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Chapter 439: Pursuit

Chapter 439: Pursuit

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A strong force pulled Marvin back!

Marvin's heart was burning! Just as he was about to finally finish off Dark Phoenix, he was thwarted!

Who was it?!

He turned to look and froze.

It was actually one of the five masked and cuffed servants!

What the fuck did they want?

Even Eve seemed puzzled.

The servant holding the chain haughtily declared, "Only the Valkyrie's successor is worthy of killing a God."

"Miss Eve, please quickly end Dark Phoenix's life."

"These others simply don't have the qualifications."

Marvin burst with anger!

He didn't have much contact with the Valkyrie in the past and he didn't know much about her people, but he hadn't expected that something so absurd would happen at such a crucial time.

Was that guy freaking deranged?

Marvin didn't say anything and just slashed down, severing the chain.

But he had already lost the best opportunity.

Dark Phoenix had already resurrected!


Let alone Marvin, even the others who saw this were stunned.

Could it be that the girl was not here to help? Why would her subordinate suddenly stop Marvin from killing Dark Phoenix?

After hearing his reason, the Legends who had been trying so hard to kill Dark Phoenix felt that it was even more ridiculous!



Why would they need to be qualified to kill a God?

Eve herself was hesitating and was about to say something, but Jessica suddenly went berserk!

She suddenly disappeared from her location and burst out with Fate Power, punching that masked servant!

Before the latter even made a sound, he was sent flying into the woods, knocking down many trees!

"Hey, Girl, you need to manage your subordinates better!" Jessica snarled while unhappily glaring at Eve.

Eve's embarrassed expression suddenly changed, as she snapped back, "What did you say?"

"Could it be that you are working together with Dark Phoenix?" Jessica shouted.

Eve tightened her grip on the sword and slashed down. "My people don't need you telling them what to do!"

Thus, while everyone was left flabbergasted, these two powerful women started fighting then and there!

Marvin was extremely angry and exasperated at them.

The fight between the Fate Sorceress of Power and the Holy Swords Valkyrie should be quite even and could possibly last for entire days.

But the thing was that although they didn't like each other in the game, they weren't enemies either!

Even if you have issues with each other, do you really need to take care of it now?

Dark Phoenix is at her last life, how about we kill her first and deal with the rest later?

All this happened in mere moments.

But it was already enough for Dark Phoenix.

With Jessica leaving her totem, the boundary immediately collapsed under the attacks of the Necromancer Monarch.

Dark Phoenix recovered her freedom!

Marvin wished he could have some time to ruthlessly scold these two idiots.

With their tyrannical strength, not many people on the continent could boss them around. Although Marvin was a Ruler of the Night, he was also a newly advanced Legend and was far from being able to contend with them.

"Dark Phoenix is fleeing!" Ding shouted.

As it turned out, the two women were still rational enough to break off their fight and rush over.

Sure enough, after the four totems boundary collapsed, Dark Phoenix began using Teleportation Doors.

With a series of Teleportation Doors, Dark Phoenix escaped a kilometer away from the battlefield!

"We can't let her escape!" The servant who had been punched away by Jessica had returned at some point.

Strange chains flew out simultaneously from all the servants' hands!

This time, the chains didn't seem to be the same kind used to snare Marvin. The material looked different, with some translucent luster!

The chains went through the void and bound Dark Phoenix's body despite her being a kilometer away.

"Miss, please do it now," the five servants said respectfully.

The Goddess of Magic bellowed angrily. She used more than a dozen Divine Spells and was still unable to escape or break the chains!

It could only be seen from the servants' shuddering bodies how much of a toll it was taking on them to restrain Dark Phoenix.

Eve drew her sword and rushed over.

Jessica snorted coldly, unwillingness flashing through her eyes.

Her Fate Power flickered and Marvin nervously held her back.

It didn't matter to him who killed Dark Phoenix.

As long as she died today, it would be all good.

This was the most basic rule of the joint Legend battle.

Although Eve's servant broke that rule, Marvin hoped that no further issues would arise.

He'd have no problem with letting Eve kill Dark Phoenix.

But just to make sure, Marvin went into the Shadow Realm and quickly approached Dark Phoenix, considering how many things had gone wrong already.

If Eve failed, he would be able to provide help.

Sure enough, just as Marvin had feared, something went awry. Although Eve's silhouette was as fast as lightning and the holy sword was about to extinguish Dark Phoenix's last life, a deep Dragon roar suddenly burst out!

"Hehehe… Tidomas, you came late," the Necromancer Monarch chuckled gleefully.

Tidomas' huge Dragon Head appeared out of nowhere and bit the chains, allowing Dark Phoenix to use a Substitution spell to avoid Eve's killing blow!

The five masked servants puked blood!

Dark Phoenix took the opportunity to continue fleeing.

In the sky, a door slowly opened and Tidomas' laughter began to echo through Steel City's southern suburbs. "Get ready to welcome the Evil Spirits' celebratory feast!"

"Feinan's Pigs!"

Meanwhile, Dark Phoenix pulled out a flying carpet and escaped on it!


It was a last-minute failure!

Everyone's hearts were filled with frustration!

They actually let Dark Phoenix escape after being so close.

Now, Tidomas led the Evil Spirit army to descend and they couldn't even consider trying to catch Dark Phoenix anymore. Rather, they had to focus on self-preservation.

"Dark Phoenix is gone."

Jessica glared fumingly at Eve.

The latter expressionlessly muttered, "You want to fight?"

"Fuck you!" Jessica was extremely angry. Shortly after, she repurposed her anger and she burst toward Tidomas with her Fate Power flaring out!

Eve snorted coldly and also lifted her holy sword to attack.

Before going, she gave the arrogant servant that had interfered a dissatisfied glance.

The wails of Evil Spirits and the sounds of Corpse Servants spread across Steel City.

In the midst of the chaos, no one noticed that Marvin wasn't there.


Dark Phoenix fled like a fugitive through the boundless sky.

She had never been in such a pitiful state before. If not for the timely help from the Necromancer Monarch and Tidomas, she would have died!

That fear of death… She had never felt so terrified before.

She didn't want to die!

She wanted to live!

As she passed over a mountainous area, she caught sight of a figure on one of the peaks.

It was a girl that looked about twelve years old.

Dark Phoenix felt that the girl seemed somewhat familiar.