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Chapter 404: Duel or Group Battle?

Chapter 404: Duel or Group Battle?
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Killer Amazon... this was a relatively rare class.

Generally, Amazons would choose the Fighter class.

Because this race was very brutal, bloodthirsty and warlike.

Their bloodline had the Berserk trait and was rumored to be connected to the Abyss.

And Killers need to be calm and composed. Strictly speaking, this race and the Killer class didn't match at all.

But Marvin didn't lower his guard.

To be able to advance to Legend with such an unsuitable class, she was definitely quite outstanding.

He closed his eyes and used the [Earth Perception] that he had been taught.

This skill was very practical. And even though it was called Earth Perception, it actually targeted the entire space around him, including layered spaces.

After advancing to Ruler of the Night, this skill was strengthened greatly. Marvin was able to sense the sky, the ice layer, and even any changes in the sea.

Everyone was watching how the confrontation on the ice sheet would play out.

Marvin's strength was beyond anyone's expectations. If this Killer Amazon couldn't deal with Marvin, anyone would have to think twice before coming to look for trouble here.

Was White River Valley a gold mine? Or was it an odorless poison?


The Pirate King's gaze was extremely deep. Marvin's performance made him even more worried.

He wasn't foolish enough to think that Marvin would just close his eyes and wait for his death.

This was clearly a signature Monk ability, Earth Perception.

Facing an assassin-like class, Monks would often use this ability to counter them.

Sometimes, counterattacking was better than getting the first strike.

But Marvin had a rogue class!

How could he have this skill?

Moreover, he seemed to be very confident in his mastery of this skill. His opponent was a Legend after all!

Pietrus still wasn't showing much on his face, but the killing intent in his heart had been surging up violently.

He'd already decided that if the Killer Amazon made a mistake, he would take advantage of the situation to catch Marvin off guard with a sneak attack.

He had to kill that Marvin regardless of the cost!

Dark Phoenix was right. That guy couldn't be seen through.


On the cold sheet of ice, Marvin suddenly opened his eyes...

'She's coming!'

The Killer Amazon didn't hide herself at all!

She was just bluntly attacking!


A crimson light flashed above the dark sea. She looked like a hunting leopard with her shocking burst power.

In a blink, the light streaked toward Marvin.

She was holding blades in both hands, brutishly slashing toward Marvin. Her mouth also slightly open...

'[Arrow Spit]?' Marvin shivered.

He immediately dodged and entered the Shadow Plane!

The blades and a small, green arrow flashed past Marvin!

If not for Marvin realizing that the other side's blades were only diversions to distract from the Arrow Spit, he would have suffered a great loss.

That arrow was definitely dipped in poison.

Based on Marvin's experience, it was highly likely to be a powerful paralysis poison.

After all, lethally poisoning someone of the Legend Realm was almost impossible.

Assassins were fond of keeping their targets bleeding, or causing trouble to their enemies via paralysis or petrifaction.

Marvin instantly counterattacked!

He let a foot out of the Shadow Plane as if stepping out. The Killer Amazon roared and turned to slash at him!

But Marvin sneered and pulled back his foot.

He had already noticed that this woman was fighting on instinct!

The Amazons' slaughtering instincts were indeed very strong. They were the most gifted of all races when it came to such instincts.

But fighting on instinct wasn't enough.

Especially in front of an expert like Marvin!

His foot seemed to have revealed his position, but it made the Amazon overaggressive!

She unhesitantly rushed into the Shadow Plane!

This was inevitable.

As a Killer that had reached the Legend realm, she definitely had the ability to cross through the Shadow Plane, but she couldn't remain there as long as a Ruler of the Night could.

Marvin was free to roam the Shadow Plane, while the Assassin class had a time limitation.

The Killer's silhouette suddenly disappeared from the ice layer.


Both sides watching the battle were breathing nervously.

Especially White River Valley's side. Although it was true that Marvin advancing to Legend was worth celebrating, he was a new Legend.

Meanwhile, the enemy clearly had advanced to Legend a long time ago. If Marvin had a mishap, it would be devastating to White River Valley!

Daniela took a deep breath and opened the Demon's Eye of the Ice Angel Shape, trying to see what was happening in the Shadow Plane.

But next second, a foot stepped out of the Shadow Plane!

Everyone squinted as they looked!

That was Marvin's leg!

There seemed to be some blood on it.

But just as White River Valley's people started to lament, Marvin completely exited the Shadow Plane.

He was carrying a head dripping with blood!

It was shockingly that Killer Amazon!

It created an uproar.

The people on the sea were even noisier!

The White Elephant Chamber of Commerce's owner opened his eyes wide, looking down at the ice sheet in disbelief.

That Killer Amazon was the strongest expert of the Chamber of Commerce!

The White Elephant Chamber of Commerce's power in the South was deep-rooted, and many shameful matters had been handled by that Killer Amazon.

She had always taken care of everything properly. She didn't even suffer a loss when facing a Legend Wizard!

Who could have imagined that she would die in such a baffling manner when facing a kid that was a newly advanced Legend!

The people on the ships with good eyesight could see that the head's eyes were wide open with an expression of extreme surprise.

What the hell happened in those few seconds in the Shadow Plane?

No one knew.

Cheers came from Sword Harbor.

Anna, Andre, and the others were practically crying tears of joy.

This time, Marvin returned even more powerful!

He was standing alone on the ice layer, looking at a ship in the fleet.

The Killer Amazon's head in his hand kept dripping blood. Her corpse was left in the Shadow Plane and would most likely become food for a Shadow Beast.

Marvin casually tossed the Killer Amazon's head on the ice while looking at the distant Chamber of Commerce. "Truly unlucky. You've lost another follower of the Chamber of Commerce."

"What are you going to do next? Look for another excuse? Duels or group battle? How many Legends do you have left?" Marvin ridiculed while looking at them.

He was standing alone but still managed to intimidate most of his enemies with an evil smile!

The Legend Killer's death was too unfathomable.

Everyone was shivering.

They weren't Dark Phoenix's suicide squad. They had attacked White River Valley for the chance to earn some profits.

But now Marvin appeared, having become a Legend rogue.

This kind of expert was very difficult to kill. Even if they managed to capture White River Valley and force Marvin to escape today, these powers wouldn't have an easy time in the future!

Some already had the intention to retreat.

But at that time, all the pirate ships began to move!

Rushing at the forefront was the Pirate King's ship, the fearsome [Destroyer]!

"Full speed ahead, raise the ice-breaker!" Pietrus coldly ordered.

In an instant, a great amount of seawater bubbled at the front of the Destroyer as a sinister Dragon's head appeared!

The Dragon's head knocked against the ice sheet and crushed the ice ahead of it into pieces!


A roar came from the Pirate King's ship as a frightening flame came out of the Dragon's head.

The wild blaze cleared out an entire area! Even Marvin, still standing on the ice, was swallowed by the roaring flames!

All the pirates were following closely behind the Destroyer as they rushed in!

The Wizards were still hesitating.

But at that time, a voice suddenly echoed in the mind of the Wizard Regiment's leader. "Fully cooperate with the Pirate King to kill Marvin and seize Sword Harbor."

"Lady Dark Phoenix!"

The 4th rank Wizard muttered this name bitterly. That person was the highest ranked Legend Wizard in the Alliance. He could only obey.

"Wizard Regiment, all-out attack!"

He passed down the order!

Copious rays of light rose as more than a hundred 3rd rank Wizards flew on their flying carpets into the night sky. The Wizard Regiment's power was quite terrifying, covering the sky like a flock of fierce birds.

And the White Elephant Chamber of Commerce was even less hesitant. The old man didn't even think of retreating as he ordered his subordinates to follow the Pirate King to attack Sword Harbor!

Although there was no tide, they still had magic.

Such a forceful attack might come with a huge price, but since things had reached this stage, they already had no way out!


The Pirate King, standing on the Destroyer, was at the forefront. His gaze was like a fiery torch, searching for Marvin's silhouette.

But that insufferably arrogant brat seemed to have disappeared.

He continued crushing the layer of ice into pieces!

They soon approached Sword Harbor, close enough that he could even see the worried expressions on the faces of the people defending the city wall!

'Still hiding? Was everything before a bluff?'

Pietrus glowered sinisterly as he loudly roared, "Forward!"

The Destroyer was advancing at full power!

It was furiously breaking through the ice and plowing ahead!

But suddenly, purple gates appeared in the sky!

At that time, all those who followed the Pirate King seemed to have a sinking feeling.

They had previously seen those gates... they were the same as the one used by Marvin to summon the Black Dragon!

They had an ominous premonition.

Just as expected, the previously out of sight Marvin had now appeared beside the gates.

He was looking at the ships below him as he sneered, "Group battle? It's what I'm most fond of."

A huge piece of metal fell down from the gates and smashed thunderously into the Pirate King's ship!


The Destroyer was sinking!