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Chapter 449: Bloody Forest [Part 2]

Chapter 449: Bloody Forest [Part 2]

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He did have some misgivings about his grandfather in Hell, but this potion had been checked by the Great Duke of Lavis Dukedom.

There was no issue with the medicine in itself. Marvin believed in the Great Duke's appraisal.

Marvin hesitated. The Archdevil Head's Divine Source was very precious and could only be used once. Generally, it would only be used when a Shapeshift Sorcerer could advance to Legend with it.

Although Marvin hadn't grasped any dual classing method and it was safe to say that getting a subclass to Legend rank was unlikely, it was still good to be prepared for an eventuality.

Thus, he decided to set aside the Divine Source Drop for when his Shapeshift Sorcerer class reached level 20.

But if he wanted to break through to the 3rd rank as a Shapeshift Sorcerer, he would need to use this potion.

Having made up his mind, he stopped to rest and found a safe place to take the potion.

The Sorcerer bloodline breakthrough would usually happen in a split second. What was really difficult was the accumulation before the breakthrough.

With the help of the potion, Marvin successfully awakened his bloodline once again and reached level 11 in his Shapeshift Sorcerer class.

Like the previous times, the awakening gave him another shape.

But this shape was outside Marvin's expectations by a lot.

[Boundless Shapeshifting – Magic Addict Shape]

[Description: when using the Magic Addict Shape, your body will turn into a Hell Magic Egg and start absorbing Chaos Magic Power. The more Magic Power absorbed, the more the body will recover. The Magic Addict transformation lasts thirty seconds and will automatically be cancelled after thirty seconds, after which the user recovers their human shape.]

[Warning: While absorbing Chaos Magic Power, a kind of extraordinary pleasure will be produced, making it hard to forget and easy to trigger it again.]

[Negative Property: Each use of the Magic Addict Shape reduces Willpower by 0.5 points.]

[Users with insufficient willpower will suffer from Magic Addiction, and ultimately die.]


Marvin found the description quite alarming.

This Magic Addict Shape was a lot different from his previous shapes!

Although each shape had its own side effects, the previous three only had a short period of weakness.

Marvin had used the Beast Shape a lot. After all, the Asuran Bear was very overbearing at low levels.

In the later stages, Diamond Shape became more advantageous.

For a short period of time, it could allow him to attack without any worries about the consequences.

As for Shadow Shape, it was more of a shape for casting. Marvin very rarely used it except to avoid some attacks.

The side effect of this 4th shape was a bit frightening!

It actually removed half a point of Willpower!

Moreover, he could suffer from [Magic Addiction]!

Marvin knew about this condition. After the Great Calamity, many people with special constitutions gained the ability to voluntarily absorb Chaos Magic Power. If their Willpower wasn't high enough, they wouldn't become Monsters, but they would form Magic Addiction.

They would constantly absorb Magic Power, satisfying their own pleasure. However, this would only speed up their deaths.

In the end, they would explode due to excessive Magic Power!

These people frequently roamed the wilderness. They were the kinds of lifeforms adventurers hated the most because one could never know when they might explode.

They might just be walking nearby and then suddenly pounce over before exploding. It led to [Equipment 99% damaged] and [Level -1] for the players.


'Something like this Magic Addict Shape actually exists? Isn't this side effect way too big?'

Marvin looked doubtfully at the empty bottle.

His previous three shapes didn't have such extreme circumstances as the 4th shape he gained from his grandfather's medicine.

He knew what Magic Addiction was... This thing was like taking drugs. If he caught it, he wouldn't be able to cure it.

Then what was the value of this shape?

Marvin carefully studied it concluded that this shape was a last resort for preserving his life.

When he was near death, he could use thirty seconds to recover. After all, Chaos Magic Power was covering everything right now, so there would be no worry about whether he could absorb enough Chaos Magic Power.

But the price of this recovery was quite huge.

Marvin wouldn't use it unless he was desperate.

He just managed to gain +3 Willpower after taking the Witch's Tear. Wouldn't he lose them once he used that shape six times?

Marvin was very stingy about his attributes.

He didn't believe he wouldn't be able to take care of most enemies after eight seconds of Diamond Shape.

But if that failed, wouldn't he have no energy to flee?

This shape might be his final card.


After thinking of all this, Marvin was somewhat disappointed.

But Shapeshift Sorcerer a very random class, so he hadn't hoped for an especially powerful Shape.

After all, Beast Shape and Diamond Shape were already fierce enough.

His bloodline was only average at best. It was far inferior to Daniela and Turalyon's Ancient Angels' bloodlines, so he was fine with the shapes he had.

He cleared up his thoughts and went back on the road.

Soon, he reached the Moonlight Forest.

There was a group of Elven Guards protecting this place.

Through the Elven Teleportation Array, Marvin reached Thousand Leaves Forest.

But when he got there, instead of Ivan, he was met by someone else.

Sea Elven Queen.

She looked angrily at Marvin. "I helped in the fight at Steel City."

Marvin nodded calmly.

"He still isn't willing to meet me."

The Sea Elven Queen was in a bad mood.

Naturally, she had helped Marvin because of Ivan.

But after the fight, she didn't find Marvin and instead went directly to Thousand Leaves Forest.

As she was also an Elf, the Wood Elves didn't make any trouble for the Sea Elven Queen and provided her with delicious food.

But Ivan declined to see her because he was handling all kinds of matters in Thousand Leaves Forest.

Marvin confidently told the Sea Elven Queen to calm down and to let him try to see Ivan first.

After Marvin notified the Elven Iron Guard, Ollie soon came to look for him.

The two went through the dense forest and arrived at the lakeside.

Ivan was standing alone, looking at that originally pure lake in a daze.

Marvin's eyes squinted.

He had seen that lake once, back when the Great Elven King was trying to treat his wound, but the effects didn't seem satisfactory.

But now, that lake's water was slightly crimson!

After Ollie led Marvin over, she tactfully left.

Ivan slowly turned and looked at Marvin.

"He died."