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Chapter 379: Impending [4/10]

Chapter 379: Impending [4/10]
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The 16th of January!

That date was a month earlier than the 16th of February that Marvin remembered!

The Gods were impatient, but the shadow of the Wizard God had always been looming above them. They only dared to do this because they found evidence that the Wizard God couldn't influence Feinan anymore.

Although Marvin did many things since he transmigrated, affecting the world's development and creating some butterfly effects, it mostly shouldn't have affected the Astral Sea.

'Could it be Glynos' matter?' Marvin's heart sank.

The Great Calamity being this far ahead of time meant that his plans were completely thrown into disorder.

Today was the 2nd of January, only 14 days away from the start of the Great Calamity!

Of course, the Gods teaming up to attack the Universe Magic Pool wouldn't be able to succeed in just one move. They would need at least half a month!

In the game, the group formed by the New Gods included many powerful existences, yet they weren't able to shatter the Universe Magic Pool completely until March!

And during that time, the magic of the Wizards lost its effectiveness and riots sprung up everywhere. It was the most chaotic of times.

Some powerhouses had already sensed a few things but they could only protect a very limited number of people.

The Wizards became anxious and Chaos Magic Power leaked from the Universe Magic Pool, attacking their wills.

Many went insane, turning into humanoid monstrosities.

The Feinan Continent of that time was filled with corpses and berserk arcane energy. Not only was the countryside unsafe, but the cities were too.

Especially in the South. Because of the South Wizard Alliance's high-handed rule, the cities were filled with Wizards.

After the Calamity, areas with Wizards were like minefields.

In fact, the wilderness was a bit safer.

Although there were some magic lifeforms affected by the Chaos Magic Power that turned bloodthirsty and berserk, it wasn't like a gathering of Wizards.

Scattered bombs were relatively less threatening than gathered bombs.

In short, once the Great Calamity started, Feinan would sink into constant chaos!

White River Valley wouldn't escape from this either!

Marvin had stressed many times at the start of the development that they shouldn't recruit Wizards under the Legend Realm to White River Valley.

But because he had a bit of a relationship with Hathaway and Madeline, White River Valley still had some Wizards from both River Shore City and Ashes Tower.

Who knew how many of these Wizards would be able to resist the willpower test from the Great Calamity?

At that time, if Marvin wasn't present, panic would inevitably spread.

The territory might collapse from that point on!

'Fuck! Why did it shift to such an early date!'

Marvin had thought of a lot of possibilities and scenarios, but hadn't expected that the Great Calamity would happen this much ahead of time.

The time he had left was rather tight.

There were only 14 days left!


"I was also shocked the first time I found out about this."

Although the youth shrugged, worry still showed in his eyes. "Thus, I checked to make sure. I grabbed a few small Overlords in Hell and confirmed what I just told you."

"For this attack on the Universe Magic Pool, the Gods took out a secret weapon they had prepared for a long time. Even if Hell and the Abyss wouldn't participate, they still had their ways to gain information. Many Overlords are getting ready for battle, preparing to march on Feinan."

"Naturally, there is also the Negative Energy Plane. I heard you got rid of an Evil Spirit Overlord? That is quite an astonishing feat... But there are many Evil Spirit Overlords. Tidomas is the most active one now. You have to be careful of their retaliation."

"Damn… Another space interference."

His grandfather's image blurred. "I'll come back quickly, before that, make sure to protect you…"

His words were cut off as he disappeared.

Marvin's heart was resolute.

To tell the truth, he didn't feel anything towards this grandfather. Marvin thought he was very mysterious, since he disappeared such a long time ago. Even the body's original owner didn't remember anything about him.

But even so, that bloodline connection still made him seem very familiar.

His grandfather was sincerely concerned about him. It was clear that even if his grandfather could communicate through the Ancestor's Mystery, it would use up a lot of Magic Power, or even resources, to transmit a signal across planes toward Feinan.

Him telling Marvin this information about the earlier date had great importance.

At least he wouldn't be caught unprepared.

Thinking about it, if he wasn't aware of the Great Calamity coming ahead of time, he might still be adventuring outside while White River Valley was done for!

It wasn't that he didn't believe in the abilities of Constantine, Daniela and the others, but the problem was that they wouldn't be able to resist against the Chaos Magic Power!

They would likely have to abandon White River Valley and hide in the Shrieking Mountain Range, which was protected by Shackles of Order, but many refugees would lose their lives to the monsters living there.

He had to hurry to White River Valley. He mustn't be late!

Thinking of this, he took out a green Thousand Paper Crane.

This crane was something Owl had prepared for Marvin. Regardless of the distance, it could send a message once.

He had to relay this information to White River Valley!


In a dark castle, a group of people were sitting at a round table, discussing enthusiastically.

In front of these people, even White River Valley's Proxy Overlord, Wayne, and the Overlord's fiancée, Daniela, had to be respectful.

Constantine, Inheim, O'Brien, Endless Ocean, Heavenly Deer Lorant, Shadow Thief Owl… And Legend Wizard Leymann!

These Legend powerhouses were gathered in White River Valley.

"Regarding Hathaway's matter, everyone should be very clear." Shadow Thief Owl calmly described the situation. "Lady Dark Phoenix is eccentric and hadn't overstepped her boundaries before. She also knows of Lady Hathaway's Seer identity."

"I heard from another source that Lady Dark Phoenix's power is very formidable, at least not inferior to that of Sir Nicholas."

After these words, Wayne's expression wavered. The other source Owl mentioned was naturally him.

Unlike Marvin, he was a true Seer... His dreams were real.

His dream this time was of a huge fight between Marvin and Dark Phoenix. Marvin suffered a crushing defeat to Dark Phoenix's incredible might.

Her powerful aura left a deep impression on Wayne and was something the other Legends were unable to match up to.

"Regardless, the guys up there are certainly plotting something. We need Hathaway's Seer ability."

Inheim calmly said, "I don't have any friendship with Dark Phoenix. I'll personally step forward in this matter."

Owl smiled bitterly and was about to say something when suddenly, a green light flashed.

"What's that?"

All the Legends frowned.

Shadow Thief Owl grabbed that Thousand Paper Crane and absent-mindedly muttered, "Information about Marvin. Maybe he met a disaster while tempering himself in the Dead Area and is waiting for us to save him…"

But the next second, he jumped up from his seat while cursing, "Fuck! They are crazy!"