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Chapter 391: Blessing in Disguise

Chapter 391: Blessing in Disguise
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At this critical moment, how could Marvin deal with so much energy?

Despite Ivan rushing over, trying to use the Truth Tablet to disperse the energy, it had already started pouring into Marvin because of Orica's curse.

His goal was simple. He wanted to take Marvin down with him by using this energy to make him explode!

Marvin was under excruciating pain but he made a quick decision when the option appeared before him.

The next second, something magical happened.

[Essence Pool opened completely, Essence Absorption System activated omnidirectionally...]

[Essence Energy Absorption… Maximum Efficiency]

Marvin was instantly stunned by the change.

He no longer had any disagreeable feelings.

And the general experience on his interface began to skyrocket!

Ivan was extremely worried and asked frantically, "Are you okay? Take the Truth Tablet, quick!"

In order to rescue Marvin, he didn't hesitate to lend him the most valuable treasure of the Wood Elven Royal Family.

But Marvin answered, "I'm fine."

"Put away the Truth Tablet."

His voice was a little strange as he muttered, "It seems to be… A blessing in disguise…"


In the quiet valley, a great amount of soul energy seemed to revolve around Marvin, pouring into his body torrentially.

Ivan stored away the Truth Tablet and looked at the scene, flabbergasted.

If it was someone else, even himself... without the Truth Tablet, wouldn't they explode from all the energy?

But that mysterious guy only had some pain at the start and now looked happier and happier as time went on.

Had his mind been confused by the soul energy?

Ivan was a bit worried.

But there truly didn't seem to be any problems with Marvin, and adding to Ivan's confusion, the aura from Marvin's body was growing more powerful!

It looked like… the soul energy was becoming his nourishment.


The sudden change in the situation caught even Marvin off guard.

It was a pity that Orica himself had vanished completely, or else he might have had a chance to die while feeling even more miserable.

He had been so sure that Marvin would die, but he ended up surviving and gaining a lot out of it.

Marvin didn't know what to say.

But he had an inkling of understanding toward the theory.

Orica made use of the Magic Medicine's ability to purify the soul energy and use it as power.

This soul energy was a type of Essence.

Others didn't have a system like Marvin's and would never be able to absorb these Essences.

But Marvin was different, having both the system and the corresponding Essence Storage Pool.

The Essence Storage Pool was like a bottomless pit, able to absorb an endless amount of Essences.

These Essences would be reflected as general exp.

After no less than ten minutes, the soul energy revolving around Marvin's body was finally almost exhausted.

Marvin came out unscathed.

He looked at the amount of general exp on his interface and couldn't help but gulp.

Ivan walked over, worryingly asking, "How are you?"

Marvin brightly smiled, "Never been better."


More than 500 000 general exp!

This was the most experience he had ever earned since transmigrating!

This was quite the fortuitous windfall. He had originally wanted to find a place to quickly farm exp like Saruha's Theater.

But he hadn't thought that without him even making a move, Orica, the embodiment of the Magic Medicine King, would give him such a huge gift before dying.

It was the last boost he needed to become a Ruler of the Night.

Indeed, he had enough experience to level up his Night Walker class again!

He, who was already a Legend in some ways, could finally advance to Ruler of the Night!

But they were still in the Secret Garden at the moment. He needed a peaceful place to advance because the advancement was a kind of ancient and mysterious ritual.

This ritual couldn't be interrupted, or else his life could be threatened.

Marvin didn't dare to risk it. Thus, he only allocated the experience to Ranger and Night Walker for now.

This way, both classes would reach level 10!

It was very rare for both the Base Class and the Advanced Class to reach level 10 before becoming a Legend. Most people would make use of their subclasses to get enough levels to advance to Legend.

Marvin had more than enough experience to get there!

With both of his classes reaching that threshold, his HP increased greatly, breaking far past the two thousand mark!

2809 HP!

Even compared with Fighters of the same rank, this could be considered very fierce. Naturally, this had a lot to do with the bonuses from Marvin's subclasses.

Apart from this, the two classes' skill points were temporarily left alone. He'd decide on how to allocate them later.

In any case, he would soon advance to Ruler of the Night so he could pay attention to the allocation then.

He wasn't lacking that fighting strength right now.

What made him more excited were the three Ranger specialties he got for reaching the level cap!

Yes, the Base Class had a maximum of 10 levels, but that didn't mean that there was no way to overcome this restriction.

The best example Marvin knew of was the Great Elven King Nicholas, who was a level 21 Ranger.

This was a status that hadn't been reached since ancient times, but he managed to do it. As such, he was one of the most powerful beings in Feinan.

When a class was promoted, the specialties given by the plane would be based on the potential and the development path of the class holder.

Marvin was excited about all three of these specialties:

[Dual Wielding Ruler]: When attacking with two blades, there is a certain chance of temporarily increasing your Curved Dagger Mastery as well as your Blade Techniques by 1 level.

[Melee Ranger]: You gave up on using long-distance attacks, showing that you are a hot-blooded person. Constitution and Strength permanently increased by 1.

[Class Privileges]: When using your class' skills, the effects will be substantially increased.


Those three specialties were all very practical.

Dual Wielding Ruler, Two-Weapon Fighting, and Reckless Dual Wielder were part of a set, all of which passively took effect in battle.

Currently, Marvin's Curved Dagger Mastery and Blade Technique were both at Greatmaster level. If they were temporarily buffed by the first specialty, they would reach the peak Grandmaster level!

At that time, his close-range burst power would suppress all others.

And the second specialty was even more exciting.

Everyone knew how tough it was to get more attribute points.

Although Marvin leveled up, since he hadn't advanced to Legend yet, he was still considered a level 20 Half-Legend, so he didn't get any more attribute points from leveling.

Yet this specialty instantly gave him two attribute points!

Thus, his Strength reached 19, just one point away from the first major threshold, while his Constitution reached 17.

As for the last specialty, the description was clear that it would increase the effects of his Ranger skills. Even if it didn't specify how much it would increase them, it shouldn't be too little.


In contrast, Night Walker didn't have any bonus specialty reward at level 10.

Night Walker was an Advanced Class after all, so the maximum level was 20. He would get another specialty at level 11.

But now he had a total of 80 Night Walker skill points. If properly allocated, he would get a huge boost to his fighting strength.

For example, the skill that had just appeared, [Night Assault].

This skill's effect was to condense six Doppelgangers to strike the enemy simultaneously. Each Doppelganger's firepower would be equal to the main body's and would last thirty seconds.

This skill was quite powerful.

If not for Marvin intending to make his decisions after advancing to Ruler of the Night, he would have instantly chosen this skill.


After spending his exp, Marvin felt filled with power.

He could advance to Ruler of the Night at any time.

The Shadow Diamond was in his hands, as was the Advancement Manual, satisfying the advancement prerequisites. Everything was in order.

The only issue was that he was still in the Secret Garden.

He needed to leave and get somewhere safer first.

With Orica's disappearance, the Garden of Eden disappeared so there wasn't much value in the Secret Garden anymore.

The two considered for a moment and prepared to leave.

Leaving the Secret Garden wasn't as hard now. Orica was already dead and there were many arrays that could be used in the Secret Garden.

Although Ivan was a War Saint, he still had his Elven knowledge.

He would be able to find an array to get them outside.

He also had a long-distance Teleportation Scroll on him, so after they left the garden they could immediately leave the Dead Area Continent and return to Thousand Leaves Forest if they wanted.

The only unfortunate thing was that they didn't manage to get any Underworld River Water.

This made Marvin feel a bit guilty.

After all, he had greatly benefited from his task in the Secret Garden, mysteriously earning an absurd amount of exp.

Yet the Great Elven King, who really needed help right now, was still in an abyss of suffering. The attack on the Decaying Plateau at that time had been initiated by Marvin.

But he was helpless to do anything about it now. There was no Underworld River Water in the Secret Garden, so where could he get some?

The two men left the valley and walked toward the Desolate Tower Ruins.

When they passed the gates of the Mills Garden, they found out that the Nine-Headed Vines had already wilted.

This made sense because it had come from the Magic Medicine King's main body.

As for the four Legends, their corpses were resting calmly on the ground.

They had killed each other and their souls had already been swallowed by Orica.

These Legends, suppressed as they were by the garden, didn't manage to prevail over the illusions.

Marvin thought he was lucky.

If Ivan didn't have the Truth Tablet and the two still chose to keep going, they also could have died.

The two glanced at each other wordlessly and continued on their way.

These people who died to illusions had lost to themselves.

Greed and desires... in short, they died to the evil bred within their own hearts.

There was no point in sympathizing with them.

But just as they passed the Astral Beast's remains, the fluctuation of a frightening lifeforce leaked out from it!

Marvin and Ivan held their breaths!