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Chapter 414: Remains Island

Chapter 414: Remains Island
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As everyone listened attentively, Marvin told them some pieces of information that he knew about Dark Phoenix.

This was definitely the most secret information in this world.

No one else in Feinan knew about Dark Phoenix's true identity, because she had already hidden everything so well.

The method she used was very simple. It was like shedding her former shell. The powerful Wizard Dark Phoenix used a rather formidable reincarnation method.

Pirate King Pietrus was transformed into a doppelganger.

That's right, Dark Phoenix had once been a man and became a woman after going through a strange ritual.

But she didn't care about this. Many gods didn't distinguish between being male or female, since in the end, strength was everything at that realm.

She definitely had Fate Tablet fragments in her hand.

And Marvin knew which ones!


"You mean… Dark Phoenix wants to replace the Wizard God?"

Marvin's news was too shocking, startling even all these knowledgeable Legends.

After a long time, Inheim shook his head and asked, "How could this be possible? The Wizard God is unsurpassed. Even if Dark Phoenix has Fate Tablet fragments, wouldn't it still be unfeasible?"

The corner of Marvin's mouth lifted. "She couldn't during the 3rd Era. The Wizard God was still in this world. Thus, she chose to endure silently."

"She has endured all the way from the 3rd Era till the end of the 4th Era. This is her best opportunity, and her last opportunity."

"If I'm not wrong, even a Half-God's lifespan eventually comes to an end. She lived for too long," Marvin explained.

In fact, in the game, Dark Phoenix waited even longer. She gradually revealed herself around the end of the first period of the Great Calamity.

In this timeline, Marvin's dazzling performances might have made her feel something wrong, causing her to start taking bolder actions sooner.

Regardless, Dark Phoenix exposing herself earlier was beneficial for Marvin.

Because she could use a Fate Tablet fragment to ascend anytime.

One of the fragments in her hand was [Magic].

Wizard God Lance was a very special God. His title was misleading, because he actually wasn't a God in charge of Magic. He was Feinan's most powerful God. But he was named this way because he created the Universe Magic Pool and was worshipped by the Wizards.

But the Wizards and the Wizard God had no "faith" relationship.

This was only a title.

This world still didn't have a God of Magic.

Although the fragment of Magic was obtained, Dark Phoenix didn't dare to ascend while the Wizard God was still present.

She chose to bear with it patiently, and she had gotten it right. At the end of the 4th era, the New Gods couldn't resist attacking the Universe magic Pool.

And the Wizard God had already left this world.

With the Universe Magic Pool collapsing and the world becoming chaotic, it was her best opportunity to ascend.

In the game, she was almost successful.

But she was sneak attacked by a few Gods and failed to ascend, because she would have become one of the most powerful Gods if she succeeded.

The might of Magic was too vast.

Especially since after the Universe Magic Pool's collapse, the world was filled with Chaos Magic Power.

If she was able to become the God of Magic, Dark Phoenix could definitely control the new era's Wizards for her own uses.

This was something the New Gods of the 3rd Era were unwilling to see.

They wanted to shatter the Universe Magic Pool but didn't want Dark Phoenix to reap the benefits of their efforts.

The positions of allies and enemies would often change easily because of different interests.


The atmosphere in the living room was awkward.

The Legends were silent.

Although Marvin's words were right and Hathaway's identity as a Seer was a fact, Dark Phoenix's strength was weighing on their minds.

Even after knowing that she might attempt to ascend during the disaster, they still weren't prepared to deal with a Half-God.

Back then, Marvin had marched into the Decaying Plateau with a complete plan and those Legends were willing to follow him.

Now, facing the deeply hidden Dark Phoenix, even if the Legends had confidence in their abilities, they still wouldn't dare commit to it easily.

Marvin needed to convince them.

"It needs a reliable plan," Lorant mentioned cautiously.

This sentence seemed to be questioning Marvin, but in fact, he was helping Marvin. Marvin had saved his children, so he was naturally willing to fight alongside him.

As long as Marvin had a decent plan, he would answer first, and the other Legends would most likely consent.

But they didn't expect that a lazy voice would immediately echo, "The Night Walkers will fully support Marvin."

"I did say that I regretted missing last time's operation and that if another one happened, you had to call me."

O'Brien displayed a brilliant smile. "Half-Gods, I seem to have killed a few."

Marvin grinned gratefully at O'Brien.

Not only did this guy have shocking strength, but he also was very honest and would never beat around the bush.

When he found out about the "death" of Marvin, he had entered the glacier alone and almost killed the Azure Matriarch!

It must be known that the Azure Matriarch secret training method was passed onto her by the World Ending Twin Snakes, and the Nine-Headed body was nearly undying. Under such circumstances, despite fighting on her home ground, seven of the Azure Matriarch's heads were exploded. This guy's strength was unfathomable and was definitely comparable to Inheim's, possibly even one whole level higher!

With his backing, Marvin's mind was calm.

The other Legends were silent for a moment. Shadow Thief Owl said, "I can definitely go save Hathaway, but I'm not too proficient in killing."

Inheim similarly nodded. He still had misgivings about Marvin's information. Dark Phoenix led the South Wizard Alliance for many years. If Anthony had been the face of the Alliance, then Dark Phoenix had been the one controlling it from behind.

Such a person, how could she be associated with the filthy Gods of the 3rd Era?

But regardless of that, he would definitely save Hathaway.

The reactions of Shadow Thief Owl and Inheim were well within Marvin's expectations. He currently had no proof that could convince them.

But as long as they set off to the Black Coral Islands, Marvin could naturally find a way to show them the real Dark Phoenix.

Of the remaining Legends, Lorant was strongly supporting him. Lorant had an excellent friendship with Sky Fury and the two of them announced that they would work together with Marvin.

Such an outcome was more or less what Marvin was going for.

He didn't intend on having everyone following him because once he was gone, his territory would end up too empty.

In his plan, Constantine and Mother of Creation would remain in White River Valley.

The others went to Sword Harbor that very night and set sail toward the dark waters on a captured pirate ship. Marvin had captured a few pirate ships, and now they came in handy.

Of course, they didn't go straight to Black Coral Island. In fact, they left for Pirate King Pietrus' headquarters, Remains Island.

To let the Legends see the truth about Dark Phoenix, Pietrus was the key.

Marvin was certain that after losing the war, Pietrus would return to his headquarters and resume his operations.

As long as they could capture and interrogate him, the doubts in their hearts would disappear and Marvin would obtain more information about Dark Phoenix.

Actually, he wasn't too sure about Dark Phoenix's true strength, because that woman didn't act often in the game.

Every time she acted was in an overpowered matter, and it was related to Gods.

But he looked at the people at his side and felt that they were enough.

Leader of the Night Walkers O'Brien, Great Druid Sky Fury, Holy Spirit Deer Lorant, Legend Monk Inheim, Shadow Thief Owl, Ancient Black Dragon Izaka, himself, and the powerful Night Walkers. Such a Legend Squad was worthy of slaying a God. If there was one regretful thing, it was that they lacked a powerful Legend Wizard.

And it was unfortunate that the Elven Prince Ivan didn't answer Marvin's invitation.

After his return to Thousand Leaves Forest, the Great Elven King seemed to have revoked his banishment order, so he had many things to take care of.

This was something Marvin was very regretful about.

If Ivan came, he should have been able to lure the Sea Elven Queen.

He certainly wouldn't believe that such an outstanding lineup would be unable to deal with Dark Phoenix, who had yet to ascend.


The ship was speeding forward on the boundless sea.

Under the direction of a pirate, they entered the dense fog, going toward the northwest.

All the sails were raised and a lively figure was skipping over, cheerfully boosting the winds.

Wind Fairy!

This was the servant Hathaway had gifted Marvin. Marvin hadn't kept it with him and had let it grow wild on Sword Harbor 1.

The small fairy's growth was beyond Marvin's expectations.

It had already reached level 9 and with its innate gifts, it could unceasingly blow gusts of wind, making the ship five times faster.

This was much more powerful than a Wind Wizard trained by the South Wizard Alliance.

But using a Wind Fairy just to sail a ship was somewhat of a waste.

Marvin would have to find time to learn how to train the Wind Fairy. After all, it also was a lifeform with the potential to reach the Legend realm.

As for his pet, the Three-Headed Hellhound, it was also summoned back by Marvin.

This guy had gone to the southern side of White River Valley, wandering through the wilderness. He was clearing the area of monsters while also swallowing their souls to hasten his recovery, killing two birds with one stone.

Though the monsters on the outer side of the wilderness were powerful, they were still rarely as savage as the Hellhound.

His strength had almost recovered, having reached level 17. Moreover, that conspicuous deformed head seemed to have finished developing, while the two heads on the side had grown once again. He looked extremely fierce but was quite docile in front of Marvin.

This was the power of the contract.

Marvin had a faint feeling that the Hellhound was slightly different now after swallowing the Shadow Prince's Divinity.

He couldn't tell the details for sure, but in short, he was very optimistic about the little guy's development potential.


On the deck, several Legends were chatting idly.

Suddenly, the Hellhound began barking furiously!

A wave of emotions flowed through Marvin's mind.

'What? An aura of death?'

Marvin was at a loss for a moment. Ahead of them, a sinister outline was approaching continuously!