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Chapter 397: Ruler of the Night!

Chapter 397: Ruler of the Night!
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In the tower outside River Shore City, a frightening aura filled the air.

The aura of the Shadow Diamond was overflowing and even Madeline couldn't approach.

A black star flickered in her eyes. The Book of Nalu seemed restless, as if wary of Marvin's advancement.

She couldn't get any closer because her injury was too severe.

This was also a reason Marvin dared to advance here!

After a short time, the Book of Nalu seemed to have understood the situation and allowed Marvin to advance to Ruler of the Night.

Madeline returned to normal and activated the Wizard Tower's Barrier to stop the aura of his advancement from leaking.


In the eternal darkness, Marvin was standing alone.

These logs appeared in his interface:

[Shadow Diamond activated…]

[Absorbing the Shadow Diamond's Domain power…]

[Advancement requirements met…]

[Advance to Ruler of the Night?]

Marvin confidently chose yes!

The next second, the Shadow Diamond's power poured into Marvin's body.

He'd already had enough experience and his classes had reached the requirements. He only needed an opportunity.

Marvin could feel his strength growing continuously, which felt rather enjoyable.

This was the reason he went all-out to get the Shadow Diamond in Glynos' temple.

Without this artifact, he simply couldn't advance to the powerful class, Ruler of the Night!

More and more power poured into his body and the interface was refreshing crazily.

All the logs were in chaos!

Fortunately, after some time, the interface stabilized!

[Advancement to Ruler of the Night successful!]

[You obtained a Legend attribute point]

[You successfully obtained the class: Ruler of the Night]

Marvin took a deep breath!

He had been waiting for this day, waiting for so long!

He finally had the strength to stand off against this plane's Legends!

Now, his class list had changed:

[Ranger Lv10 – Night Walker Lv10 – Ruler of the Night Lv1]

[Subclasses: Shapeshift Sorcerer Lv6 – Battle Gunner Lv1]

After becoming a Legend, all the levels of classes below Legend rank were no longer counted in the total level. Level 20 would be the base before adding Legend levels.

The current Marvin had reached the level 21 Legend Realm!

But it wasn't over yet. Although the advancement to Ruler of the Night had completed, the gains had just started showing up!


Another log appeared.

[Detection of Domain power in the Shadow Diamond, able to choose one:]


This was a unique characteristic of Legend Powerhouses, having a Domain!

A Domain was a Legend's trademark and was also a part of having an understanding of the planar laws.

Naturally, he could choose other Domains besides the four offered by the Shadow Diamond. The Ranger class offered [Forest/Impartiality] while the Night Walker class offered [Night/Wind/Disguise]. All these Domains could be chosen.

Regretfully, he could only select one Domain to rule as a new Legend.

He unhesitantly chose [Shadow]!

He had been in contact with the Shadow Prince in both lives, and this Domain was very broad. It was also the Domain that Marvin understood the most.

But he hadn't expected the log to pop out with this sentence:

[You already possess the Shadow Domain, choose another one.]

Marvin froze and checked his interface carefully. He was stunned to discover that after his advancement to Ruler of the Night, his Shapeshift Sorcerer class actually gave him an extra Domain, [Shadow]!

But he wasn't too startled, because he could see how it happened.

When he got that page of the Book of Nalu, he gained the innate spell, Shadow Doppelganger. Later, when activating his Numan bloodline, he also obtained the Shapeshift Sorcerer's Shadow-shape.

In other words, the trait of the Shadow Domain naturally flowed in his bloodline. During his advancement to Legend, the Shadow Diamond gave so much power that it directly activated his bloodline, giving him an extra Domain.

This was such a huge benefit!

Sure enough, some bloodlines were really worth it.

Marvin was overjoyed. A new Legend with two Domains! Surely no one would expect that?

Even a Seer like Hathaway only had [Ashes].

Ashes was a Domain of extreme destruction. If she could walk further in this Domain, she would have very frightening destructive power.


As for the remaining Domains, Marvin gave up on the three Domains of the Night Walker class. Whether it was [Night], [Wind], or [Disguise], they were either useless to him or somewhat redundant.

The Ranger's [Forest] and [Impartiality] were even more incompatible with his development path.

He still needed to choose from the three Domains remaining in the Shadow Diamond.

[Mystery] was definitely a no go. This was the peak Domain of slyness and craftiness, but wasn't suitable with Ruler of the Night.

Only two were left. [Slaughter] and [Fear] and both were very frightening.

Marvin hesitated a bit before ultimately choosing [Slaughter].

He was a territory's Overlord. Everything he did was to guard his territory and protect the people around him.

He didn't want to become cut off from others. If he wanted to progress in the Fear Domain, he would have to instill terror in the hearts of many.

This wasn't something Marvin was willing to accept.

Slaughter was much better because with the upcoming Great Calamity, he would have many enemies to kill.

Moreover, this domain could make his fighting strength soar. Originally, Ruler of the Night was famous for its capabilities in battle. With the addition of the Slaughter Domain, Marvin had the confidence to fight with those old Legends!

Even if Black Knight Sangore was there, he would destroy him!


After choosing his Domain, his next step was to choose his Legend specialties!

These were what the Legends relied on to stand tall above all others.

The number of specialties provided for Marvin to choose from as a Ruler of the Night exceeded sixty!

And he could only pick ten.

This time, he didn't make a quick decision. He browsed each specialty's description in detail.

He even made a draft and copied many combinations of specialties to get a better look.

After no less than two hours, Marvin let out a long breath.

He made his final decision and chose the following specialties:

[Astral Connection]: Each month you can make a trip to the Astral Sea (Not Astral Plane).

[Immemorial Darkness]: Eternal Night duration is increased (500%).

[Death Immunity]: Immunity to Instant Death spells.

[Curse Agreement]: Substantial increase in resistance to curses.

[Eternal Night Banish]: During the night, you have a certain chance of being able to banish someone that isn't stronger than you into another space for some amount of time.

[Double Efficiency]: When using a skill or ability, there is a chance of having its effect doubled.

[Short Weapons Greatmaster]: You can use curved daggers and straight daggers interchangeably, and their masteries will be at least Greatmaster.

[Shadow Home]: The Shadow Plane has become your home, allowing you to move there freely.

[Shadow Sneak Attack]: You can freely appear and disappear in any shadowy region.

[Ruler of the Night]: During the night, all your attributes temporarily increase by 20%.


Ten Legendary specialties and each of them was extremely powerful.

Their specific effects would definitely manifest themselves in the upcoming battles.

But the might of the Ruler of the Night class didn't only depend on these specialties.

Advancing to Level 1 Ruler of the Night, Marvin's HP went up by 1000 and he gained 60 Legend skill points.

He instantly spent all of them on one skill.

[Summon Shadow Dragon (60)]: You can summon Shadow Dragons from the Shadow Plane to fight for you. Duration 15 minutes.

The quantity of Shadow Dragons depended on the skill points.

Marvin smiled. He knew the maths behind it. It was about 10 SP for one Shadow Dragon.

60 SP meant he could summon 6 Shadow Dragons to fight for him!

Each Shadow Dragon was at least level 18!

In general, summoning six things at the same time was the limit imposed by the plane's laws.

But Marvin found a clever way to break through this limit.

Among his Legend specialties, there was [Double Efficiency]. This was something he chose after careful deliberation in order to match his skills!

If Double Efficiency was triggered, he would be able to break through the restriction of the plane's laws and summon 12 Shadow Dragons!

And he had 19 Dark Knights!

A Ruler of the Night didn't only mean being a Legend powerhouse, it also meant having an army!

Even a Legend with very powerful dueling abilities would have no choice but to withdraw when faced with Marvin's group assault!

Twelve Dragons were enough to start a war!

Not to mention that he had other means too.

Moreover, even in duels, a Ruler of the Night wasn't a bit inferior to a Pale Hand!

He had waited for this day for so long!

Marvin clenched his fists!

Dark Phoenix, it's time to settle our debt!


The dark aura gradually disappeared from the Wizard Tower. Marvin remained sitting calmly on the ground. The Shadow Diamond in his hand had already become an empty shell.

Madeline was trembling in a corner.

She didn't feel a powerful aura coming from Marvin, but her instincts told her that the current Marvin was very frightening!

This was the Book of Nalu warning her.

In the distant obscurity of the Underdark, a female Drow who was preparing a terrifying plot suddenly shook.

She couldn't help but mumble to herself, "Master… So powerful…"


The next evening. The Barrier that covered River Shore City and the main road disintegrated.

In the eyes of River Shore City's defenders, there was no hope.

Lady Madeline had already been injured, and they had nothing left.

Outside the shattered Barrier, a woman wearing flamboyant clothes smiled charmingly while looking at the pale Madeline. "Open the path obediently, little Succubus. Persisting will only result in throwing away your life."

But at that time, a thin silhouette appeared at her side.

In a calm tone, he said, "I'd like to know, what is the reason for the Alliance to attack a legitimate noble's territory?"

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