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Chapter 399: Rise

Chapter 399: Rise
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The Black Dragon slightly lowered his head, his wings stiffening!

Although he was an Ancient Dragon, he was a Black Dragon!

Black Dragons didn't have magic and could only rely on their strongest physical bodies to rampage across the land.

They rarely met any threatening nemeses.

But Marvin was an exception.

He was brandishing the Dragon Slaying Spear while his body was emitting an aura frightening enough to make Izaka shiver!

Others might not recognize Marvin, but he certainly couldn't forget him!

Counting Clarke, a total of four Black Dragons had died at his hands!

And furthermore, he hadn't even been a Legend at the time.

Now that he had advanced, as Marvin held Weeping Sky in his hands, Black Dragon Izaka had a feeling that if he wanted to escape, he wouldn't get far!

This was a primal instinct but it was very accurate.

He shivered, not only because he could hear the bellowing of the souls of countless Dragons that had died to the spear, but also because of the powerful aura emanating from Marvin's body.

Marvin was still walking over.

The Black Dragon hesitated and shockingly lowered his head.

Marvin followed along his head and slowly climbed on his back.

The Black Dragon turned to face the army of Jewel Bay's nobles.

They were already completely terrified!

The sudden change in the situation left everyone unable to react.

"Of the Black Dragons, only you and a female Dragon remain, right?" Marvin asked casually.

The Black Dragon shook and softly whimpered, "Sir Robin, please be lenient."

"As long as you can give me a way to live, no matter the conditions, I'll follow them."

"The Black Dragon race will thank you for the kindness of sparing us," he said very sincerely. Only two Black Dragons were left in Feinan, so if Marvin killed one, their race would eventually be completely exterminated.

Everyone shivered when they heard this, finally understanding something.

"Dragon Slayer Robin!"

"Marvin is Dragon Slayer Robin?!"

"Heavens! How powerful is he!? Even a Black Dragon lowered its head!"

The soldiers from Jewel Bay were completely in disarray!

They weren't a powerful unified army, but rather a temporary coalition of the personal armies of each big noble of Jewel Bay.

These troops were normally used to handle common people and would rarely fight monsters. Meeting such a disaster on the battlefield, they were simply unable to cooperate.

The nobles were only thinking of preserving their own forces, and even more so now that General Leonhardt died. The temporary leaders didn't have any way of controlling them.

And the Wizard Corps was also acting like a restless nest of bees!

They were unlikely to desert since after all, they were led by a Legend Wizard, but the war was gradually deviating from its original path!


Hearing the Black Dragon's words, Marvin didn't say anything.

He only faintly smiled and pointed the Dragon Slaying Spear toward the punitive army.

Monica's face became deathly pale!

She couldn't help but berate, "Black Dragon Izaka! We have a contract…"

"Go fuck your contract!"

Izaka's hate toward Monica had already reached an extreme!

If not for that woman, would he have been caught by this frightening killing monster?

He reminisced about when he rampaged across the entire continent as a majestic Ancient Black Dragon, an existence that couldn't be threatened. But now he could only bow his head to a Human, which made him extremely depressed!

Not long ago, he had still been ridiculing those Dragon races that used Magic for being too weak, using their special skills to fight while the Black Dragons were overpowered with just their physical bodies.

Now, he hated it!

If he had some magic, he might have had a way out!

Although the Dragon Slaying Spear was pointed at the punitive army, he could feel that whenever Marvin wanted, it could come down.

At that time, his life would inevitably come to an abrupt end!

The Black Dragon was very irritated.

He could only vent on that woman and the army behind her!

What bullshit contract?

This Great Dragon doesn't care!

An angry flame flickered in Black Dragon Izaka's eyes as his stomach reddened!

"Drop dead!" the Black Dragon bellowed.

He raised his head and aimed at that woman in the sky!

Monica shouted in alarm, "No good! It's a Lava Breath! Dodge!"

The Wizard Corps behind her was in disarray.

Besides Monica, who had a high resistance to Dragon Might, the rest couldn't dodge quickly enough.

The lava spurted out of the Black Dragon's belly like a volcano erupting!

In an instant, bright flames burst across the dusky battlefield, soon followed by mournful sounds.

What Arcane Barrier? In front of a Lava Breath, it became nothing!

Some didn't even get to utter a sound before turning to ashes from the Lava Breath's heat!

One Dragon Breath exterminated half of the Wizard Corps!

Monica was startled and angry, having trouble taking in what was happening. She didn't know how the situation could have developed to this stage.

Everything had been going so smoothly, but it changed with the appearance of Marvin!

She gnashed her teeth in anger while glowering at Marvin and preparing a Legendary Spell.


"You go exterminate that army. Don't play tricks with me. If you escape, I'll catch you."

Marvin lightly took a step and suddenly disappeared!

Black Dragon Izaka nodded hurriedly.

Marvin had entered the Shadow Plane!

That sense of death that had been pressuring the Black Dragon suddenly disappeared, relieving him.

He instinctively wanted to escape but unfathomably felt a pair of eyes watching him.

He didn't dare to try to flee.

He could only vent his anger on the punitive army!

The Wizard Corps was already out. Facing the berserk Black Dragon, the Human troops were simply no match!

They had attacked White River Valley this time in order to easily earn some military merits. They didn't even bring siege weapons.

If the army had at least a few ballistas, the situation would be a lot better.

Unfortunately, they had none.

As mournful voices cried out, the Black Dragon rushed into the sea of people, his wings harvesting many lives!

The tyrannical Black Dragon was just venting his rage!

No one on the battlefield could fight him.

The victory seemed to have been in their hands, but now everyone was fleeing, unable to escape the Black Dragon's claws!

Large-scale massacres were common practice for Black Dragons.

In order to live, in order to vent, Izaka was going all out.

In few seconds, half of the army had fallen down on the ground, while the remaining people had scattered. The army had already collapsed!

Madeline and River Shore City's defenders looked at all this with disbelief.

The one leading the Knights was rubbing his eyes as he forced a smile. "I swear, this is the strangest scene I've seen in all my life!"

A young soldier at his side pointed out, "Sir Gordian, you also said that last time Lord Marvin challenged the Heavenly Sword Saint in the Scarlet Monastery!"

Gordian was speechless.

The group of soldiers around him couldn't help but laugh quietly.

The Black Dragon's Dragon Might wasn't covering them. It was only aimed at the enemies, and the defenders were also further away.

Thus, despite the terrible scene on the battlefield, they didn't feel too scared.

These people originally planned to share the inevitable fate of Madeline and River Shore City.

They hadn't expected the situation to end like that.

Regardless of what the Alliance decided to do to face Marvin's rise, they felt that the situation wasn't too bad.

Marvin had entered the Shadow Plane, and seeing Legend Wizard Monica's grave expression, she was clearly feeling great pressure from their great Overlord.

When she fought with Madeline before, she had been very relaxed.

Gordian had a complicated expression.

He recalled the first time he met Marvin. They met in the Plague Envoy's basement and the latter helped him behead the Plague Envoy.

At that time, Marvin was still wanted as Masked Twin Blades.

Now, Marvin was already a Legend he had to look up to.

'White River Valley will rise…'

This was what everyone in River Shore City thought.


In the Shadow Plane, the distorted space kept flowing over Marvin.

This sensation made him feel like a fish back in water.

In the past, he'd frequently been in contact with the Shadow Plane. This world was very magical and had countless points of contact with the Prime Material Plane.

He could see Monica's layers of defensive spells.

Legendary Distortion Field, Legendary Arcane Barrier, Legendary Undying Body, Legendary Ice Armor...

She was covered in all kinds of defensive spells, to the point that even her appearance was blurry.

'Truly afraid of death…' Marvin sneered.

But regardless, today was the day she would die!

After becoming a Legend, Marvin wouldn't hold back any longer.

So what if it was Dark Phoenix? At most, she could be only considered a Half-God right now!

If he couldn't defeat her alone, why not simply call up a group to beat her with numbers?

The Ruler of the Night class came with its own army!

Marvin knew that at level 2, the Ruler of the Night class had an aura that could buff armies! This must have been part of the reason the Night Monarch was able to fight his way through the Chaotic Era.


In the sky, Monica was staring at the Black Dragon wreaking havoc on the army and couldn't help feeling sour.

After Marvin vanished, she had cast many defensive spells on herself, afraid to act carelessly.

'He still hasn't appeared?'

'No good, I must let Teacher know. Marvin didn't die and even advanced to Legend…'

'I can't delay.'

Monica was anxious and frightened.

She bit her lip and opened a Teleportation Door!

But suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of her!

"Don't worry, your teacher will know about this."

"But you…"

"You won't be leaving this place!"

Before Marvin even finished his own words, he ruthlessly slashed down with his curved dagger!

Desperation Style!

Azure Leaf – Magic Penetration!