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Chapter 405: One Man Army!

Chapter 405: One Man Army!
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To the shock of all the pirates, that huge piece of metal sank the Destroyer and then was left floating on the sea!

A faint blue light appeared on the surface of the Mechanical Titan's body. In the cockpit, the Gnome brothers kept cheering. This was something they had held back for a long time. Ancient Gnomes originally greatly enjoyed demolishing things.

And Marvin's Eternal Night Banish hadn't only been sealing a Black Dragon!

The Mechanical Titan sank the Pirate King's most powerful battleship just by using its own weight. The Fighters and the Pirate King himself didn't know what to do when facing this!

What was more frightening was that the Mechanical Titan was also equipped for naval battles.

Under the operation of the Gnome Brothers, that piece of metal shone with the might of the Ancient Gnome Empire of olden days. It transformed into an eight-clawed spider. Each claw had a floating enchantment on it! This was how the Mechanical Titan could move on water.

Although this transformation used energy, it was also amazingly effective!

In the water, among the broken pieces of ice, the Mechanical Titan began to crazily tear apart the pirate ships!

The pirates first panicked for a while before mustering the presence of mind to counterattack.

A rumbling noise echoed.

The pirate ships moved their prows one after the other, aiming at that strange piece of metal!

The Wizards in the sky also noticed this scene.

They were aghast as they watched the Mechanical Titan's wanton destruction.

Some of the more knowledgeable Wizards even recognized this thing's origins!


"This is a product from the peak of Ancient Alchemy. How could White River Valley have this?"

"It definitely was something Marvin did in the dark. Yes, a Mechanical Titan was said to have appeared a few days ago in Saruha in the west, and it slaughtered a few Black Dragons… Wait, Black Dragons… Could that matter also be related to Marvin?"

The Wizards on their flying carpets were even more frightened.

They were considered this era's most informed people. Although Rocky Mountain was far from the city, they still knew of the war between the Fate Sorceresses and the Black Dragons. They also knew that a guy named Robin piloted the Mechanical Titan to slaughter many Black Dragons.

And Marvin seemed to have been out of his territory at that time.

This clue connected Marvin and Robin. From their information, this guy was an Overlord who liked to run all over the place while using aliases.

If he was Robin, then everything would be logical.

"No wonder he is so powerful."

"Yes, if Dragon Slayer Robin is Marvin, then it makes sense for the Black Dragon to swear allegiance to him."

"We can't win this battle! Marvin has a Mechanical Titan and is strong enough to instantly defeat a Killer Amazon. We need the help of a Legend Wizard!"

The Wizard Regiment became restless.

But the leader of the Wizard Regiment rebuked in a heavy voice, "Don't speak nonsense!"

"Go all-out! Break through the Mechanical Titan first! This is the Wizard Era, not an era of Ancient Gnomes!"

"This is Lady Dark Phoenix's order. We can't disobey. We have to carry out the order perfectly!"

Dark Phoenix's name made everyone go silent.

Although they were unwilling, the Wizards on their flying carpets began casting spells.

Arcane energy gathered in the air as they chanted their incantations. These Wizards were the combat elites of the South Wizard Alliance. Battle Casting, Mobile Casting, Air Casting, they all had these powerful specialties.

It would be very difficult to find another power in this world that had so many elite Wizards.

But it was a pity... They met Marvin, they met the Mechanical Titan!

The Mechanical Titan was made of K metal so it wasn't worried about spells!

The frightening arcane energy released by the hundred Wizards didn't even create a spark on the Mechanical Titan's surface!

Their spells seemed even less effective than the pirates' artillery!

But this group of people making a move did create some troubles for the Mechanical Titan.

Despite being unable to damage the Mechanical Titan, the spells and the artillery still shook the two brothers in the cockpit.

They wanted to use all their firepower to completely annihilate the enemies.

But Marvin didn't allow them to do that. First, they had to conserve energy.

Second, they needed to cooperate with Marvin's plan!

The first step was for the Mechanical Titan to attract attention and draw the enemy fire onto itself.

The second step was coming soon!

The Gnome brothers were floating on the water, occasionally destroying a ship and leaving many pirates and sailors screeching in the water!

Causing troubles like this was quite fun.

The two gnomes cheered.

Everyone's attention was focused on the Mechanical Titan.

At this time, they even forgot to pay attention to Marvin, who was in the sky above them.


Marvin had started activating another skill after closing the gates of Eternal Night Banish when he saw that everyone was distracted!

This skill's preparation time was relatively long, so he needed the Gnomes to cover for him.

Marvin's preparations for the skill took about two minutes.

Six huge Teleportation Gates appeared over the sea!

When the arcane energy surrounding the gates began to leak, the Wizards discovered in agitation that something was wrong!

"What's this!?"

"Is he not even giving us a chance to fight? Is he a Legend rogue or a Wizard?"

"Quickly interrupt his summoning skill!" bellowed the Wizard Regiment's leader.

But it was too late.

A huge head came out of each Teleportation Gate.

When six Shadow Dragons appeared in the sky, they all paled in fright.

More Dragons!

Although they weren't lifeforms on the same level as Black Dragons, these 20th level Shadow Dragons were still very frightening!

"Split into six groups!"

At that critical time, the leader of the Wizards was still facing the danger fearlessly. "We still have a chance!"

"It's only six of them! We have enough manpower to completely annihilate these six Shadow Dragons!"

Their minds' cleared up as they realized that their leader was right. Even if six Shadow Dragons would be very difficult to deal with, with a Wizard Regiment of a hundred 3rd rank and 4th rank Wizards, they still had a chance.

But just as they steeled themselves to fight the enemy, something happened that left them disheartened yet again.

Above the sea, the same six Teleportation Gates reappeared!

Six more Shadow Dragons rushed out from within!

The Wizards nearly collapsed!

The pirates were even more shocked.

Marvin smiled faintly. He had planned to use some other cards, but he didn't expect lady luck to trigger his [Double Efficiency]. He would get to hide his hand a while longer.

Twelve Shadow Dragons were hovering above the sea!

The Wizard Leader's face became green!

Alone? This clearly was a Legion!

Before they could react, terrifying silhouettes jumped from the city wall!

From Zero to Eleven, a total of twelve Dark Knights jumped on the Shadow Dragons' backs!

They were holding greatswords as they rode the Shadow Dragons to fly above the sea!

In an instant, the morale of the allied maritime forces collapsed completely!

The war's outcome had been decided.

Because Marvin was a one man army!