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Chapter 406: Shaking the South!

Chapter 406: Shaking the South!
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The roars of the Shadow Dragons spread over Sword Harbor!

The sound waves themselves carried fearsome power.

The sailors on the pirate ships tried to shoot arrows at the Dark Knights on the Dragons, but those arrows were too weak to harm the armored knights. As for the Shadow Dragons, they were in a semi-ethereal state, so they simply disregarded physical injuries!


A Shadow Dragon dove down and broke a pirate ship's mainmast!

Shouts of alarm could be heard from the ship as it shook.

A Dark Knight suddenly jumped down and landed on the port side of the ship!

After undergoing the Night Monarch's transformation, the Dark Knight was very heavy. The momentum from his landing destroyed the ship's balance!


The pirate ship flipped over toward the left!

The Shadow Dragon then swept down and caught the Dark Knight once again.

Similar scenes happened all across the battlefield.

As for the Wizard Regiment, they had already decided to retreat when they saw the twelve Shadow Dragons!

The Wizards had a certain degree of autonomy in the Alliance.

Lady Dark Phoenix's orders were very authoritative, but facing such a situation, they wouldn't just throw their lives away for nothing.

The flying carpets illuminated the darkness as they flew!

All of them started retreating, fleeing for their lives!

Marvin watched this coldly but gave the order not to chase down the Wizards.

He deliberately let them run.

In any case, these people would soon experience a frightening disaster.

Although they were at a severe disadvantage in the fight, they still had frightening powers.

If these Wizards had no way to survive, they would likely go all-out and risk their lives, perhaps trying to take down some defenders with them. Marvin wanted to reduce the risk of that happening.

It wouldn't be a worthwhile trade, and Marvin wasn't one to easily take losses.

But although he let those Wizards go, the pirates and the While Elephant Chamber of Commerce's private army wouldn't be let off that easily!

After some Shadow Dragons destroyed a few ships, the allied maritime forces were already completely routed.

The remaining ships began to flee.

At this point, Marvin gave an order to stop destroying the ships.

The Shadow Dragons had only been causing widespread destruction to ravage the morale of the enemies.

In Marvin's eyes, these ships were very valuable resources, so he ordered the Shadow Dragons to carry the powerhouses of Sword Harbor onto the ships. The first ones to get on the ships were naturally the Dark Knights, followed by trained adventurers and guards.

The melee finally broke out on the ships.

The morale of the invaders was pretty much non-existent by now. They only thought of escaping with their lives, so how could they keep fighting?

As for White River Valley's end, peak 4th rank killing machines that were resistant to magic were leading everyone to massacre the enemies. This was a one-sided situation.

Marvin was very satisfied with how the attack had gone.

Daniela and Wayne also got on the move. They realized Marvin's intentions and used precisely targeted spells to fight while leaving the ships intact.

In the chaotic battle, Marvin's movements were like the wind. He killed the second-in-command of a pirate ship before ending the White Elephant Chamber of Commerce's owner and a few other experts.

As the enemies lost all their leaders, some even began to jump overboard to flee!

Others just surrendered.

Marvin didn't eradicate them, as he was content to capture the ships with less fighting.

His eyes scanned across the sea nearby.

Just as Monica was the most important figure in the western army, Pirate King Pietrus was the corresponding one for the allied maritime forces.

Marvin didn't believe that the powerful Pirate King was crushed to death by the Mechanical Titan.

He was definitely still hiding in the vicinity, or perhaps making his preparations to flee.

'Pirate King Pietrus is a male Doppelganger that Dark Phoenix got rid of. Although he was an abandoned personality of Dark Phoenix, he knows a lot about her past.'

'If I can capture and torture him to get information about Dark Phoenix, the next battle will be a lot easier.'

Marvin jumped into the water and the sounds of fighting were suddenly cut off.

At that time, he didn't dare to activate Earth Perception.

Because of the excessively chaotic battlefield, if he used it, all kinds of sounds and scenes would appear in his mind, which would be a great burden.

No one would be so foolish.

Pirate King Pietrus was a very mysterious figure. In the game, besides that startling event where Dark Phoenix revealed her identity, he almost never personally acted. Marvin only knew that he was proficient at fighting and maneuvering in the water. Moreover, he appeared to have some sort of Shapeshifting skill. He could turn into a seal.

Marvin held the Sea Emperor's Crown and carefully paid attention to any movements in the sea.

The sea was very peaceful, totally unlike the aura of death on the surface.

Because they had all been frightened by the formidable arcane energy, the small creatures inhabiting those waters had all fled, so all he detected were those aquatic plants and the seaweed.

Marvin's heart sank. The Pirate King had very effective hiding abilities, and he might also have a powerful Legend class...

It could be [Soul of the Roaring Seas], or maybe [Ice Hand]. If it was one of these two classes, he might have already escaped. If that was the case, Marvin might not be able to catch up, even with the Sea Emperor's Crown.

He looked at the seafloor for a moment and regretfully didn't find Pietrus' tracks.

When Marvin surfaced, the fight had already ended.

After the White Elephant Chamber of Commerce's owner died, and after Marvin's forces killed many of the loyal followers, the remnants surrendered.

A total of eight ships were completely intact.

The pirate group surrendered even faster. These types of people were often said to have no loyalty, and once they realized that the Pirate King had disappeared, they just gave up.

Because Daniela promised on behalf of Marvin: As long as they surrendered, their lives would be spared.

If any were unyielding, they would just be beheaded by a powerful Dark Knight.

After all, the South Wizard Alliance's Elite Wizards that had been the core of the allied forces had been scared away by the Shadow Dragons before the battle even began.

Unfortunately for them, they hadn't known that the group of Shadow Dragons would only exist for fifteen minutes.

Shortly after the fighting ended, the Shadow Dragons disappeared and all the captives were taken away to Sword Harbor's dungeon.

While building Sword Harbor, Daniela had made it similar to Lavis Kingdom's capital city. And that group of northern Sorcerers had no greater hobby than making dungeons, perhaps to make it more convenient to mistreat the convicts.

In short, more than five hundred captives were locked in Sword Harbor's dungeon.

As for the leaders, most of them had died in the battle.

The surface of the sea was peaceful once again. The shattered ice sheet was melting gradually. The moon and stars were visible, and the crisis had finally ended.

But Marvin still had a lot of things to do.


It was quite regrettable that they didn't manage to capture the Pirate King, but in this battle, Marvin fully felt the power of the Ruler of the Night class.

He'd barely acted in the battle, only killing the Killer Amazon, and it wasn't even a challenge.

Marvin was way too familiar with the Shadow Plane, and his experience from the game was perfectly put to use in real life.

He had pretended to expose a weakness to lure the Killer Amazon, but it was an ambush.

Then, Desperation displayed its amazing effects.

The Shadow Plane wasn't the Prime Material Plane after all. This plane had different laws and many skills couldn't be used there.

But Desperation was a Blade Technique Style, so it broke through that restriction and could be used in any plane.

This was the strength of the Martial Path.

Even though the Killer Amazon could also enter the Shadow Plane, that was only a class skill that she used to get inside.

Her understanding of this world was far from equal to Marvin's. For the latter, the Shadow Plane was like a home. His Domain was [Shadow]!

In that short time, Marvin actually only did two things.

He found a vortex in the Shadow Plane and relaxed his body as he was absorbed within.

Most of the vortexes in the Shadow Plane would be harmful to the body if approached, but this kind of problem was nothing to Marvin, the Ruler of the Night.

But it was fatal for the Killer Amazon.

She rushed into the Shadow Plane after Marvin, but discovered in shock that she had lost his trail!

Taking advantage of this moment, Marvin used Shadow Escape out of the vortex with his Azure Leaf aimed at the Killer Amazon's nape!

The latter had very good instincts, managing to block two of Marvin's vicious attacks!

But faced with the pair of [Azure Leaf]s and Desperation Style, her weapons were shattered.

Marvin closed in on her with his Godly Dexterity for the final blow.

The Killer Amazon wanted to escape the Shadow Plane, but it was already too late. She was beheaded by Marvin's dagger.

This time, the importance of equipment was highlighted.

The Legendary Daggers gifted by the Great Elven King could withstand any weapons, even other Legendary Weapons, except for perhaps an Artifact.

The daggers that the Killer Amazon was using were peak Magic Weapons, but they still ended up exploding under Marvin's attacks.

Besides taking care of her, he didn't do much else.

Black Dragon, Mechanical Titan, Shadow Dragons, Dark Knights, one powerful card after another was thrown out and wiped out the morale of the allied maritime forces.

The moment the Wizard Regiment started fleeing, the battle was already over.

This war had ended, and besides the deaths of some adventurers and two guards during the last assault, they had almost no losses.

The Dark Knights were extremely fierce. These slaughtering machines were incredible combatants, especially in a chaotic melee, where they would have the greatest results.

And the Dragons themselves were summons.

The only part of the fight that left Marvin a bit dissatisfied was that the Gnome brothers had played too much and consumed a large amount of the Mechanical Titan's energy, only leaving 36% remaining!

Purple Fire Crystals weren't that easy to find!

Using so much for this battle made Marvin's face turn green from regret. The brothers saw Marvin's expression and apologized in embarrassment.

They were too excited after finally getting the opportunity to control the Mechanical Titan in real combat for the first time and ended up not paying attention to the energy consumption.

Marvin felt very helpless about this, but he didn't reprimand them.

The Mechanical Titan was a powerful strategic weapon. As long as it had energy, it would be an incredible deterrent!

Anyone who dared start a war with White River Valley would have to consider whether their army could overcome the Mechanical Titan!

The powerful cavalry and tough infantry still had soft human bodies in the end.

They were weak compared to the metallic construct.

After Marvin returned to White River Valley and resolved the crises happening on both sides, everyone finally settled down.

Because this time, the Overlord made a declaration: He wouldn't leave the territory for a short time.

Although they didn't know how long this short time would be, as Marvin's words weren't clear about it, everyone still felt more at peace.

Marvin was powerful enough to protect them.

That group of adventurers who joined Marvin early on watched as he gave out some orders and then went to handle the post-war affairs. They couldn't help but sigh inwardly.

Back when they followed Marvin in Night Tide Inn, they never would have imagined that the small kid would someday be this accomplished.

Marvin's identity as Masked Twin Blades was already known publicly.

And after the Mechanical Titan appeared, his identity as Dragon Slayer Robin was also spreading.

After this war, he would become the most dazzling star of the South!

Those supporting White River Valley firmly believed that Marvin had the potential of a Hero of ancient times. It was enough to establish a completely new country south of the Shrieking Mountain Range, enough to contend against the South Wizard Alliance. And in the dark, some were worried that Marvin's arrogance would create a true disaster!

After all, this had been an ordinary army. The Alliance had access to far more resources than Marvin imagined.

The troops gathered at that time by the Alliance's Eastern Headquarters in order to stop the Ancient Red Dragon Ell showed more than enough.

If Marvin really wanted to contend against the Alliance, he might end up facing a regiment of Legend Wizards in the future!

But White River Valley's people weren't anxious.

Marvin wasn't worried about the number of Legends. Not to mention the fact that since advancing, he had already beheaded two Legends and forced one to retreat. Based on his relationships with other powerful Legends, the South Wizard Alliance would have to weigh the matter carefully.

White River Valley wasn't completely lacking powerful forces. As for ordinary enemies, in front of the Mechanical Titan and Shadow Dragons, they would also be easily sent off!


After the day's events, the night in Sword Harbor was bound to not be tranquil.

The victory made people celebrate joyously, but Marvin was busy deploying troops to rearrange the military strength of Sword Harbor, White River Valley, the zone south of the White River, and River Shore City.

The Alliance's counterattack might not happen before the Great Calamity, but there was nothing wrong with making sure they were safe.

These matters were extremely complicated. Even though Daniela and Anna helped him, Marvin still took no less than two days to finalize the post-war arrangements.

White River Valley's manpower was still very short in supply, but with the Shas, the outside adventurers, and River Shore City's forces, Marvin could protect the area south of Shrieking Mountain Range.

At that time, the outcome of the battles on both sides of White River Valley spread through the South!

People read about Marvin's name with shock time and time again!

In a single night, he overturned the situations in two different battlefields, killed two Legends, and forced the Pirate King to run.

These people were left dumbfounded by his frightening accomplishments!

The entire South shook!

Marvin's name even began to spread across the North's city-states.