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Chapter 456: Dream Divine Servant

Chapter 456: Dream Divine Servant

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Everyone in the Sanctuary was startled, as this voice seemed a bit unfamiliar.

A few soldiers were on guard.

They turned, only to see a thin man wearing a drooping hat standing in a corner.

He was the one who just talked.

"Captain Alexis, I'm still here."

He slowly walked over.

They all suddenly had a strange feeling.

'Turns out to be him…'

'It was that mysterious guy who randomly joined our group?'

'He had been there for so long… He really has no presence…'

These were the thoughts appearing in the soldiers' heads.

A memory had been added to their minds, making them not feel so surprised about this stranger.


Marvin came out of the shadows with a smile while using his charm spell.

This spell was one of the innate Sorcerer spells. Sorcerers were charismatic people and could temporarily charm others.

Especially ordinary people.

But a few people had shocked expressions.

This included that Captain.

He was absent-minded for a moment before managing to resist the charm effect.

He frowned, hinting the other soldiers who had resisted the charm to not act blindly.

He was still clear-headed. If that person was their enemy, he would have used the opportunity created by the charm to greatly harm their people.

But he didn't do so and actually stated his wish to fight on their behalf.

Where did that guy come from?

Alexis was a bit nervous.

"I have never seen you fight before." In order to avoid alerting the bandits, Alexis answered calmly.

"Rest assured, I won't lose." Marvin winked. He knew that his average charm spell could only deceive some ordinary people.

Alexis was a 4th rank expert and his willpower wasn't bad. It wasn't surprising that he was able to resist the charm.

After saying these words, Marvin took out two daggers and walked past Alexis' side.

Alexis instinctively wanted to stop him. This battle was a decisive duel with the supplies of Morrigan's Heart on the line. Even if he could feel that this man had no enmity toward his group, carelessly letting him take the spot wasn't something a sensible leader should do.

But when Marvin walked past, a powerful aura instantly enveloped him!

[Domain - Slaughter]!

Even if it only lasted a split second, it still crushed Alexis with its killing intent!

His body stiffened, unable to move. He could only stare blankly toward Marvin.


Amo walked over, puzzled.

The other few individuals were also very surprised. Why didn't Alexis block this stranger?

But when they arrived at Alexis' side, they shockingly discovered that this soldier who had been through numerous bloody battlefields was actually shaking from head to toe!

"Captain… What's going on?"

One of the soldiers found something amiss and was about to go forward to stop Marvin before he was suddenly pulled back by Alexis.

"It's not important." He had a pale face while looking at Marvin with respect, and muttered, "Get ready to fight…"

The people shivered.

Alexis was no fool. Regardless of the outcome of this duel, that group of bandits wouldn't leave things be.

But he still had some methods. If they fought, he felt that he would be able to push them back.

He had accounted for Senma's group in his plan.

He was more afraid of this mysterious, unknown man.

'That feeling…'

'This person's strength should be far above mine, could he be a Legend powerhouse?'

Alexis was bitter.

He didn't know this Legend's goal, but he understood that if Marvin wanted to act against them, they wouldn't be able to survive!

Thus he could only hope that this mysterious person had a good heart.


As for the bandit group, they hadn't found out about the change in the soldier group.

Senma went up personally, intending to get another win right away.

His plan was very good. He first probed that disabled soldier's forces and then used the treasure at a critical time to grab the victory.

That person gave him two treasures back then: a pendant that would create a Divine Armor that even a 4th rank powerhouse couldn't pierce through and a magic scroll that could quickly get rid of anyone below Legend rank, which he was holding in his hand.

In order to capture Morrigan's Heart, he decided to use the treasures.

As expected, his strongest subordinate was forced to use the pendant to avoid losing the first duel.

Senma still wasn't pleased with the Fighter negligently using that treasure, but he knew that he couldn't afford to have internal fighting at the moment.

He had to deal with the Sanctuary's people first and capture Morrigan's Heart. That way, their backer would keep supporting them.

He believed that as long as he killed Alexis, Morrigan's Heart would be under his control.

Although that guy was disabled, he had huge prestige among that group. If he died, their morale would fall greatly and the bandits would be able to use that chance to attack.

Who could have thought that there would be a variable?

Alexis, who was known to be the strongest, didn't act. Instead, it was a man wearing an old and somewhat funny hat who came forward.

He was holding two daggers, his steps very graceful. He seemed similar to Amo.

'Another Ranger?'

Senma looked strangely at Alexis and thought, 'He didn't come forward for such an important battle?'

He tried to discern something from Alexis' face.

Unfortunately, the Captain was expressionless and Senma didn't notice anything off.

From his Perception, that man before him was 3rd to 4th rank. It seemed unstable and was probably due to some item blocking his Perception.

Senma was an expert Swordsman and had been a famous mercenary in the North.

When both of them met, they didn't speak and directly made their moves.

The bandits and the people occupying Morrigan's Heart stopped breathing and nervously watched this scene that would decide the fate of both sides.

But they never would have thought that just as the fight began, it was already over!

Marvin was as fast as lightning as he used Night Boundary to arrive right next to Senma.

His dagger was already in front of Senma as his voice resounded in Senma's ear.

"You lost," Marvin said calmly.

Everyone was in uproar.

Senma felt dizzy!

"How could this be?"


He didn't even have time to parry or resist before his life was already in his opponent's hands!

He stiffened in place with a blank expression on his face.

The Sanctuary's side was shocked too.

That mysterious guy was this powerful?!

Then why did he always hide in the back when they painstakingly faced against Monsters?

Even Alexis, who had guessed some things, was still surprised.

In his eyes, Amo's speed was already extremely high, but he couldn't even see Marvin's move!

Duel? That was beyond one-sided!

The atmosphere became strange.

The bandits were extremely shocked, and some didn't even manage to react. Their boss' life was already in that guy's hands.

Their thoughts couldn't keep up.

If there was someone who had recovered his wits, then it was Senma, who was in Marvin's hands.

His right hand moved, but before he could finish his action, his head was struck!


A scroll radiating a faint Divine light fell from his sleeve.

Senma paled.

This person's reaction time and judgement already exceeded the scope of his comprehension!

'Legend!' He blanked out for a while before this word came to his mind.

He was covered in cold sweat at the revelation. He was still in his confused state and didn't understand what Marvin told him when he moved his dagger away to pick up the scroll on the floor.


Marvin raised his voice once again while weighing that scroll in his hand. "Who gave you this thing?"

Senma was at a loss.

The bandits behind him were already restless.

They were still confused, but with their boss being at a disadvantage, they instantly surrounded them.

As for the soldiers, they were also ready to fight.

The atmosphere stiffened.

But Marvin was still calm.

This was normal. Few people would care about those small details when they had enough strength to crush everything.

"I'll ask you one last time, who gave this thing to you?"

Marvin's curved dagger was once again pressed against Senma's neck.

The latter shivered and immediately reacted, "I… I… I don't know her…"


Marvin carefully paid attention to his form of address.

"Hey! You won this duel, quickly let our boss go!"

The Fighter who won the first duel after relying on the Divine Armor clearly couldn't understand the current situation and was looking for trouble.

Marvin glanced at him indifferently as he stated, "The competition is paused, and if my question is not answered, your lives won't be spared."

But the clueless, burly man answered, "If you dare to…"

His voice was cut off, as was his head.

A stream of blood flew out as his head fell on the ground, his headless body still standing where it was.

Marvin was still standing in front of Senma, and the blood on his dagger was the only link to the burly man's death.

This time, the surroundings were completely silent.

The bandits froze once again. This guy was an exceptional expert!

Morrigan's Heart's people were overjoyed.

The bandits originally pushed them toward the brink of despair. Who would have thought that that mysterious guy would suddenly make a move to curb the disaster?

Only Alexis and a few others had very complicated expressions.

They didn't know that expert's goal. He appeared out of nowhere and there was no way it was simply to help them out, right?

'I hope he won't have excessive requests…'

Alexis was a bit worried.

To his side, Amo was deeply pondering.

He felt that this back seemed slightly familiar.


The atmosphere was quite awkward.

The bandits were scared shitless, while Senma was sweating all over, trying to find words to say.

Marvin glanced at the scroll in his hand and pondered.

If he wasn't wrong, this was a high level [Divine Punishment] scroll.

The Gods' Punishment was actually a very large class of spells.

As for what kind of Divine Punishment was sealed inside, there was no need to know.

This kind of scroll was almost extinct before the Great Calamity.

It could only be made by High God Priests and would use up a lot of Divine Power.

With this scroll appearing here, and the previous Divine Armor, Marvin concluded that there were already Gods' spokespeople who reached Feinan.

There wouldn't be too many of them because the presence of the weakened Universe Magic Pool was still a huge restriction.

Thus, if she wanted to build a force, she would have to cautiously entice people.

The current Gods should have a new understanding of Feinan by now.

The Great Elven King and Eric, fearless of death, had brought down many Gods with them, and the powerful Dark Phoenix was killed by Marvin during her ascension.

Before the Gods' main bodies could descend to Feinan, this world's powerhouses would still be among the strongest.

A Divine Servant that came to Feinan might be surrounded and annihilated by several Legends, since the Legends were working together against the Gods.

Thus, that one chose to be cautious and support the Dream Scorpion¹ bandit group in the dark.

But her luck wasn't that great. She bumped into Marvin.


"I can tell you everything," Senma finally said after some thought, "but you have to agree to one request."

Marvin nodded.

"Let my brothers withdraw," he said loudly.

The bandits felt moved.

But at the same time, a voice echoed in Marvin's mind. "You have to kill them all, or else she will know that I leaked the information. Moreover, you have to guarantee my safety. After I tell you what I know, you have to let me go, let me take some food and basic weaponry."

Marvin inwardly sneered.

This guy had a tool for mind communication.

He glanced at these people. These people were criminals and their hands were stained with the blood of countless people, so he had no qualms about killing them.

Therefore, he nodded.

Senma immediately relaxed and waved his hand.

The group immediately scattered.

This was their secret signal, and after retreating, they would gather at the designated location.

After the bandits withdrew, Senma looked at Marvin and said in a low voice, "She is called Ambella."

"She claimed to be the Dream God's Servant and has unimaginable abilities…"

"She can control dreams!"

"In fact, she can even kill you while you sleep!"