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Chapter 444: Refugees

Chapter 444: Refugees

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The Great Elven King!

Everyone reacted at the same time.

What was he doing?

Was the formidable Elven King planning to come out and fight the Gods after Eric's death?

No one questioned the strength of the Great Elven King. For close to a hundred years, Thousand Leaves Forest turned into an area restricted to mankind, and this was entirely due to the support of this Great Elven King.

He was able to deal with the South Wizard Alliance and the North's forces on his own.

This kind of strength was enough for others to look up to him.

But his opponents were Gods. And not just one of them, but 25!

Eric had extinguished three Gods' Divine Fires quite gloriously, but there were still 25 Gods facing the Universe Magic Pool!

And there were still the three Great Gods among them.

The Great Elven King was just one person, so how could he be their opponent?

The onlookers' eyes turned moist.

They could see it... The Great Elven King was going to die.

Like Eric, there would still be someone else standing out at such a critical time.

This land wouldn't be abandoned. There would always be people who cared for it and who would bravely step forward to fight for it.

The war would never end until peace and freedom were guaranteed!


In the Universe Magic Pool, the other two Plane Guardians remained silent.

Although the old man's lifespan was reaching its end, he still had some time and could rely on the Universe Magic Pool to fight a war of attrition. In fact, it was the best option.

But it was different for the Great Elven King.

He was severely injured by Divine Fire. His situation was similar to Eric's. He didn't have long left.

The huge figure had left the Universe Magic Pool.

In an instant, the Low Gods felt an overwhelming pressure!

Most of the Gods' faces were full of shock.

According to their information, the Great Elven King's strength was around that of a Mid God.

Otherwise, the sneak attack of those few High Gods wouldn't have succeeded.

But in that split second, they felt a terrifying pressure!

It was like… the pressure of a High God!

The three leading Gods had thoughtful expressions.

The other Gods already started complaining inwardly:

'Who said Feinan was easy to bully?'

'They have so many lunatics that are unafraid of death.'

'This Nicholas was actually hiding his power! Is this a High Elf secret technique?'

'I need to be careful, three already died…'

But of course, none of them shared their misgivings with others.

Nicholas was determined. Before his huge figure stepped out of the Universe Magic Pool, he gave one last glance back.

On the vast plane of Feinan, in a dense Forest, a man was standing by the lakeside.

He only took a glance and didn't say anything. And then he stepped out!

It was the silent start of a battle.


Thousand Leaves Forest, beside a tranquil lake.

Ivan was standing there calmly.

Next to him, Ollie couldn't stop sobbing.

Ivan watched as the Great Elven King's silhouette disappeared.

That hole in the sky closed, and they could no longer see what was happening.

It was unknown what caused the fight outside the Universe Magic Pool to be completely hidden, but whatever the case, the sky had already recovered.

"Your Highness Ivan… His Majesty… Truly loved you…" Ollie choked out between her sobs.

"I know. Ollie. I know," Ivan repeated twice in a low voice, still looking unperturbed.

Only his hand tightly gripping his sword was betraying his emotions.

At such a time, a Wood Elf rushed over from the distance and anxiously reported, "Your Highness Ivan, the Council of Elders already convened for the 3rd time. They still don't acknowledge your identity as the ruler of Thousand Leaves Forest."

"I heard they summoned their men and are preparing to rebel."

"Rebelling at such a time… Denying your identity as an heir after His Majesty departed, such lowlifes!" Ollie wiped her tears and immediately said, "I'll go gather the Elven Iron Guard."

"No need," Ivan calmly said, "I'll settle this matter myself."

With this declaration, he walked into the forest without looking back.


"He is walking to his own doom," Hathaway whispered.

"Yeah." Marvin also watched the back of the Great Elven King disappear and sighed to himself.

If not for him, this wouldn't have happened.

His appearance really had changed too many things. However, from the current circumstances, this era was already a lot better than it was in the game.

The number of forces that managed to ignite a Source of Fire's Order was in the double digits. Mankind and other races would have more survivors.

By the time the Gods entered the land, they wouldn't be able to act as they wished.

The Great Elven King walking toward death was also a wake-up call to them.

Feinan wasn't as simple as they had thought.

At the same time, he fought for time for Marvin and the others.

In Marvin's memory, they still had one month after the start of the attack on the Universe Magic Pool, and then there would be the Astral Beast attacking. The Gods would use various treasures left behind by Lance to fend off the Astral Beast. After its death, Feinan's Laws would be greatly affected and for at least half a year the main bodies of Mid Gods and High Gods would be unable to enter Feinan.

Their bodies were too powerful and after the battle, Feinan seemed too fragile and wouldn't be able to accommodate their strength. If those Gods forcibly entered, not only would they be expelled by the Plane Laws, but they would also be greatly injured and all of Feinan might be destroyed.

Feinan was the root of the Universe. The Archdevils, Demon Lords, Evil Spirit Overlords, Wilderness Rulers, and others wouldn't dare to do so either.

Therefore, this was the perfect time for Marvin to increase his strength.

And the people fighting up there were doing so to give them more time.

How much would they gain? He didn't know, but he did know that he had to use this time properly and make ample preparations.


"I'm leaving," Hathaway said. "Maybe I'll recover my memories one day… But the current you is too weak."

Marvin laughed. "I am? My growth rate is fast, far faster than you can imagine."

"Perhaps one day you'll even need my help."

Hathaway thought seriously for a moment and then took out a flame card and handed it to Marvin.

"You snatched my prey. And I didn't settle the matter with you. If one day I truly need your help, you cannot go back on your words."

"Even though such a day would never arrive with my great strength!"

She suddenly disappeared.

Marvin held that flame card with a smirk.

He turned and whispered, "If you really don't need my help, then why would you give me this card?"

"Her personality after her rebirth is adorably proud…"

Not too far off, a silhouette was stamping her foot ferociously.

But she watched Marvin strenuously moving back step by step and didn't do anything.


It was already late in the evening when Madeline arrived in a hurry on her flying carpet.

Marvin had been waiting in the Elven cabin for a long time. Yet, there was no trace of Butterfly or the Golden Griffin.

Marvin was actually quite curious about this unreliable messenger, but in the current situation, he didn't have time to concern himself with her.

Marvin's ribs were connected thanks to Madeline's treatment and then the two rode on the flying carpet to return to White River Valley.

The moment he opened the entrance to the Sanctuary, Marvin heard a burst of cheers.

Everyone was gathered up to welcome their returning Overlord.

God Slayer!

This was Marvin's latest title!

All of Feinan witnessed Marvin's attacks and Dark Phoenix's inability to fight back.

And that final blow that completely extinguished Dark Phoenix's Divine Fire made the long-forgotten God Slayer title resurface on Feinan.

White River Valley had become the focus of Feinan, and its Overlord, Marvin, became even more of a heroic character.

Some sighed at the fickle world. A week earlier, most had believed that White River Valley would be wiped out under the joint attack from the Alliance.

Who could have thought that a week later, the Great Calamity would descend, the South Wizard Alliance would be destroyed, Dark Phoenix would try to ascend, and Marvin would kill a God?!

Everything happened too quickly and most people didn't know how to describe such a theatrical series of events.

In short, Marvin was famous in not only the South, but in all of Feinan.

He didn't even need to look at his interface to know that his Fame already reached an extreme level.

This represented the acknowledgement of Feinan's inhabitants and also meant that he had already attracted the attention of many Gods.


After returning to White River Valley, Marvin underwent the most basic treatments and then began to work.

Slaying Dark Phoenix was only the beginning. He had too many things to do.

Some changes were needed to perfectly run a Sanctuary because of the turbulent times.

This was a Chaos Era, so Marvin needed to establish some rules.

In his interface, the Forces tab had changed:

[Holy Sanctuary]

[Core: Source of Fire's Order]

[Subsidiaries: White River Valley, River Shore City, Sword Harbor, Adventurer Camp, Sha Village,...]

[Population: 6341]

[Major Locations: River Shore City, Sword Harbor, Castle]

[Defense: Wish Walls, Holy Light]


The series of information showed the Sanctuary's current situation.

Because Marvin was the Sanctuary Lord, the Sanctuary Core automatically connected to his interface and the system transformed the information into something easy to read.

The Sanctuary Lord had power over the lives of the people in his territory.

What Marvin was more concerned about was that there had only been a bit over 5000 people in his territory before he left. Now, this number reached 6341.

This meant that more than one thousand refugees had rushed over.

The Sanctuary wouldn't block out common people as long as their minds weren't invaded by Chaos Magic.

But this was still a big issue for Marvin.

Soon, Anna came looking for him. "Lord, how do you plan to arrange the refugees?"