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Chapter 416: Dark Phoenix’s Plan

Chapter 416: Dark Phoenix’s Plan
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The Dragon's wings spread open and flapped vigorously.

Peering through the dense fog, Marvin grew increasingly more anxious!

His improved perception from being a Ruler of the Night told him that some terrible change was happening in Remains Island.

It might be too late for him to stop it.

Because this passage was way too strange. To the sides, there were magic arrays that even the Black Dragon was afraid of, and the water surging in the canyon was extremely rough. Even the Black Dragon had to keep his wings close to his body to fly.

He had to fly for no less than two minutes to get through the passage.

When he arrived at Remains Island, the green light filling the air and the dense aura of Evil Spirits already explained everything.

This was all a premeditated sacrifice!

Only a large amount of lives could temporarily interfere with the barrier of the Universe Magic Pool!

Because each life, and especially the life of a Human, had a small amount of Order power. This power of Order was a potent energy that could resonate with the origin of the world. This was also the reason that ancient evil Wizards were fond of sacrificing people.

It was one of the easier ways to quickly obtain more power.

There was no doubt that the person conducting the sacrifice was the masked black-gowned person before them.

Half of Remains Island was between them, but Marvin still saw that person.


The Great Eagles also flew over, keeping up with Marvin.

When the Legends saw this scene, their expressions became grim! They knew the terrible nature of sacrificial rituals!

The ancient runes and dark incantation were there to communicate with the target of the sacrifice!

2nd Era Evil Spirit Overlord, Evil Dragon Tomb Keeper, Tidomas!

They knew that Tidomas' main body couldn't come to this plane, but if it were only a projection, there would definitely be no need to sacrifice that many people!

So there was only one possibility. They were calling forth a part of his body!

Despite it being just a body part, it was still very frightening.

The roar of a Dragon kept echoing from under Remains Island and every corpse began dissolving into fog, including the Pirate King himself!

Marvin coldly watched the black-gowned person and suddenly shouted, "So you are willing to abandon a doppelganger like that!"

"Lady Dark Phoenix, I am very curious... At this time, why are you still hiding behind a mask?"

Everyone held their breaths and stared at the black-gowned person.

The latter laughed and truly removed her mask!

Under the mask was a delicate appearance.

Besides Marvin, the Legends' hearts were extremely heavy!

It really was Dark Phoenix!

"You are right. I'm tired of this secretive life, so it is time to take off the mask."

Dark Phoenix seemed very relaxed.

She looked at Marvin. "Without you, I might have still continued to endure, up until I found the perfect opportunity."

Marvin reacted, noticing that Dark Phoenix's sentence carried an implication.

"Eh?" he sneered, "Could it be that because of my appearance, you became afraid?"

"Indeed," Dark Phoenix admitted.

"Your appearance changed everything, Marvin. I did a Divination six hundred years before. Everything that should have happened recently has been changed by a person that should have already been dead. While Tidomas is still crossing the planar barrier, why don't we talk about your real identity? Mister Marvin?"

She smiled gently, like a close older sister.

But her eyes were fixed on Marvin as if she wanted to peer through him.

"My real identity is White River Valley's Overlord," Marvin calmly insisted. "And you seem to have hidden a lot from the Alliance and the world…"

Shadow Thief Owl's expression was strange as he cut in, "Lady Dark Phoenix, I don't understand…"

"What don't you understand?" Dark Phoenix still looked gleeful as she asked. "You don't understand why I saved Marvin, and then wanted to kill him?"

"I have to admit, this was my biggest mistake. I always thought that Seer Hathaway was my biggest obstruction."

"Exchanging a Seer for an insignificant human, this deal seemed very profitable, didn't it?"

"But I made a mistake. I should have let Marvin die under Glynos' curse."

Seeing Dark Phoenix speak so frankly, Marvin felt a bit flustered.

She was someone who could endure a lot to keep hidden, yet now she was explaining everything candidly.

It meant that she either had made sufficient preparations to ensure that everyone would be unable to leave this place, or had otherwise decided that there was no longer any need to hide anything.

Either way, this wasn't a good sign.


Inheim stood on the back of a Great Eagle and glared coldly at Dark Phoenix.

"So that means... Anthony's information was leaked to Glynos by you?"

There had actually been a lot of strange things about Great Wizard Anthony's death.

Inheim had been chasing after Glynos for this reason, but he had never understood how the Shadow Prince found Anthony and overcame his precautions. Anthony was a very careful person during his life after all. He had already been on guard before the attack, and very few people knew of his whereabouts.

Aside from the [Alliance of the Seven Orders], perhaps only a few higher-ups of the Wizard Alliance knew.

Dark Phoenix was obviously included among them, but Inheim had never doubted her before this.

Facing Inheim's question, Dark Phoenix only lightly nodded as she gave her response. "Indeed, how else could the stupid Glynos find Anthony?"

"Why did you kill him!" Inheim's voice was full of anger.

He was Anthony's best friend, to the point that he even broke his oath for his vengeance.

"He had an item in his hands that could protect the Universe Magic Pool. Even if it could only protect it for some time, it was a hindrance."

"You should already know today that fate can't be stopped."

"The Wizard Era is coming to an end, and the Gods will finally descend."

A faint smirk was hovering on Dark Phoenix's face as she taunted, "You Legends are bound to bow. Otherwise, what awaits you is only destruction!"

Facing the domineering attitude of Dark Phoenix, Marvin shot back with a grin, "I'd like to know, who should we bow to after we kill you?"

Dark Phoenix laughed loudly. "You think I'm here to talk nonsense with you, and then go all-out against you?"

"Wrong, completely wrong!"

"Do you know how many doppelgangers I have in the end? Kid, you'll never know!"

"My plan is already flawless!"

"The day the disaster strikes is the day I rule this land! Even the Gods will have to serve under my feet!"

Accompanying Dark Phoenix's arrogant laughter, Remains Island began to collapse!

A Dragon head loudly broke out of the ground!

Tidomas' head!

The Legends all made their battle preparations.

"Fight, fools!" Dark Phoenix sneered, "I have no spare time to play with you."

At these words, her silhouette faded from view!

Marvin wanted to chase after her, but a roar interrupted his movement!

His body stiffened for a moment!

This was an overpowered Dragon Might!

Even though Marvin had a property allowing him to ignore Dragon Might, he was still unable to completely resist it!

Tidomas' voice echoed, "Murderer who destroyed an Evil Spirit Plane, I saw you."

In an instant, a frightening Evil Spirit power covered the whole sea.

The Legends felt a great pressure pushing down on them.

For that split second, they were almost unable to breathe!

This was power on the level of a God!


At this very moment, in the South Wizard Alliance's cities.

All the high level Wizards gathered.

The Alliance's higher-ups had announced an emergency gathering, so all the Wizards convened at the major cities.

In Bass Harbor, for example, all the Wizards were gathered in the public square.

A black-gowned figure appeared in the sky.

"Lady Dark Phoenix!"

A Legend Wizard was respectfully waiting for her there.

The black-gowned person said, "No need to be polite."

"A critical time has come. I need to announce something."

"I obtained precise information that several days later, the Gods will attack the Universe Magic Pool!"

In an instant, the public square exploded in a huge commotion!

The Gods would attack the Universe Magic Pool? Was there a mistake? How could this happen?

Even that Legend Wizard looked distracted.

Dark Phoenix seemed to be satisfied with their reactions.

She waved her hands and countless yellow amulets appeared in the public square.

"Everyone should already know what would result from the shattering of the Universe Magic Pool."

"Every Wizard at the 3rd rank or above will be qualified to receive one amulet. If something truly happens, breaking this amulet might help you once."

The next second, she disappeared.

Leaving behind impassioned Wizards!

And similar scenes were appearing all over the areas belonging to the South Wizard Alliance!

A huge plan was already being set in motion.