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Chapter 412: Fallen Angel

Chapter 412: Fallen Angel
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The castle's court was brightly lit at night.

Not only did everyone from the Cridland clan gather in the palace, but so did all the other nobles of Lavis.

Everyone knew what tonight's event meant.

A lot of nobles and commoners were surrounding the castle walls.

They were celebrating the Winter Resting Day while trying to learn about the Great Duke's decision as soon as possible.

Many were worried while many others thought that victory was in their hands.

In short, all kinds of complicated feelings would become magnified when it came to anything involving power struggles.

But Lavis Dukedom was simpler than other countries in the North.

Sorcerers always liked to speak with their fists.

This was also the reason that even though Turalyon almost controlled all the power in the capital city at this point, he still didn't dare to be rash.

Even if the Great Duke was old and looked like he could die anytime, his former strength still made Turalyon wary.

Before advancing to Legend, Turalyon would always be a docile sheep in front of the Great Duke.

It was the same for Daniela.

To control this chaotic land, one needed to have enough power.

Otherwise, the Cridland bloodline that had continued for so many years would eventually end in their hands.

Everyone was clearly aware of this point.


Compared to the ones in the South, Lavis' court banquet didn't seem as boring.

Maybe due to the Numan bloodline, the men and women attending the banquet looked pretty good.

The men were mostly tall and handsome, while the women were sexy and beautiful.

It was true even for the younger generation of the clan's branches.

Marvin wasn't very eye-catching among them, with his thin build.

But his seating location drew the attention of many people.

Because he was sitting directly next to the Great Duke.

The only reason for Marvin to be able to sit there would be if he had an influential identity or ability and was a distinguished guest.

Soon, rumors pertaining to Marvin spread through the courtyard.

Even in this relatively peaceful banquet, Marvin felt that many people's gazes lingered on him.

Some had evil intent, some showed jealousy, some were cautiously probing, and even more were burning with desires.

The North's young ladies were bold and unrestrained. Although Marvin's pretty face might not be their first choice, there was no need to doubt his powerful strength.

They stared lustily at Marvin's every movement.

If not for the restrictions of court etiquette, many girls would have approached Marvin to strike up a conversation.

Toward this, Marvin had an unbearable feeling.

Most of these girls were his younger cousins. Even if they were distant blood relatives, there was still that faint resonance.

This resonance made it easy for them to have good impressions of each other.

According to the customs of Winter Resting Day, this day was also a holiday for the Cridland clan's younger generation to choose a spouse.

Everything would happen during the ball after the banquet.

It was a bit strange for Marvin to participate in this banquet as a guest, but what felt even more annoying to him was that he himself was also a member of the Cridland clan.

Although he was born in White River Valley and his soul came from earth, he couldn't erase his bloodline resonance.

He could only bury his head in the food.

The North had many delicacies that couldn't be tasted in the South.

At the banquet, everyone was softly conversing with the people at their sides.

The Great Duke seemed abnormally quiet. This made the people around him feel somewhat oppressed.

Daniela, who was sitting at Marvin's side, and Turalyon, who was on the other side, were both very quiet.

Especially Turalyon. He seemed to be a bit nervous.

Compared with the way he confidently greeted Marvin earlier, he seemed like a completely different person.

It could be because he had received a notification not long ago informing him that the future ruler of the North would be decided that night.

Even though he had made a lot of plans, if he was outdone by Daniela tonight, so much of his scheming in the capital city would become useless.

Thus, he was somewhat nervous and unwilling.

Perhaps he hadn't thought that the Great Duke would decide the successor in such a way.

To some others, this seemed like a careless and impetuous decision.

Although strength was important in Feinan, governing a country required some political finesse too.

When countries chose their heirs, strength would only be a factor, not everything.

But the Great Duke's decision clearly showed his intentions:

The future ruler of the Lavis Dukedom would be the most powerful Sorcerer.

This not only confused Turalyon quite a bit, but it also puzzled everyone else.

Only Marvin and some others knew that in the future, regardless of how influential the leader was, he would have to be powerful enough to defend the country.

In front of the frightening Great Calamity, tricks were useless. Strength was everything.


Marvin filled his stomach during that awkward and dull banquet.

He chatted with some nobles courteously while Daniela remained seated beside him, silent the whole time.

After the banquet, everyone's eyes focused on the Great Duke.

According to the usual customs, the Winter Resting Day's ball would take place after the banquet.

The young Sorcerers would try to choose their future companions.

But tonight was clearly different.

Before the ball started, the two highest ranked heirs of Lavis Dukedom, Daniela and Turalyon, would advance in front of everyone.

The successful one would wield Lavis Dukedom's power.

If the two both failed, then the Great Duke might make an even more shocking decision.

And if the two both succeeded, it might not necessarily be a good thing for the Dukedom.

Although Sorcerers were exceptionally united when facing outsiders, there might be an awkward situation regarding the authority of the Dukedom if they both advanced here.

But the Great Duke promised that regardless of what happened, he would choose an heir tonight.

This made everyone look forward to that scene.


After the banquet, some people came to remove everything.

Only a few chairs were left in the hall. Besides the Great Duke and his guest Marvin, everyone else was still standing.

They formed a circle and waited calmly for the start of the ritual.

Marvin looked toward Daniela from the crowd.

Coincidentally, the other side also turned to look at Marvin. He gave her a nod, showing an encouraging expression.

He believed in Daniela's natural talent. With the help of the Divine Source, she would definitely be able to advance to Legend.

He was surprised by a voice suddenly echoing in his mind. "I heard Grandfather say that you refused to marry me?"

Marvin had an awkward expression. After advancing to Ruler of the Night, he naturally became better able to notice the Sorcerers' mind communication skills due to his improved perception.

He didn't block the spiritual connection that Daniela quietly initiated as he explained, "I only think that you shouldn't be restricted to White River Valley."

Daniela coldly snorted, "You think I'm not suitable for you?"

Marvin got a headache. He didn't know how the Great Duke explained it, but Daniela was clearly resentful toward Marvin.

He rolled his eyes and asked, "Could it be that you wish for me to agree?"

Daniela was at a loss for words.

She frowned and ended the communication on her side before turning and ignoring Marvin.

Marvin could only shake his head silently.

The ritual was about to begin, yet she was still in the mood to bother about these things.

Women's minds are truly unfathomable.


The Sorcerers' advancement ritual was very simple. It was far less complicated than Wizards'.

As long as they could find some things to purify or strengthen their bloodline, or better yet, simply awaken their bloodline, they would naturally advance.

Waiting for the two to get ready, the Great Duke personally took out two small porcelain bottles and handed them over.

Daniela and Turalyon took the bottles in front of everyone.

The others were staring at the bottles with eyes burning with desire. Everyone present knew that this was a treasure able to trigger an increase in the strength of one's bloodline.

This was something that every Sorcerer yearned for.

But unfortunately, not everyone could get it.

It was just like the [Golden Blood] from Rocky Mountain that Marvin obtained. It wasn't easy to get some.

And Divine Source was even more valuable than Golden Blood. It was a pure treasure.

It was the source of power for Ancient Gods, Angels, and Devils. It was also the source of power of Numen.

When Turalyon took the Divine Source, he had an excited expression. His whole body shook.

He had waited for this day for too long.

And on the other side, Daniela was exceptionally calm.

She was full of self-confidence.

In fact, she once told Marvin that she could still advance to Legend in the near future without outside help.

This was pure instinct, but Sorcerers, and especially women, had very reliable instincts.

But Marvin had answered, "With the Great Calamity approaching, if you can advance just one day earlier, then do so." This was what he felt would be best.

And the Great Duke had the same opinion.

As a result, Daniela dropped her idea of not "wasting" a drop of Divine Source.

Now, in front of everyone, the two opened their porcelain bottles.

The Divine Source appeared.

They didn't choose to swallow his drop of Divine Source. Instead, they triggered their bloodline power!

The two powerful auras burst through the hall, faintly fighting against each other!

The east side of the hall instantly became a world of ice and snow!

Daniela in her Ice Angel shape looked like an otherworldly beauty, and the extreme pride hiding behind that coldness was something that ordinary women didn't possess.

An Ice Angel was a type of Ancient Angel and was on a totally different level from the Angelic lifeforms made by the Gods.

She softly whispered an incantation.

Faint purple runes began to flutter over her body. These runes wrapped the Divine Source into her body as they slowly rotated.

Although Marvin wasn't really a caster, his class was still sensitive to runes, incantations, and other such things.

He could feel that these runes were small alchemy arrays.

That Divine Source was slowly absorbed by Daniela's body.

Things seemed to be going smoothly.

The other side of the hall seemed to have turned dark and gloomy.

Marvin turned his head, noticing that a power carrying destruction was steadily flowing out.

Turalyon had also changed shape!

But what surprised Marvin was that this guy's shape was a Fallen Angel!

The Cridland clan actually had two Ancient Angels!

Compared to his own Beast-shape, Shadow-shape, and Diamond-shape, hadn't the bloodlines of those two reached perfection?

Marvin couldn't help but inwardly mock himself.

Fierce Asuran Bear, Shadow-shape, and Unbreakable Diamond were pretty good upgradable skills.

But they were simply trash compared to what two Lavis successors had.

No wonder he originally had no chance to awaken his bloodline; it was really too thin.

Without Ding's luck, he would never have had the chance to become a Shapeshift Sorcerer.


In his Fallen Angel shape, Turalyon clearly seemed more like Devil.

His eyes were grave and his killing intent spilled all over the place. His previously modest and courteous appearance had completely disappeared.

It was replaced by a kind of crushing aura of destruction. His eyes were those of an arrogant monarch ruling all the land below the Heavens.

He was even more berserk than Daniela and didn't use any magic to help, instead directly devouring the Divine Source to advance!

Perhaps he was too impatient.

But a Fallen Angel's body could completely handle the Divine Source's berserk power.

Marvin took a deep breath.

The two were Half-Legends but had been unable to advance because of the shackles of their bloodlines.

However, these two drops of Divine Source changed everything.

The reason Marvin never heard of Turalyon's name in the past was most likely because Daniela had secretly disposed of him.

After all, in the previous history, Daniela had successfully acquired Ancestor's Mystery and controlled the Archdevil's head. She definitely wouldn't give any Divine Source to Turalyon. She then reached the Legend realm and Turalyon didn't, so he could only be ruthlessly eliminated by the Ice Empress.

But this time, because of the deal between Marvin and the Great Duke, Turalyon also had the qualifications to get a drop of Divine Source.

Everything changed.

Marvin closed his eyes and used [Earth Perception].

The status of Legend advancement couldn't be seen with one's eyes. Only mental perception could work.

In his mind, two auras were catalyzed by the Divine Source, one on the left and one on the right, as they were frantically advancing!

In the hall, the power of darkness and coldness clashed forcefully.

Most people were unable to resist their auras and kept withdrawing, eventually even being forced to leave the hall.

Only six people were left behind.

Besides Marvin and the Great Duke, there was a pair of young twin brothers, as well as two Elders.

Marvin wasn't surprised about the Great Duke and the two Elders, but he was curious about the twins.

"These two are actually Half-Legends..."

"Why aren't they qualified to compete for Lavis' leadership?" Marvin was somewhat curious.

The Great Duke at Marvin's side seemed to sense his gaze and answered, "These two aren't part of the clan."

Marvin couldn't help but be surprised.

Being able to attend such an important event despite not being a Cridland... It seemed that these two didn't have simple origins.

He was about to ask for more information when suddenly, the two auras flared up even more!

The dark and icy blue auras reached the extreme.

"Crash!" Ice and snow filled the area as the beautiful Ice Angel successfully transformed, advancing to Legend!

On the other side, Turalyon also walked out of the fog of darkness, filled with confidence.

Marvin clapped his hands. "This is good, two Legends."

He looked at the Great Duke and asked, "How will you settle that?"

In his opinion, both of them becoming Legends definitely wasn't a good outcome. If the Great Duke didn't handle it properly, Lavis Dukedom might suffer internally.