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Chapter 448: Bloody Forest [Part 1]

Chapter 448: Bloody Forest [Part 1]

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If not for that request at the end of the letter, Marvin would almost be convinced that the Migratory Bird Council was really trying to judge and punish Endless Ocean.

Now it looked like there was a hidden meaning behind it.

From what Marvin knew, although the Migratory Bird Council was a group of inflexible people, it was still an organization made up of fair Great Druids.

Especially their leader, Chairman Old Ent, who was said to be the closest lifeform to the Nature God.

It seemed like this farce was more of an excuse for Old Ent to meet Marvin.

But what did the Supreme Jungle want Marvin for?

Marvin wasn't sure, but he had to properly handle Endless Ocean's matter.

If Endless Ocean hadn't stolen the totemic pillars and parted with the Migratory Bird Council, Marvin simply wouldn't have been able to kill Dark Phoenix so many times, and that final kill wouldn't have been possible either.

This trip to the Supreme Jungle was inevitable.

But he still had some things to take care of before leaving.


The biggest danger for White River Valley at the moment was the lack of high-end military forces.

O'Brien and the others were in the Supreme Jungle. If Marvin left, the only Legend in the area would be Madeline. Marvin felt that she wouldn't be sufficient on her own.

But there was some good news.

After the Great Calamity, Prince Aragon, who had always been staying in Sword Harbor, seemed to have entered a special state. It seemed like he could advance to Legend anytime.

And the Mechanical Titan was staying on the shore of the White River with the Gnome Brothers always ready. This Mechanical Titan was stronger than ordinary Legends and should be able to deal with any circumstances that came up.

Marvin looked for Anna to deal with some other matters, before leaving the Sanctuary on his own.

He left very quietly this time. The higher-ups of White River Valley were already used to it, but the people living in the Sanctuary considered Marvin their mental support.

If they found out that Marvin wasn't in the territory, the people could become unstable.

He opened the entrance of the Sanctuary and followed the main road from River Shore City heading north.

He didn't get far before he found out a group of rodent Monsters. They were tearing apart the corpse of a lion that died a while ago.

After these beasts became Monsters, they grew more powerful. Marvin was in a hurry, so of course he didn't want to have to deal with them.

The farther he went, the weaker the influence of the Source of Fire's Order became, and Marvin eventually started feeling the Chaos Magic Power's attacks on his willpower.

No wonder so many people became Monsters. For people with weaker wills, the Order power in their body couldn't keep resisting the corrosion of the Chaos Magic Power.

Willpower was a hidden attribute. Even with his system, Marvin couldn't see how high his own was.

But the Witch Tear he took before did increase it by 3, and that undoubtedly made him more resistant to the Chaos Magic Power.

He remembered that players would have a willpower check every 30 minutes if they weren't in a Sanctuary.

If they failed the check, they would become confused for three minutes.

This was the most frightening part of the Great Calamity.

And the default willpower of a player was 1.

The willpower of most commoners was somewhere between one-tenth and four-tenths of a point.

If they reached half a point, they could probably remain sane despite the Chaos Magic Power, and not transform into Monsters.

Marvin didn't know how many points he had at the moment, but he had never failed a check so far. With his current willpower, he simply couldn't be harmed by the Chaos Magic Power.

But on his way, he still felt a slight pressure.

When he rested, he used Earth Perception and found out that the level of Chaos Magic Power was 30% higher than when the disaster started.

After getting this information, Marvin felt slightly dazed.

The shattering of the first layer of the Universe Magic Pool definitely wouldn't cause so much Chaos Magic Power to pour into Feinan.

There was only one explanation for this: The Universe Magic Pool's 2nd Layer might have already ruptured.

The Great Elven King… might have already fallen!

His situation wasn't like that of Eric, who died in front of everyone. The sky had already returned to normal so those in Feinan couldn't see what was happening up there anymore. The Sanctuaries could only struggle and rely on Teleportation magic to exchange information. He died in silence.

No one knew how many Gods he had dragged down with him.

Marvin sighed.


While he was pressing forward, Marvin took some time to check the interface.

Since he advanced, the experience didn't seem as important.

It was because Legends didn't rely on experience to level up, instead using another type of data: Comprehension Points.

Now there was another line below his Legend class:

[Ruler of the Night Lv1]

[Comprehension Points: 2/10]

To level up his Legend class, he needed to reach 10 Comprehension. The two points he had already came from the Essence Absorption System absorbing Dark Phoenix's Divine Source.

In the game, Comprehension was gained by killing Gods!

Or like the natives, they could gain Comprehension through meditation and enlightenment, but these methods could only increase their strength very slowly.

Therefore, most Legend players liked to slaughter beings that had Divine Source, such as Divine Servants, Gods' Avatars, as well as some Totemic Gods from the Dead Area's instances.

True Gods weren't that easy to kill after all.

Moreover, the Comprehension gained would be the same.

For example, Marvin killed Dark Phoenix and gained a huge amount of experience, but he only gained 2 Comprehension.

This wasn't much more than he'd get from killing a 1-Comprehension ordinary Totemic God while being a hundred times more troublesome.

In short, if Marvin wanted to progress right now, he would have to take an alternate path.

But that didn't mean he had no use for experience.

It could still be used for classes below Legend rank, such as his Subclasses.

Marvin spent all his experience gained from the war on Shapeshift Sorcerer and Battle Gunner.

Thus, his Shapeshift Sorcerer class reached level 10 and his Battle Gunner class reached level 5.

Apart from slightly raising his HP, Shapeshift Sorcerer didn't give many bonuses. Battle Gunner actually added a lot of Skill Points, which Marvin threw into Market Scuffle. This melee technique of the Shas was quite useful.

He was only hesitating on whether he should use that potion given by his grandfather to break his bottleneck.

By taking it, his Shapeshift Sorcerer bloodline would most likely have a qualitative upgrade!

Shadow-shape, Beast-shape, and Diamond-shape... What would be the next one?

Marvin was a bit curious.