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Chapter 398: Powerful!

Chapter 398: Powerful!
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The originally noisy battlefield went silent at Marvin's sudden appearance!

He seemed to carry an aura that made people not dare to talk.

The Alliance's punitive army led by Monica looked at Marvin in consternation.

This guy wasn't dead?

Lady Monica had clearly confirmed that he had died!

Monica herself had a sudden change in her expression.

But as a disciple of Dark Phoenix, her ability to adapt to the change in situation wasn't bad.

She sneered, "You finally appear now that the Arcane Barrier has shattered? Viscount Marvin, why didn't you personally answer the Alliance's previous order, letting your younger brother answer as a Proxy Overlord instead?"

Marvin nonchalantly answered, "I wasn't in the territory."

Monica smiled sweetly. "Such a coincidence, something like that happened and the Overlord wasn't in his territory."

"But regardless, the Alliance's sanctions have already been issued. From now on, you'll be deprived of your Viscount title and White River Valley will be returned to the Alliance."

Marvin was still as calm as before. "You have no right to do so."


On the battlefield, a Barbarian sitting on a very large wolf laughed loudly. "Kid, the right to do something is a matter of power."

He smiled and pointed at the densely packed army behind him. "Kid, look. This is power."

The complexion of River Shore City's defenders flushed red.

This time, the South Wizard Alliance was determined to destroy Marvin and didn't even bother to reason.


Marvin glanced at that Barbarian. "Who are you?"

"This great Lord is the general of the Hundred War Legion! A third of the land south of the Millenium Mountain Range has been opened up by this great Lord," the Barbarian bragged.

"But a country bumpkin like you not knowing is very normal," he finished with a sneer.

"I want to know your name," Marvin said.

The Barbarian laughed as he replied, "Kid, you are really interesting. This great Lord's name is Leonhardt…"

Suddenly, his laughter came to an end!

A shadow appeared behind him as fast as lightning and a blade fell down!

His head rolled!

Blood splashed around.


Marvin returned to his original position, his two daggers still at his waist as if they had never been unsheathed.

He had a cold expression as he drawled, "Good, the first to die was Leonhardt."

"Who is next?"


Marvin's words created a commotion!

Especially in the personal armies of the other Overlords. They were used to being tyrannical and overbearing in their own territories. Who would dare provoke them like that?!

That guy was threatening an entire army… alone?

There were no less than five thousand people, along with a 200-man regiment of Wizards gathered by the South Wizard Alliance!

He dared to make such a move under everyone's eyes?!

Moreover, on General Leonhardt, who had some prestige in the South Wizard Alliance?!

This Barbarian not only led the troops bravely in battle but was also proficient in military management and was one of the rare heroes of the Alliance.

Although he hadn't reached the Legend realm, he had been a Level 20 Half-Legend.

But Marvin killed him effortlessly!

Such strength was unfathomable.


The people that realized this held their breaths.

At that time, Marvin no longer bothered hiding his aura.

The sun was disappearing on the horizon as night was about to arrive.

On the dusky battlefield, a frightening aura covered the army!

It even startled those two hundred Wizards!


This definitely was a Legend realm powerhouse and an exceptional one at that. He was releasing such an intimidating aura.

Monica blanched in shock again!

From the start, she hadn't expected Marvin to appear. After all, Dark Phoenix had assured her that Marvin was dead. And furthermore, Marvin appeared in such a dramatic way.

A Legend powerhouse!

Even if he couldn't win the war alone, he would easily affect the soldiers' morale.

No person wanted to fight a Legend. In general, the status of Legend powerhouses was very high and few would want to come into conflict with them.

Besides the Legend who led the group, the South Wizard Alliance usually didn't have an Overlord that was also a Legend.

But Marvin's appearance broke this convention!


"Sir Marvin… He is already a Legend!"

"Heavens! This aura is too frightening…"

"We want to deal with a hero who destroyed an Evil Spirit Plane? A Legend powerhouse? I'm not dreaming right?"

These kinds of voices were faintly audible in the punitive army.

Leonhardt's death not only failed to rouse their desire to fight, but triggered their fear instead!

Because the aura emitted by Marvin was not only his own; there was still a part of the aura inherited from the Night Monarch's remnant soul.

What kind of person was the Night Monarch? The number of beings that died at his hands was immeasurable. His aura would naturally test the wills of most people!

Marvin was standing there while facing the whole army alone!

He had asked, "Who is next?"

But he was actually staring at Monica.

If the one leading the army to battle was Leonhardt, then Monica was the one leading the Wizard Corps.

It was also this Legend Wizard who injured Madeline.

River Shore City's defenders had immediately felt some hope and their morale shot up!

They didn't expect that after a few days, Sir Marvin would have already reached the unfathomable Legend Realm.

Many people present had attacked the Scarlet Monastery with Marvin and knew of his previous strength.

How long had it been? Yet now he was a Legend.

Such rapid growth could only be described as freakish.


Monica glared at Marvin as a bad feeling appeared in her heart.

This Marvin would always do such shocking things.

The destruction of the Decaying Plateau was an example.

And now, he was showing this strong attitude in front of a whole army.

Even a Legend powerhouse likely wouldn't win against such an army!

What gave him such confidence?

Monica had always been suspicious. Marvin's strength made her uneasy. He didn't die despite Dark Phoenix's assertion, after all. It would be better to report to her teacher.

But it was impossible to just retreat after mobilizing such a big army.

Today, they had to march on White River Valley no matter what, at least before the Pirate King landed at Sword Harbor.

Lady Dark Phoenix seemed to care a lot about this task and had promised a lot of rewards.

Monica was extremely interested in those.

Thus, after considering this, she sneered, "Viscount Marvin, could it be that you think you can contend with an army on your own?"

"Not to mention, we have powerful allies!"

After saying that, she took out a green bamboo flute and blew on it.

With a grave expression, Madeline informed, "No good, she wants to summon a powerful lifeform."

But Marvin casually said, "Let her."

Madeline froze.

She looked Marvin up and down.

The time the two had been in contact wasn't insignificant, and she had always felt that this guy was hiding something.

Or perhaps, he was afraid of something.

The current him was completely different.

He looked like a blade that had been concealing its strength for so many years and was finally unsheathed, showing off its overwhelming might!

As he stood there, although he was by himself, he felt like an army!

This was a feeling that could only be felt from great Legends.

Yet Marvin had only just entered the Legend realm.

What heights would he reach? Madeline couldn't imagine.


Outside River Shore City, the invading army and the defenders were facing off against each other.

Leonhardt's direct subordinates were extremely angry and wanted to lead the assault, but they were blocked by others.

Most of the wars of the South Wizard Alliance relied on the guidance of the Wizard Corps.

Monica was deliberately probing Marvin's strength, and the rest didn't dare to make a move casually.

She watched Marvin closely, afraid he would attack her by surprise like he did to Leonhardt.

She knew Marvin was a Ranger, but Legend Rangers weren't this overwhelming!

He certainly had a very powerful Legend class.

Monica didn't want to put herself in danger, so she used a treasure Dark Phoenix had given her before she left.

Not long after, a thunderous sound came from the horizon.

A huge and imposing shadow was approaching!


It was a Dragon's roar coming from the distance!

It felt distant yet close, low in volume at first, before becoming increasingly more thunderous!

The entire battlefield was affected. The soldiers with weak willpower were even frightened into falling to the ground!

A Dragon!

Despair immediately appeared on the faces of River Shore City's defenders!

They hadn't expected the Alliance to be so ruthless to use the power of a Dragon!

This was a Black Dragon! His enormous form flew over while covering the horizon.

Even Madeline paled in worry!

With their current strength, they simply wouldn't be able to resist a Black Dragon.

River Shore City's defenders had just seen some hope before losing their spirit again. If not for being in a battle formation, there might already have been deserters!

That wouldn't be shameful because this was a lifeform at the peak of the food chain!

A genuine Black Dragon!

The Dragon descended lazily on the battlefield, withdrawing his wings. "Who called me?"

Monica smiled courteously. "Respected Izaka, it is me."

She raised the green flute in her hand.

The Black Dragon snorted and a gust spread through the battlefield. He muttered, "So it was this contract."

"Very well, what do you need me to do?"

Monica smiled but didn't speak as she pointed toward Marvin.

Who could have guessed that Marvin would suddenly address the Black Dragon with a smile as he approached?

"Turns out you are called [Izaka]..."

"Long time no see."

A spear appeared out of nowhere in his hand.

The Dragon stopped his eyes on Marvin and suddenly let out a mournful shriek, "It's you!?"

"Damn… Smelly woman, you fucking want to kill me?"

As he said this, the Black Dragon changed his previously domineering posture and hurriedly flapped his wings, wanting to escape!

His two vicious eyes were actually filled with fear!

"You want to flee? Isn't that inappropriate?" Marvin taunted while pointing with his spear.

The Dragon responded, trembling, "Sir Robin, I was truly only passing by…"

Monica was watching the scene, dumbstruck!

The soldiers on both sides were at a loss.

They were rubbing their eyes in bewilderment. Were they really watching a Black Dragon trying to escape after being scared by a Human?

That's not how it's supposed to happen!