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Chapter 393: Ancient Gnomes

Chapter 393: Ancient Gnomes
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In the Dead Area, the strong had always been respected.

Although everyone looked at Ivan skeptically, he was the only Legend who came back out of the five Legends, after all, and they didn't dare to offend him.

Even the Blackfire Lava Wizards who had blocked this place off couldn't keep their prideful attitude because their only Legend Wizard had disappeared in the Secret Garden.

Even if all the people here grouped together, they weren't a match for Ivan.

They all scattered, doubtful and depressed.

Marvin and Ivan didn't linger in Breton Village for too long.

This place would soon be sealed by Astral Beast Eric, forever disappearing.

The next time Marvin summoned Eric would likely be the last time that youth would appear in this world.

Thinking of this, Marvin felt a bit of grief.

"Is it too selfish?"

"Eric is already pitiful enough, yet I still need him to do more. It's simply exploiting him."

"His soul has been destroyed so many times and should have already scattered. He most likely already knows this."


Marvin looked at the piece of white bone that seemed somewhat like a crescent moon and felt a bit sad.

Ivan patted his shoulder, understanding Marvin's reaction.

With the Great Calamity looming over Feinan, he had to muster all the strength he could.

Elven races, Humans, Vampires, Sha clansmen, Night Walkers, Legend Wizards, those of Rocky Mountain, and even a mystical existence like Eric!

As for the Gods, Eric was a lifeform completely outside of fate.

If there really was a final battle, he was certain that the appearance of Eric would surprise them.

An Astral Beast could also greatly shake this world even if it was near death.

The Gods wouldn't dare to provoke one!


The two left Breton Village but didn't return to Thousand Leaves Forest yet.

Marvin took Ivan to an abandoned mine north of Breton Village.

This mine was also considered a dangerous place.

Few people in the Dead Area would set foot in it.

But faced with this powerful duo, the few constructs in the mine were torn apart.

Marvin got the second Memory Chip he was looking for.

They then returned to Xunshan Town.

Marvin wanted to check if Black Knight Sangore had attacked again, so he took a trip around Xunshan Town and learnt some things.

Sure enough, after he left, Sangore had led a Black Wizard here.

That Black Wizard was covered in a large gown, making people unable to see him clearly.

His spells were extremely frightening and he almost destroyed the town at the foot of the mountain.

At the crucial moment, the Cloud Monk and Blade Technique Master Kangen intervened.

The Cloud Monk seriously injured the Black Knight. This time he was furious and nearly killed Sangore.

But the Black Knight relied on a mysterious spell to escape.

The Black Wizard didn't have that chance. According to what the people present saw, the Wizard was split almost in half by Kangen.

Marvin frowned.

This outcome had been more than he'd imagined.

Indeed, those that dealt with Devils always had some methods to preserve their lives.

That old Monk attacked seriously and still wasn't able to completely kill Sangore, letting him escape.

Although Sangore was nearly dead when he escaped, with his special constitution as a Black Knight, he only needed some time to be able to recover.

As for that so-called "Black Wizard," he was probably the strongest member of the Black Knight Monastery.

It wasn't too unexpected for Kangen to be able to split him in two. Kangen was a man able to fight Gods during the Great Calamity.

But only his fake body died.

Marvin was sure of this because that guy was a Lich!

As long as his Phylactery wasn't destroyed, his soul wouldn't die.

These two guys were still a hidden danger that would strike sooner or later. But now wasn't the time to handle this matter. Xunshan Monastery had saved him a lot of trouble.

He intended to visit Kangen but was informed by the Monastery's Monks that he had already left.

He had departed together with the Copper Dragon.

Marvin was disappointed and could only prepare to leave the Dead Area Continent with Ivan.

But as he regrouped with Ivan at the bottom of the mountain, he noticed two figures next to the Elven Prince.

Ivan looked at the two with a smile and told Marvin cheerfully, "Look what I found. Two descendants of the Ancient Gnomes."

"Their disguising potions are really effective, they tricked everyone."

The two stood still, seeming frightened and uneasy.

Marvin took a sharp breath!

"It's you!"

Marvin remembered these two guys!

He had bumped into these two guys in the Desolate Tower Ruins, using that strange piece of dirty rag to hide from his perception. At that time, they used a short distance escape tool. And now, they had unexpectedly fallen into Ivan's hands.

"They really are Ancient Gnomes?" Marvin was very suspicious. "How did you catch them?"

"I lured them." Ivan coldly snorted, "They were observing me from the distance while trying to stay hidden."

The two suddenly complained, "We weren't observing you, we… actually wanted your help…"


Ivan frowned.

The Gnomes looked at each other before taking Marvin and Ivan to a deserted area. They shed their disguises, reverting to their original appearances.

These Ancient Gnomes were a bit taller than their ancestors. Their heads seemed a bit bigger, but there wasn't a feeling of anything being out of proportion.

Their eyes were a clear cerulean, seeming to shine with ingenuity.

Apart from that, everything was similar to a wild Gnome.

"Let us introduce ourselves first. I am Zac Rael, and this is my younger brother, David Rael."

"We met some troubles and need help. But we don't trust Humans."

The older Gnome looked at Marvin vigilantly before saying, "But we are willing to trust Elves."

"There are few Elves in the Dead Area, and most of those are corrupt Elves."

"Thus, I hope you can help us," he concluded.

Ivan scratched his head. It was quite a surprise to find a pair of Ancient Gnomes looking for him.

This wasn't an ordinary race. The Ancient Gnomes were different from the current wild Gnomes. They were knowledgeable and had forged deep friendships with the High Elves.

There seemed to have been covenants between them.

Even his father Nicholas most likely didn't remember these ancient covenants.

Ordinarily, he wouldn't mind helping.

But they were rather pressed for time. He wanted to refuse, but Marvin suddenly asked, "What kind of help, can you explain?"

He was rather interested and it almost looked like the words "We'll help if the price is right!" were written on his face.