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Chapter 437: Eve

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As this voice echoed, everyone suddenly discovered that the entire area in the southern suburbs had become extremely cold.

Cold winds whistled by as the surroundings came to resemble a dead world.

"This is…"

"The aura of Necromancy?"

Constantine looked around in bewilderment while gripping Glorious Wind.

They were all on guard.

A sound came from the ground.

Red-clothed skeletons began crawling out from the earth!

The auras of these monsters were quite frightening and the boundary was surprisingly unable to seal their power!

In the distance, they could see a man wearing a long black cloak unhurriedly approaching.

He had a short build and a very sharp tone. "I guess everyone has bad days. I did tell you that you should never underestimate your enemies."

"People who set themselves against the world rarely have a good ending."

"Didn't you accept my condition in the end? My Corpse Servants are a lot more useful than your Divine Servants!"

As that man laughed, a huge number of skeletons launched a fierce attack on the Legends.

Some humanoid red-clothed skeletons even seemed to nibble on the totems' light!

In mere moments, the boundary was on the verge of collapse!

"You are that slumbering Necromancer Monarch from the Despair Hills!"

Constantine had figured out the newcomer's identity.

The latter didn't deny it and showed a slight smile. "My other identity is rarely mentioned... Dark Phoenix's former husband."

"Although we only stayed married for three days, we are still related in that way."

His voice was exceptionally icy, making everyone feel cold.

They hadn't thought that at such a critical time, there would be such a mighty powerhouse coming to her aid.

And it was a Legend that could contend with Gods!

"This guy… You've been hiding like a corpse in the Despair hills because you feared the Great Elven King!"

"Now that Nicholas went to the Universe Magic Pool, you actually dare to come out?"

"And hah, what a former husband... I remember that before Dark Phoenix married you, she wasn't aware that you had become a eunuch!"

At such a time, maybe only Ding would be able to mock him with such harsh words.

The Fortune Fairy glared disdainfully at the Necromancer Monarch.

It was clear that she knew a lot about his past. Fate Tablet fragments had special abilities, so it wasn't too strange for Ding to know about the story behind the Necromancer Monarch.

But this piece of gossip wouldn't be able to influence the outcome of the battle.

The Necromancer Monarch simply glanced at Ding and decided that he didn't feel like bickering with her.

The red-clothed skeletons he summoned were such frightening lifeforms!

These monsters looked exactly the same, but some of them had incredible power, close to that of Legends, while some were weak, shattering in one hit. A few others had special abilities and were able to swallow the light being emitted by the totems!

In less than ten seconds, the four totems would no longer be able to handle it.

And in that period of time, Marvin was able to successfully kill Dark Phoenix once more!

But she was still alive! Although her Divine Source was a lot bleaker, her physical body was starting to reconstruct yet again!

Marvin and the others were vexed by this development.

Inheim quickly approached the Necromancer Monarch, striking out at him with Quivering Palm.


The black-clothed man was shattered!

But a sneering voice echoed once again. "Brainless guy. I didn't come with my main body. A few Corpse Servants are enough to handle you guys."

On a mound nearby, a red-clothed skeleton mischievously laughed, "You can't kill me."

"But Dark Phoenix can kill you."

Everyone was startled after hearing those words.

The next moment, the four casters on the totemic pillars felt the boundary collapsing!

Dark Phoenix's body finished reconstructing just then, and Marvin was about to kill her for the 32nd time...


Azure Leaf slashed through empty air. Marvin stopped and looked at Dark Phoenix.

She was giving him a withering scowl while a powerful force was quickly condensing!

"Those who blaspheme the Goddess of Magic will inevitably suffer a punishment worse than death!"

"Your soul will suffer for all eternity!"

Dark Phoenix's Divine Power burst out in a split second and she used her fiercest Divine Spell to attack Marvin!

He took a deep breath. He had already expected a situation like this.

There was no chance to run right now.

He could only stake it all.

Taking her down with him would be fine!

He had a determined look as he launched Night Beheading once again!

At this time, a few kilometers north of them, a girl carrying three swords suddenly came to a stop.

A strange light flickered in her eyes as she drew a glittering purple sword and vanished into thin air!


The sky depicted the scene of Dark Phoenix escaping Marvin's torture.

The frightening Necromancer Monarch's interruption left many feeling distraught.

All of those who could understand the situation felt sorry for Marvin's group after that last-minute failure.

The four totems and a battle formation of more than ten Legends weren't able to stop the ascension of Dark Phoenix.

Then how powerful could a real God be?

Many people could feel despair creeping into their hearts.

They glanced at Dark Phoenix's cold face and domineering attitude and they felt compelled to acknowledge her strength.

It seemed like there was a voice in their minds constantly whispering, "Swear allegiance."

"Resisting is meaningless. Gods are almighty. Mortals can only worship them and gain blessings and redemption."

Many people with weak willpower were once again about to lower their heads to Dark Phoenix.

But much to their surprise, a sharp sword suddenly pierced through Dark Phoenix's chest.

A girl full of resolve appeared behind Dark Phoenix out of nowhere.

She had two swords on her back and was holding another one in her hand.

It was that brightly glittering purple sword… It managed to pierce Dark Phoenix's heart from a few kilometers away!

Marvin's Night Beheading hadn't even landed.

Dark Phoenix's eyes were wide open with shock. She didn't even know what happened and was killed yet again!


Marvin was also startled.

He only saw a purple light, and then Dark Phoenix lost her life with a sword through her chest.

Her body once again hovered away as her Divine Source restored it.

Marvin instinctively rushed closer to the newcomer.

This girl's hair was light brown with some slight shades of purple. Five cuffed servants appeared noiselessly behind her.


Marvin called out to the girl.

Surprise filled her eyes.

How could that man know her name?

But this was a battlefield, after all, so she couldn't ponder this or take the time to get acquainted.

Dark Phoenix was regenerating.

"We will never see the end of it," Marvin muttered in annoyance as he activated Night Boundary and rushed to the place where Dark Phoenix was resurrecting!