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Chapter 438: One More Time

Chapter 438: One More Time

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Even though the power of the four totems boundary was already weakened and couldn't completely seal Dark Phoenix's Divine Power now, Eve's intervention managed to catch Dark Phoenix off guard while giving Marvin a chance to catch his breath.

He accurately grasped this chance and once again, killed Dark Phoenix just as her body reconstructed!

His daggers danced crazily and Dark Phoenix let out a miserable howl as golden blood flew out!

She had now died no less than thirty-three times, and out of those, thirty-two had been caused by Marvin and the last one was due to the Valkyrie, Eve.

And after the last death, the Divine Source in Dark Phoenix's body began weakening at an easily noticeable speed!

"Seal her one more time!" Ding loudly shouted, "That woman can't resurrect anymore!"

With Ding's prompt, the Legends went all-out.

Glorious Wind danced among the red-clothed skeletons, sweeping away a large number of the Corpse Servants.

O'Brien and Inheim also used their own methods to hinder the enemies and give Marvin space to attack!

Even Dryad Chloe and Volcano Giant Woodhead, who couldn't support themselves anymore, used their last bit of strength to try to restabilize the boundary.

At that second, Dark Phoenix's Divine Source flared up, as if trying to catch a second wind.

Marvin's gaze was stern as he shouted, "One more time!"

As long as he landed one more attack, he would be able to completely erase Dark Phoenix from this world!

His already sore arms regained their strength and he focused hard to predict where Dark Phoenix would be reborn!

The boundary made by the four totems was truly a lot weaker now.

Though she was on her last legs, this time, Dark Phoenix was clearly able to mobilize her remaining power much more easily! Her body was reforming very close to the edge of the boundary!

There, the effect was a lot weaker!

Clearly, she was worried enough about her Divine Source being extinguished to be willing to suspend her ascension for now!

She wanted to escape!

With victory just around the corner, everyone was frantic and desperate.

But Marvin forced himself to stay calm.

He knew that the closer he got to the end goal, the more cautious he needed to be.

It would be an immense shame if he let Dark Phoenix escape after everything that they had accomplished.

She would only need to find a place to hide and slowly accumulate Divine Source all over again before eventually taking another opportunity to rise up!

Marvin would definitely not allow this to happen!

Dark Phoenix had forced Hathaway to seal herself on the Black Coral Islands and then sent an army to attack White River Valley. She and Marvin were mortal enemies.

He would kill her even if it wasn't to protect Feinan.

In an instant, Marvin scrunched his brows and focused his mind... his daggers started to shiver a bit as a sharp sound came from them.

This was a sign that his Desperation Blade Technique Style was reaching a certain state.


Feinan, at the second layer of the Universe Magic Pool.

Everyone made sure to pay some attention to the battle in the suburbs of Steel City.

This battle kept having so many reversals and really left them feeling dazed.

First, Marvin's attack failed and he was sealed in the Astral Plane. Then, many Legends arrived as reinforcements and Marvin miraculously returned, landing a killing blow on Dark Phoenix. Shortly after, the Necromancer Monarch appeared and Dark Phoenix seemed to regain her momentum. Lastly, Eve arrived. Would the back-and-forth never cease?

Nobody there had heard of the name of the North's Valkyrie.

This girl with short brown hair had a unique and resolute character. Although she was a young girl, she was just like the holy sword in her hand, sharp and unstoppable!

If Jessica could be considered fierce and domineering, then Eve was sharp and unstoppable.

She was like a peerlessly sharp blade and she pierced Dark Phoenix's heart, triggering the crucial 32nd resurrection and changing the situation.

Now, Dark Phoenix had resurrected thirty-three times.

She only had a total of thirty-three resurrections.

So her 34th life was her last. She couldn't afford to die anymore.

If she died, her Divine Source would be completely extinguished and her Divinity shattered. After all, she still hadn't successfully ascended!

Dying during the ascension ritual would result in the destruction of the soul, dissolving into the plane with nothing remaining.

Dark Phoenix and the Necromancer Monarch were clear about what would happen.

The former exhausted all her Divine Power to make sure the location of her final rebirth was as far as possible from the center of the boundary. And the latter also didn't care about the expenditure and summoned a large group of special Corpse Servants to crazily consume the power of the totems.

By this point, it was clear that Dark Phoenix's ascension ritual had failed. She could only escape and bide her time to retaliate!

Whether she would survive or die depended on Marvin's next move!

If he succeeded, then it would be the end of the Great Calamity's first big crisis!

It would let the Gods know that Feinan wasn't just a juicy piece of meat they could divide as they wished.

Mankind and the other races weren't going to just foolishly worship them.

Facing the unreasonable disaster, the Gods' so-called trial, the people of Feinan would resist!

If he failed… everything would become very difficult.

If Dark Phoenix could endure patiently as she had before, it would be a war of attrition between them and it would be very difficult to get another chance to finish her off!

Even if she didn't attain Godhood, she was this world's most powerful Legend Wizard.

This was unquestionable.

In fact, if she hadn't taken such a big risk in hopes of catapulting herself into one of the most powerful Godhoods, Marvin and the others almost certainly wouldn't have had a chance to kill her!

Thus, this last exchange would decide the course of the situation in Feinan for the next half a year or so!

Everyone focused on Marvin!


At this time, Marvin's eyes and mind were completely locked onto Dark Phoenix's soul mark.

This was a mysterious feeling, and even the interface didn't reflect it.

He once heard about this special state when Kangen was teaching him the Blade Technique Style.

Desperation Style was a very formidable achievement of the Martial Path, and when coordinated with the [Azure Leaf]s, it would burst with frightening power.

Marvin was wholeheartedly focused and felt like his senses were working on overdrive.

Time seemed to come to a stop as he focused on that Divine Source slowly mending the wounds in Dark Phoenix's body.

Right then, he stopped frowning in concentration...


He judged it perfectly, and right at the split second when he made his move, Dark Phoenix also finished reviving!

Marvin's silhouette was behind her!

At that moment, she was just regaining her consciousness.

Some of those watching already started to feel sorry for Dark Phoenix.

Among the Gods, some were rejoicing in her misfortune.

They didn't expect that Dark Phoenix would be killed while ascending in Feinan!

But the second Marvin made his move, a cold shadow became visible behind him.

A long chain instantly wrapped around Marvin's ankle and pulled him back!