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Chapter 384: Complicated

Chapter 384: Complicated
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Marvin froze.

It took a moment for him to recover!

The body of the small Astral Beast in front of him had basically weathered away into dust, leaving only its skeleton.

Ivan actually said that a corpse like that was still alive?

No way!

But Ivan's expression was extremely serious. He was on high alert, watching the Astral Beast's remains attentively.

Marvin was shocked.


Ivan was a lot thinner than Marvin remembered from last time they met.

From Feinan to the Dead Area, he had fought all the way.

Even if he was an Elven War Saint, it would take a toll on his body.

His clothes seemed new, but full of holes. He must have fought many times already in the Secret Garden.

He was carrying a sword that he got from some random place, and its quality was very ordinary.

Marvin knew that the Elven War Saint class had a very powerful specialty, [Weapon Greatmaster].

[Weapon Greatmaster]: You can use all weapons at will, including martial weapons, unusual weapons, and others. Moreover, your mastery will be at least Greatmaster!

Such a frightening specialty made it so that Ivan could make use of any weapon in any situation.

Moreover, his barehanded fighting wasn't weak either. The attack power of the class was extremely high.

Looking at the sword in Ivan's hand, Marvin suddenly dashed toward him.

Ivan hadn't expected Marvin sudden movement.

"What are you doing?" He was a bit startled.

Marvin's hand ruthlessly chopped Ivan's wrist!

Edge Snatch!

Ivan's hand loosened and Marvin turned his wrist, grabbing Ivan's sword with his hand.

But before he got a good grip on the sword, an even more powerful chop hit his own wrist.

Reverse Edge Snatch!

In a flash, Ivan snatched back his longsword purely on instinct.

Marvin felt some pain in his wrist as he let out a long breath.

Ivan was puzzled.

Marvin smiled. "Just making sure it was really you."

In this strange garden, he didn't dare to casually trust someone who just appeared. Even if it was an acquaintance, he would still need to check them.

This Edge Snatch technique was something Ivan taught him, so it would be easy to recognize.

With such a skillful reaction, it was definitely Ivan.

The Elven Prince was dazed.

Marvin coughed awkwardly. "Can you find a safe place to chat? I feel like someone is spying on us."

Ivan looked at Marvin thoughtfully. "You also have this feeling?"

"I previously thought it was the recovering Astral Beast but that doesn't seem to be the case. It has yet to awaken…"

The two chatted while moving away from the Astral Beast's remains.

Ivan took out a scroll and tore it apart.

A powerful soundproof barrier appeared around them.

"Speak, what's going on? How did you come to the Dead Area?"

"Hold on, your rank…"

Ivan looked at Marvin like he was seeing a freak!

When they first met, Marvin was a small guy about to advance to Night Walker.

Although there was the Night Monarch's blessing, he had never expected him to reach this point so quickly.

Ivan could faintly sense the aura of a Legend from him. This wasn't surprising, as although the War Saint class was focused on offense, Ivan's body had many enchantments and blessings added by the Great Elven King. One set of blessings put his strength far above that of other Legends, and it was naturally the same for his Perception.

He saw that Marvin was meticulously suppressing his strength and hadn't advanced to Legend yet, but already had the ability to do so.

"You are going for a particular Advanced Legendary Class?" guessed Ivan after thinking for a bit.

Most people in the Night Walker organization chose to advance to the Legend Night Walker class.

After all, this class wasn't weak, and they could receive another blessing from the Night Monarch.

But Marvin was clearly an exception.

He chose another class.

"What class?" Ivan seemed very interested.

"Ruler of the Night." Marvin didn't hide it.

Ivan froze with a strange expression. "You want to imitate the Night Monarch?"

Marvin was somewhat surprised by his reaction. "Why would you say that?"

Ivan was speechless for a moment before asking, "Could it be that you don't know that the great Night Monarch's Legend class was [Ruler of the Night]?"

Marvin was stunned, because he really hadn't been aware of this.

Although the Night Walker organization had a long history, there were very few records concerning the Night Monarch.

Even Sean, O'Brien and the others didn't know what the Night Monarch's Legend class was.

But the Elves had very long lifespans.

Ivan had learnt all kind of knowledge since he was a child, so it wasn't too strange that he knew about the Night Monarch's Legend class.

Marvin had a subtle feeling.

He hadn't expected the Night Monarch to also be a Ruler of the Night.

No wonder he was named Night Monarch by the later generations.

It made sense though. It was rumored that the Night Monarch once had a confrontation with an Ancient God. In the Eternal Night Era, perhaps only a Ruler of the Night would have been able to display such formidable power.

Marvin still had a strand of the Night Monarch's soul lying dormant in his body. After the fight with the crazy Madeline, that strand of soul hadn't awakened again.

Marvin guessed that he had to come across specific circumstances to trigger it.

'Becoming a Night Walker, taking away the Dark Knights, having a piece of the Night Monarch's soul in my body, and walking the Ruler of the Night path.'

Marvin felt strange.

It was as if there was a force connecting him and the Night Monarch.


But now wasn't the time to talk about this. Marvin met Ivan and summarized everything he knew.

There were three very important points:

– Everything he knew about the Secret Garden.

– The Great Calamity happening soon.

– The Great Elven King wanting Ivan to return to Thousand Leaves Forest immediately.

Although Marvin only told him the most important parts, he still spent a lot of time.

Hearing those things, even Ivan was shocked.

"You are saying that the Secret Garden's Magic Medicines have already been eaten by that wretched Eric?"

"The Gods attacking the Universe Magic Pool? This… How could this be?"

"He personally banished me, and now is asking me to return?"

Ivan was confused, not knowing what to say right now.

"We need to put aside the other matters for now." Marvin glanced at the soundproof barrier flickering and said, "We have to leave the Secret Garden quickly."

"Of course, if the situation allows for it, we will do our best to find Magic Medicine King Eric or the Underworld River Water."

Ivan understood something and muttered, "A lot of things make sense now."

He began to tell Marvin what he had encountered before.

He had entered the Secret Garden a day earlier after all, so he had experienced more than Marvin thought.

After entering the garden, the group of five Legends joined hands to rush forward. The ordinary Magic Beasts were easily mown down by the team of five.

But before reaching the 4th area, they met with a large problem.

The 4th area was the most important area of the Secret garden, the [Mills Garden].

Some valuable Magic Medicines were growing in that area.

But the Legend powerhouses encountered an obstacle.

There was a monster guarding the entrance.

Nine-Headed Vines.

It sounded very ordinary, but it was a Legend monster. Its regenerative ability was very formidable, and it could use magic!

The Nine-Headed Vines had already evolved and developed intelligence. It was the garden's guardian. Only by killing her could one enter the garden.

But the issue was that the Nine-Headed Vines could fight at full power, while the strength of the Legends was suppressed to about two-thirds.

Their fighting strength wasn't enough to deal with the Nine-Headed Vines.

The other four Legends were still trying to find a way to break the defense of the Nine-Headed Vines.

But Ivan noticed something strange and retreated.

It was instinct toward danger.

He pointed at the Astral Beast's corpse and solemnly reiterated, "I have a feeling he might resurrect."

Marvin felt his blood run cold.

Astral Beast. This was a common term for the monsters of the Astral Plane. There were too many types.

But regardless of their type, beings that were able to survive in the Astral Plane all had the power to destroy worlds.

If it resurrected, even if the Universe Magic Pool wasn't shattered, Feinan could be in grave danger.

Ivan's words also reminded Marvin of something.

Astral Beast corpse… Resurrection...

The old caster's notes!

He gulped and muttered, "No way..."

He frowned and thought to himself, 'No way, there wasn't any Astral Beast coming into being here in the game, and there wasn't any information about this.'

Marvin was a bit confused.

He knew he likely couldn't fully believe those groups of money grubbers who sold information. Big guilds would try to keep some information for themselves. In fact, apart from the most powerful, no one knew what benefits the first guild that cleared this instance got.

What they encountered was a secret, because no video was released to the public before Marvin's transmigration.

It had to be known that in the game, many first clears of instances would influence the plot of the entire Feinan plane. Those who cleared the instances later wouldn't be privy to many secrets.

These different events were very important in Feinan, and if properly exploited, the players could maximize their benefits.

Thus, his secondhand information wasn't to be completely believed!


Ivan muttered, "Truly strange, this Astral Beast has obviously been dead for so many years, so why would there still be an aura?"

Marvin's eyes shone. In fact, he already had a hypothesis in mind.

But he lacked proof at the moment and could only make a guess.

"Let's leave it for now," Marvin suggested. "I know a small path that can bypass the Nine-Headed Vines to get into the Mills Garden."

"But that path might be a bit dangerous... we might meet some lifeforms from Hell."

Ivan resolutely replied, "Let's go! There shouldn't be an issue if ordinary lifeforms from Hell appear."

Marvin acquiesced and the two set off immediately.

As for the Astral Beast's corpse, it was still lying there. Yet, from time to time, tiny flames flickered.