dagger pressed against his neck.

"Sir…" The 3rd rank Wizard was frightened.

He hadn't used an inspection-type spell on Marvin. After seeing how young Marvin was, he had just assumed that he wasn't very powerful.

"You people of Blackfire Lava like to judge people's strength based on their appearance, don't you?" Marvin sneered, "I'm very curious as to how you survived in the Dead Area."

The two Apprentices on the ground looked at the scene, numb from fear.

Especially the one Marvin punched. He rolled his eyes, pretending to pass out.

He really regretted his earlier words.

"Sorry. I haven't seen such a young and powerful expert like you in the Dead Area Continent for a very long time…"

The 3rd rank Wizard's life was in Marvin's hands, and he was almost unable to keep the flying carpet aloft. He cautiously asked, "Dare I ask what Sir's name is?"


"Oh, turns out it's Sir Marvin." The 3rd rank Wizard's previously indifferent expression turned to one of flattery. "We of Blackfire Lava weren't planning on monopolizing the Secret Garden. In fact, we welcome powerhouses like you to join us… What happened before was a misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding?" Marvin glanced meaningfully at the Wizard Apprentice that was feigning unconsciousness on the ground and chuckled to himself, feeling disinclined to bother with him.

There would inevitably be all kinds of trash. Those that used their power to bully others, taking everything out on the weak while fearing the strong, were numerous.

"Take me to Breton Village. I don't feel like walking."

Marvin dully added, "By the way, tell me the latest news. If I find out that you are deceiving me…" The icy dagger seemed to press a bit into his skin.

The 3rd rank Wizard was startled. How could he object?

He activated the flying carpet and the two flew through the fog.


On the way, Marvin saw some blurry figures. Most of them were Wizards proudly riding flying carpets.

All of them were Blackfire Lava's internal staff and most were at the 2nd rank.

Seeing this, Marvin couldn't help but sigh. The Wizard class was indeed enviable, being able to fly at 2nd rank, as long as one had enough Magic Power and money.

As for most other classes, especially the melee classes, even if they reached the Legend Realm, they would be unable to fly.

This was one of the reasons Wizards were able to rule this era. Flying gave a very formidable advantage. If they made proper use of it, even some Legend powerhouses would be at their wit's end.

This 3rd rank Wizard for example. If he had made sure he was flying high enough, Marvin wouldn't have been able to reach him.

Night Jump times two plus Shadow Escape might not necessarily be enough for him to reach the flying carpet.

This was the most annoying part for the other classes.

But it was a pity. The Wizard Era was about to end, something that group of proud Wizards wasn't aware of.

The Universe Magic Pool shattering would be terrible for the Wizards. An overwhelming majority of Wizards would disappear from this world.

Only the real powerhouses would be left behind.

Marvin didn't want to suffer from the Universe Magic Pool shattering, or else he might have thought about getting a Wizard subclass. That class was way too useful before the Calamity after all.

But in any case, he was a Sorcerer. In the later stages, they might not necessarily be worse than Wizards, depending on how he developed.


The two weren't moving very quickly.

Under Marvin's questioning, this Wizard Reggie had already told Marvin everything he knew.

As he listened, Marvin's expression sank.

The Secret Garden had already opened.

One day earlier, Ivan and four Legend powerhouses were among those who had gathered.

But because Ivan and the other four Legends fought at the entrance of the Secret Garden, most others didn't have a chance to get in.

These Legends included Blackfire Lava's leader, a Legend Wizard.

Therefore, the most powerful members of Blackfire Lava in Breton Village were in fact two Half-Legend Wizards. The people stopped at Breton Village were at about that level or weaker.

The Blackfire Lava Wizards' control over this area had been gradually diminishing. After all, without a Legend overseeing it, they could only scare away the weaker outsiders.

But not everyone was fine with that. Many powerhouses were like Marvin, forcibly breaking through the Blackfire Barrier.

The Blackfire Lava Wizards couldn't do much about this, as they simply couldn't handle so many people at the same time.

According to Reggie's explanations, there were at least thirty Half-Legends staying in the ancient Breton Village, because the opening of the Secret Garden wasn't always a one-time thing. Often, it would allow people in another once or twice after an initial opening!

The remaining people had another chance.

They were pacing back and forth in the village, waiting for the opportunity.


"The village is ahead, Sir Marvin. You can go in," Reggie said respectfully. "As someone with the potential to become a Legend powerhouse, we have no reason to prevent you from entering the Secret Garden."

Marvin inwardly sneered, 'Isn't it because you can't block me?'

But he didn't want to completely become hostile with Blackfire Lava this time. Having bad blood with a group of Wizards could be very troublesome.

He jumped down the flying carpet and walked into Breton Village.

As he entered the village, countless eyes sized him up.

The small village was quite lively.

Some of these gazes held enmity, while others had shock, but many more were just indifferent.

Marvin ignored them and silently walked toward the center of the village.

No one stopped him. Those able to break through Blackfire Lava's Barrier and reach Breton Village were all powerhouses qualified to enter the Secret Garden. This was a common understanding among these people.

Marvin walked through the village paying attention to the number of people and found that there were more than Reggie had told him.

There were at least fifty Half-Legends in this ancient village!

Out of these, a bit less than half were Wizards. The other classes were pretty much evenly distributed. They were powerhouses who rushed from all over the Dead Area Continent, yearning for the Secret Garden. It was worth mentioning that Marvin did a full circle around the village and didn't see any Monks.

This made him very pleased. Without any Monks here, his fighting strength should be at the peak of the group.

Godly Dexterity with Desperation Style would definitely put him a cut above these people, at least in the Secret Garden.

He casually found a place to sit down and waited for the second opening of the Secret Garden.


The greatest number of people gathered in the old village under a dead willow.

This was where the Secret Garden had just opened. At least two thirds of the people were gathered there waiting for the Secret Garden to open once again.

'One would assume that the Secret Garden would open again at the same spot.'

'But what happened this time would clearly be outside Eric's expectations. Because of Ivan, the news leaked far and wide. The Elven Prince rushed to the Dead Area alone and waited for the opening of the Secret Garden… This attracted even more people.'

'That gathering of powerhouses probably already exceeded what the Magic Medicine King had imagined.'

'It certainly wouldn't dare to eat all five Legends. And even if it did, it wouldn't be full. Thus, it will open the entrance once again, but won't let too many people in.'

Marvin calmly analyzed the situation.

Even if the Magic Medicine King Eric was very greedy, he was still very crafty. If these fifty or so Half-Legends all rushed in, its plot might be seen through, despite its skill with illusions. It couldn't let too many enter, so the second opening should be the last one.

It definitely wouldn't choose the same location as the first time, or else all those gathered would swarm in and its life might be in danger.

Thinking of this, Marvin closed his eyes and started feeling the aura of earth.

When he was learning under Kangen, during the breaks, the latter imparted a special skill to Marvin.

That skill, like Shadow Thief Owl's Origami, would be classified as a special ability.

This ability was called [Earth Perception]. Kangen also learnt it from Xunshan's powerful Monks.

Marvin guessed that it was taught by that Cloud Monk. Feeling heaven and earth was something the Cloud Monk would train in every day.

He closed his eyes and felt as if he could see all of Breton Village.

Time slowly passed.

The night gradually darkened and the crackling sound of the bonfire echoed, not letting people rest.

Most were still making preparations, but there were even more people under the willow tree.

Marvin was still motionless, calmly using Earth Perception.

Suddenly, a blue shadow appeared in his field of view.

'Found you!'

Marvin smirked. 'Mana Wraith – Eric!'