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Chapter 427: To Battle!

Chapter 427: To Battle!

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The Holy scroll was as powerful as the Wish scroll.

Although Major Holy couldn't compare with the Shackles of Order set up by God Lance, the Order power contained within was very extraordinary.

The most important part was that Holy could repel evil chaotic lifeforms from entering the Sanctuary.

Marvin knew that with the current circumstances in White River Valley, a common Sanctuary wouldn't be as good.

After being the first to ignite the Source of Fire's Order, White River Valley was bound to be a thorn in many people's eyes.

Although an ordinary Sanctuary could protect those inside and resist the Wizard Monsters, it would be unable to repel them and other monsters.

But a Holy Sanctuary could.

Two of the three scrolls were used at once. It would be wrong to say that Marvin didn't feel any regret. But Pearl Island still had many resources, so it wasn't quite so bad.

With the magic staff's activation, the Earth Crystal merged into the peak below Marvin's feet.

At that instant, everyone felt an aura that seemed as stable as a mountain.

Earth Essences circulated through White River Valley, making it feel like the earth was moving.

From the Spider Crypt in the north to the wilderness in the south, from Sword Harbor in the east to River Shore City in the west. The soil of this vast territory started becoming flexible...

Marvin stood on the mountain peak like a God.

A dazzling golden radiance flickered behind him and his eyes looked radiant. These effects were caused by the activation of Major Wish!

Wish, as the name implied, was about satisfying all kinds of desires.

It was a bit similar to Divination and Major Divination. However, Major Wish would turn dreams into reality while Major Divination would turn the future into reality. When looking at the difficulty of the spells, the two were similar, but Major Divination involved the deepest secrets of the Universe, the flow of Time, and the flow of Fate. Thus, it seemed a bit more profound.

Under the effects of Major Wish, Marvin's words turned real!

"I want my territory to be invulnerable!"

His sentence had barely ended when an amber light shone on the walls surrounding his territory.

The few Golems greedily absorbed some of that aura. This was the energy drawn from the Earth Crystal, so they could potentially get a lot of benefits from absorbing it.

Maybe one or two Golems would be lucky and develop wisdom, turning into an Earth Essence lifeform variant.

The work Marvin had Wayne finish was showing its usefulness now.

Although Major Wish was tyrannical, it still needed a foundation and its energy was limited.

Without the defenses Wayne built around the territory, Marvin would have to use one third of its energy to build the defenses.

Now, he only needed one sentence to improve those simple walls with the Earth Crystal.

Under everyone's shocked eyes, those simple fortifications were quickly melding with each other.

Moreover, the originally short earth wall kept rising and even surpassed the height of Marvin's castle's walls.

A firm and steady wall completely surrounded the entire White River Valley and the Wizard Monsters were unable to intrude.

Naturally, Marvin wasn't stupid enough to completely trap himself in White River Valley.

The Sanctuary still had some exits, but he hid them quite ingeniously so that the enemies wouldn't be able to find out.

In this unusual period, the people would definitely be glad to be inside the Sanctuary and wouldn't complain too much.

Compared to the citizens in other parts of the continent, they could be considered extremely lucky.

Many adventurers were already quite shocked by these developments. One jumped up with excitement and bragged to his friends about how brilliant a decision it was to come here.

White River Valley was more or less the safest place in Feinan right now!

They could feel the powerful magical energy on the walls, which was supplied by the Earth Crystal.

But Marvin's Wish wasn't over.

"I want my enemies to be unable to find traces of the Sanctuary."

With these words, the laws distorted for the whole area!

White River Valley did not disappear from Feinan, but there were some wonderful spatial changes to its surroundings.

If one looked down from the sky, one would see a boundless thick fog covering the entire region.

This fog was rather similar to the fog previously located between the Astral Sea and the Universe Magic Pool, blocking the Gods from seeing into Feinan.

With this layer of fog, even a God wouldn't be able to spy inside White River Valley!

And even if outsiders knew the location of White River Valley, they still would be unable to find a path through the fog.

This sentence used almost half of the Wish energy!

After all, this was a very large territory.

White River Valley was no longer the small rural area that Marvin once controlled.

When including River Shore City, Sword Harbor, and the areas around the White River, his land was almost on par with the Jewel Bay area.

Marvin estimated that the remaining energy was only enough for one more wish.

He didn't immediately use it and instead condensed that energy into a Wish Pillar.

The Wish Pillar was set up on that peak, accompanying the flame of Order. When Marvin needed it, he would activate the Wish Pillar to use his final Wish to change the interior of his territory.

After he finished establishing the Sanctuary, a yellow halo descended onto Marvin because of the plane's laws.

A log suddenly appeared.

This halo was called [Sanctuary Lord].

As a Sanctuary Lord, he had many special powers. For example, he could expel this group of Wizard Monsters wreaking havoc near the northern mine!

Marvin pointed at that vast army and muttered, "Disappear!"


Before their very eyes, the five thousand Wizard Monsters disappeared from the Sanctuary!

They were completely expelled by Marvin.

Cheers immediately spread through White River Valley!

Those people who had been startled and frightened now relaxed because this disaster was dealt with.

But for Marvin, this was only the beginning.

Dark Phoenix only dispatched these Wizard Monsters to gain time.

He couldn't stay in White River Valley for too long.

He quickly used the Holy scroll to reinforce the Sanctuary with a holy light.

Any monster that entered mistakenly would be directly purified by the holy light.

The remaining holy energy was also condensed into a Holy Pillar.

The two pillars soared and rested in the Source of Fire's Order.

The Sanctuary was peaceful.

Marvin let out a sigh and looked at the Legends.

They all nodded.

Their eyes were very calm because Marvin had already caused too many shocking things. If an ordinary person set up a Holy Sanctuary during the Great Calamity, they might have looked at that person with great respect.

But Marvin? By now, the Legends considered that to be normal.

It was the upcoming battle that made their expressions heavy.

This battle would be very frightening.

The enemy was someone with the potential to become a God.

Although she was at her weakest during the ascension ritual, it was still uncertain whether they could defeat her.

But no one chose to quit at that time.

"I won't say much."

"Most likely, everyone is prepared to die."

"In fact, I'm very tired of fighting. Who doesn't want to be an ordinary person and peacefully enjoy life?"

"But living in this era is our saddest circumstance... or maybe it is our most glorious opportunity!"

Marvin's voice suddenly rose as he looked at everyone. "Outside Feinan, there is a group of people considering themselves to be Gods while wantonly bringing destruction to the continent. The three Plane Guardians and a youth who has been in an Astral Beast's body for who knows how many years are currently fighting them. I know that everything points to disaster."

"But since they chose to fight, how could we just escape?"

"The consequences of Dark Phoenix ascending, do I even need to talk about them?"

"She chose the best timing and she is a very powerful enemy… But these are irrelevant to me."

He unsheathed his daggers in a flash of cold light.

"I'll kill her."

Then, Marvin turned to open a passage from the Sanctuary and walked out.

All the Legends tacitly followed!

Everyone in White River Valley looked at their backs as they left.

In the northern mine, a girl with clothes filled with dust softly prayed, "You must come back alive."

"You said you would play Rock with me again…"


All over Feinan.

Marvin's declaration spread through the entire continent.

White River Valley becoming a Holy Sanctuary and the Wizard Monsters being expelled without doing much, these scenes thoroughly ignited a flame in the hearts of Feinan's inhabitants.

The flame of hope.

Mankind still had hope.

At this most difficult juncture, there would still be people like the Great Elven King, the Cloud Monk, that old man, that youth in the Astral Beast, and Marvin.

The Wizard Era might be over.

But the era of slavery to the Gods would never come!


In a layer of Hell, countless Devils were ready and waiting.

They only needed the order of that Devil Overlord above them to rush into Feinan so they could kill, plunder, and destroy!

But even after a long time passed, the Devil Overlord still had yet to give the order.

The Devils weren't uneasy about this and simply waited peacefully.

But the Devils couldn't have imagined that the Great Devil Head in the sky was inwardly sighing in exasperation. 'Really making things difficult for me…'

'My offspring actually wants to become the hero saving Feinan.'

'And his grandfather is bound to become the villain of the story… Thinking about it, it is so cliché.'