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Chapter 431: Tiramisu

Chapter 431: Tiramisu

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The Dragon's words shocked Marvin.

He couldn't help but ask, "Where are we? What is the meaning of your question?"

The Dragon glanced at Marvin and told him with a strange expression, "What's that nonsense? We're in the depths of the Astral Plane."

Marvin remained silent.

Of course he knew that they were in the depths of the Astral Plane.

Dark Phoenix used the Astral Plane Seal to send him here. His body still had a faint connection to her.

While Marvin was floating in the endless Astral Plane, Dark Phoenix could pull him back to Feinan with a single thought.

But Marvin didn't know what Feinan would be like by then.

He had already done his best, and now he could only hope that the 3rd part of his plan would be effective.

Marvin always liked to keep an extra card in reserve.

'I don't know whether Inheim found the others of the Alliance of the Seven Orders. If they could come, killing Dark Phoenix might be possible…'

As he thought about this, he suddenly realized that since he reached this amber ball of light, his connection to Dark Phoenix had surprisingly been severed!

He considered the Dragon's words as he took in his surroundings.

But aside from the light, there was nothing here.

"This is a cage." The Dragon shrugged ambivalently as he explained, "You can't see anything outside from here, and there is also nothing in here. My father locked me up many years ago."

"I made some rookie mistakes and thus… You understand."

"If you are hungry, I actually do have a lot of food."

After saying that, a gargantuan pile of coconuts appeared in front of the Dragon. He waved his arm and invited, "You can try some."

Marvin's attention returned to the Dragon's body. He carefully examined the Dragon's unique features and after a while, he involuntarily blurted out, "You are the Eternal Time Dragon!? Hold on… You aren't Sir Bacon…"

The Dragon shook his head. "Bacon is my father's name, I am Tiramisu."

Marvin felt a headache. What's up with that name?

The Eternal Time Dragon was Wizard God Lance's closest companion. The two were inseparable. In the entire Universe, the Eternal Time Dragon was the highest type of lifeform. Common Dragons simply couldn't compare to it. An adult Eternal Time Dragon could destroy all the Gods, but such an existence was very rare.

Their lifespans seemed almost eternal. But it was said that during an Eternal Time Dragon's lifetime, they might not be able to meet another of their kind.

Some conjectured that a Universe could only have one Eternal Time Dragon, so as a result, two of them could never meet.

The birth of an Eternal Time Dragon meant the fall, or perhaps the departure, of another.

Now, a living Eternal Time Dragon appeared before Marvin.

This meant that Lance's closest partner, Bacon, had already left this Universe.

Then what about Lance himself?

Marvin had too many questions in mind. This Dragon looked like he knew a lot, so Marvin asked again, "What did you mean earlier?"

"Why did you call me the person chosen by Lance?"

He had a faint feeling that he was finally approaching the truth of the matter.

But how could he have expected the Dragon to awkwardly answer, "Eh? I just spoke without thinking."

"I didn't see Sir Lance, even though my name was chosen by him, and I also didn't get to see my father…"

"But I know your name. I was very restless when I was in my egg. I heard something about the plan that my father and Sir Lance made. And they mentioned your name, [Marvin]. Isn't that right? I have some special abilities that allow me to see through your name and part of your past."

"Later, because I did some bad things while still in my egg, my father decided to lock me up here. Only when my power is sufficient will I be able to break through the shackles and leave. You see, it's very boring in here."

Marvin listened, dumbstruck.

His transmigration… As expected, it wasn't an accident!

What was Great God Lance's plan?

Construct Mark 47, and Eternal Time Dragon Bacon's offspring… They leaked some information, and now Marvin knew that his own transmigration was definitely related to Lance.

What did he want in the end?

Using a Gamer to save a world? That sounded like such a bad joke.

If he wanted to stop this Great Calamity, why didn't he do it himself?

Now Marvin was finally 100% certain that this was a real world and that it wasn't just some delusion.

Then, what about Earth's "Feinan Continent" game?

His head felt like bursting.

At that time, Tiramisu added, "Oh right, I did hear about something related to you."

"Before your name was mentioned, Lance had been chatting with my father and said something about wanting to return to his homeworld."


Something clicked in Marvin's mind.

The homeworld Tiramisu mentioned, could it be Earth?

Could it be that Feinan's God, Lance, was also someone from Earth?


Steel City's southern suburbs.

Constantine, who had been prepared to die with Endless Ocean, stopped his movements because of the arrival of reinforcements.

The Wood Elf on the Golden Griffin seemed to have no fighting power, but her mount was extraordinary.

That deep roar actually sent those Wizards into disorder for a short time!

The Order power imbued in the roar even had a hint of a Source of Fire's Order.

This was a Golden Griffin that had evolved to the extreme!

Even Thousand Leaves Forest probably had very few beings that could contend with it.

Everyone's eyes gathered on the Wood Elf on the back of the Griffin.

What was so special about her? How could she become the master of such a powerful lifeform?

They soon felt a bit disappointed.

This Wood Elven Girl looked very delicate and her strength was simply a mess!

But what was with that confident expression?

"This girl…"

O'Brien asked in bafflement, "Isn't she that messenger?"

He recalled that the Great Elven King previously sent that girl to deliver a message to Marvin.

Thousand Leaves Forest couldn't send help, but in the end, she still came here.

A weak Wood Elf?

Even if she was riding a Golden Griffin, how much could that change?

Dark Phoenix smiled.

She didn't even bother to look at the Wood Elf. The Golden Griffin could temporarily intimidate the Wizard Monsters, but the Divine Servants would definitely be able to kill it.

After that, the Wood Elf would only be a small appetizer.

What truly drew her attention was that shadow approaching from the west!


Jessica was flying toward them like a bolt of lightning. Fate Power was useful in all kinds of situations.

She was clearly a caster, but she could use Fate Power to enhance her physical abilities and fight more like a Berserker instead.

This versatility was one of the strengths of a Fate Sorceress.

She rushed straight into the battlefield and released her astounding Fate Power, instantly taking care of the thirty Wizard Monsters near the totemic pillar!


Seeing this kind of breathtaking entrance, everyone felt a bit moved.

Even O'Brien, who was at least as powerful as her, couldn't help but feel some admiration.

With such reinforcements arriving, the Legends could breathe a sigh of relief.

They already knew about the great strength of this Fate Sorceress from Rocky Mountain.

Jessica clearly wasn't on Dark Phoenix's side. They knew that Marvin had a very good relationship with the three sisters, which was probably why she came to help.

To be honest, O'Brien and Jessica were certainly at a similar level of power.

But he had a melee class and couldn't be as effective when facing a veritable horde of Wizard Monsters, especially with the powerful Divine Servants among them. The Legend Divine Servants had been giving O'Brien great difficulties.

Jessica could deal with them more effectively.

Fate Power was one of the strongest kinds of power in existence. It was even a bit stronger than Divine Power!

Because Fate Power enjoyed the blessing of the plane's laws, Jessica's power was the strongest type overall in Feinan!

And rather than being limited to casting spells, Jessica's Fate Power could adapt itself to be as suitable as possible for fighting the Wizard Monsters.

Just her arrival was enough to let the other Legends break free from the army of transformed Wizards.

Dark Phoenix's expression was rather gloomy.

Jessica's appearance not only made her feel threatened, but also jealous!

After enduring for so many years, she still had to go through so much trouble in hope of ascending.

Meanwhile, some people were born with the favor of the world!

They didn't need to do anything, only needing to drink and sleep to wake up with an increase in power.

This was completely unfair!

Dark Phoenix's eyes burned with murderous intent.

A moment later, she sneered. So what if they were strong?

Marvin was already in her hands. With their stupid emotions, would they dare to do anything with their friend's life on the line?

With that in mind, she undid her Astral Plane Seal and extended her hand toward the pitch-black hole!

But there was nothing there.

'How could this be?'

'He actually escaped from my Astral Plane Seal?'

Dark Phoenix was livid!

A feeling of crisis rose up in her heart.

Jessica was standing in front of the totemic pillar, and none of the Wizard Monsters dared to approach.

The Golden Griffin carried the Wood Elf named Butterfly and slowly descended into the light of the totem.

Jessica and Constantine were surprised as Butterfly casually got off the Golden Griffin and handed her sword to Constantine.

"Prince Ivan told me to lend you this."

The longsword looked simple but had a special luster.

"This is… Glorious Wind?"

Constantine was shocked.

One of the Nine Elven Swords.

The most precious treasure of Thousand Leaves Forest!

Constantine was baffled because he couldn't see how Ivan knew that he needed this sword!

Everyone only knew about his strength as a Battle Gunner and a Night Walker.

Butterfly lightly laughed, "It is indeed [Glorious Wind]."

"Don't ask me, I am only a messenger. I don't know anything else."

"Prince Ivan said this might be useful to you, so I came to deliver it."

After thanking her, Constantine solemnly took Glorious Wind and his aura suddenly changed.

On the other side, Jessica had been looking around at everyone. She suddenly asked:

"What about Marvin?"