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Chapter 433: Old Alliance of the Seven Orders

Chapter 433: Old Alliance of the Seven Orders

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Facing Marvin's doubts, Tiramisu only smiled and took out a contract.

Marvin looked through it once very cautiously.

There didn't seem to be anything wrong with this contract.

In the past, he had crossed paths with Devils numerous times, and as such, he was very experienced with contracts.

This contract was very straightforward. It stated that Tiramisu would help Marvin return to Feinan, and then Marvin would have three years to think of a way to get the Wormhole Pearl to Tiramisu.

Three years would be enough for Marvin to become very powerful. By then, Marvin should be able to find ways to get the unfathomable Mark 47 to give him the Wormhole Pearl.

He had some slight hesitation, but ultimately, he thought about the grave crisis in Feinan.

If he could reappear, it would surprise Dark Phoenix and contribute to the victory.

He understood Dark Phoenix. That woman was like him, always keeping a lot of hidden cards.

If the Sea Elven Queen arrived on schedule and Inheim brought the Old Alliance of the Seven Orders, the Legends might be able to gain an advantage.

But if Dark Phoenix wanted to escape, few of them would be able to catch up!

Only with Marvin's Night Tracking would they be able to pursue that woman to death.

And Dark Phoenix had to die.

It wasn't the time to bargain with Tiramisu to try to get more benefits.

And maybe he would get some benefits from saving him.

Thus, Marvin agreed and signed the contract.

The Dragon happily handed Marvin a crystal and explained, "This has the plane coordinates of this space."

"When you get the Wormhole Pearl, as long as you follow these coordinates to look for me, I'll be able to notice it."

Marvin nodded. "It's time for you to honor your end of the deal."

"Take me back to Feinan."

Tiramisu looked quite giddy as he pointed outside with his claw. "Of course, of course."

"First, go out…"

Marvin felt a bit doubtful, but he left the light ball.

He instantly felt a powerful force calling out for him!

Tiramisu's voice echoed in his ears, "Quickly answer her call. Your friend is using [Trace Back] to look for you. As long as you choose to answer her call, she can take you back to Feinan!"


Marvin almost spat a mouthful of blood!

So that was it.

Marvin had thought that Tiramisu himself would bring him back to Feinan. No wonder the Dragon had seemed a bit treacherous. He actually made a deal to profit from someone else's work!

Although Ding had been using Trace Back for quite some time while he was in the Eternal Time Dragon's cage, Marvin hadn't been able to hear it.

But apparently, Tiramisu could sense it. This deceitful guy must have been afraid that Marvin wouldn't save him so he swindled Marvin into signing a contract.

Thinking of this, Marvin could only force a smile.

He had been duped. All he needed to do was to return to the Astral Plane and he would have been able to hear that strong call.

"Marvin, you big idiot!"

"You are finally here!"

"I've been exhausting myself looking for you!"

"Wuwuwu… There was no trace of you for so long! You don't know how exhausting it is to keep using Trace Back!"

"Next time we meet, I'll use Lightning Storm to ravage you!"

Ding's voice echoed nonstop in Marvin's mind.

Marvin didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He hadn't expected this little thing to seek him so desperately with Trace Back.

Since Ding was there, one of the three sisters must have come to help too.

Was it Jessica? Or Kate? It definitely couldn't be Lorie.

The power of Wisdom wasn't suitable for battle, and moreover, Lorie wasn't strong enough.

Marvin quickly answered, "I'm here!"

In an instant, that voice cursed, "You wanted to be a Hero and ended being sealed in the Astral Plane?"

"And after being sealed, you didn't answer when I searched! It should have taken only a second for me to find you!"

"Do you know how much Magic Power I wasted!"

Facing Ding's angry remarks, Marvin only lazily answered, "Get me back."

Ding coldly snapped, "No can do!"

The next second, he lost the connection.

Marvin felt a bit worried.

No way?!

Would the little Fortune Fairy really throw a fit at such a critical time?

She wouldn't take him back because he answered late?

Wasn't this too exaggerated?


Feinan, in the southern suburbs of Steel City.

With the Old Alliance of the Seven Orders and the Sea Elven Queen joining the fray, the situation had swung yet again.

They certainly wouldn't be overwhelmed by the Wizard Monsters and Divine Servants now.

Dark Phoenix's expression sank; the situation had deteriorated a lot.

There were really too many Legends now.

At the same time, Dark Phoenix was still at a relatively dangerous part of her ascension!

She had been lavishly using her Divine Power inspire new followers. She was trying to reach the highest level of Divinity in one go, which required a huge amount of followers!

She needed to have enough followers to stabilize her Divinity within three days, or else she simply wouldn't be able to keep going!

Her mind was also focused on the Magic Godhood.

She could only rely on her Wizard Army and Divine Servants at the moment.

She only had 2-3% of her power available!

At her peak, Dark Phoenix was about a hundred times stronger than an average Legend!

Even now, she was still far beyond ordinary Legends, but the ones she was facing weren't ordinary!

Legend Monk Inheim!

One of the strongest on the continent! And although he wasn't on the level of the Great Elven King and the other Plane Guardians, he had previously defeated the Shadow Prince's avatar on his own!

The Leader of the Night Walkers, O'Brien!

He was more powerful than even Inheim, and no one even knew exactly how strong he was. Besides his Legend Night Walker class, he had benefited from many other opportunities. His body was as strong as a Dragon's and his close combat ability was first-rate. If he hadn't been alone on the front line holding off the Wizard Monsters, Marvin's plan might have been successful.

Fate Sorceress Jessica!

The Sea Elven Queen, the 4th recorded [Admiral] born from the Sea Elven clan, a pinnacle caster class!

There was no need to say more about how incredible these two were.

And Constantine's fighting ability became outstanding after he obtained Glorious Wind.

Most others might not know, but Dark Phoenix had thoroughly investigated him.

Although on the surface this guy was only a Legend Night Walker with a Battle Gunner subclass, he also had extremely adept swordsmanship.

But the type of swordsmanship he'd learned was a taboo one. It had a very large price, most likely costing his lifespan.

Additionally, the conditions to use the swordsmanship were very harsh. It required a specific type of double-edged sword.

Constantine had used his swordsmanship before when killing the Crimson Patriarch.

At that time, he had used the Demon Slaying Sword, which he had borrowed. Unfortunately, the Demon Slaying Sword had a limited number of uses before it would return to its owner. After being used against the Crimson Patriarch, the sword went back and Constantine no longer had any opportunities to display his swordsmanship.

But now, Ivan was letting him borrow his mother's memento, Glorious Wind, one of the Nine Elven Swords.

Constantine could use that fierce swordsmanship once more. Although it wouldn't be accurate to say that his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds, the explosiveness of his attacks would be very frightening.

After all, the Elven part of the [Nine Elven Swords] wasn't referring to Wood Elves, but High Elves!

The High Elves had controlled this world for an entire era. It was said that every High Elf could live for more than a thousand years. If not for the Ancient Elven God's oracle, they wouldn't have retreated to hide in a Sanctuary.

The Nine Elven Swords were exceptionally powerful, and in worthy hands, they would display absolute supremacy.


And the others weren't common powerhouses either.

Inheim was late because he had gone to invite the comrades of the Alliance of the Seven Orders.

In fact, Marvin had told Inheim to start his trip before the Great Calamity began. But the members of the Alliance of the Seven Orders were scattered in various parts of the continent and reaching them was hard.

But fortunately, he managed to arrive.

The Alliance of the Seven Orders was originally made up of six people: Guardian Monk Inheim, Great Caster Anthony, Dryad Chloe, Volcano Giant Woodhead, and two other Blue Mountain Guardians. Besides Anthony and Inheim, the others weren't humans, but they were all peak Legends.

Dryad Chloe and Volcano Giant Woodhead were both Legend casters and could take care of two totems.

As for the Blue Mountain Guardians, they were the Protectors of the Dwarves. They lived in seclusion in the core of the Millennium Mountain Range, guarding the peace of the mountain range.

These people together were enough to startle Dark Phoenix.

But she didn't want to give up.

She looked quite grim as she mentally gave an order:

"Rouse all the Divine Servants!"

"You must block them."

After a slight delay, two lights flashed from her hands. None were able to stop them and the two rays of light soared into the horizon.

After the messages were sent, Dark Phoenix's eyes were filled with resolve.

Marvin wasn't the only one who had friends... She also had some, and even if they weren't necessarily reliable, with the promise of enough benefits, they would still help her.

Dark Phoenix was furious.

She had never been forced into such a situation. These Legends had to die!


They all finished gathering under the totems.

At that time, Ding angrily informed them, "Found Marvin. That kid is quite alright, very lively. He just can't return by himself."

Everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Jessica's eyes shone. "Tell him to be ready! We will make a move!"

Ding didn't understand. "Ready for what?"

"For what? Obviously, killing a God!"