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Chapter 457: Invitation

Chapter 457: Invitation

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Dream God.

It really was this guy.

In fact, when Marvin remembered the [Dream Scorpion] name, he guessed that it might be related to the Dream God.

This mysterious person was most likely one of his subordinates.

Now Senma confirmed it for him. Ambella wasn't an unfamiliar name to Marvin. She was the first Divine Servant of the Dream God.

In Marvin's previous life, the Dream God was very low-key.

Even if the Shadow Prince hid in the shadows, he liked to jump around everywhere. The Dream God was deeply hidden.

No one knew how big his influence was, but during the fights between Gods, his territory had always kept expanding.

He rarely showed his face, sending his subordinates and Divine Servants instead.

The unknown was scary.

This was also a way to put pressure on others.

And the Dream God's unique domain made people respect him.

No one could avoid sleeping.

He was the God who could easily enter and control people's dreams.

Senma's claim that Ambella could kill people in their dreams wasn't a lie. As the first Divine Servant, it was expected for Ambella to have part of the abilities of the Dream God.

In the game, there were several Legends who died mysteriously, and some suspected that it was due to the Dream God.

But they seemed to have been claimed by the Shadow Prince. The relation between the two was special.


After Marvin found out the origins of the other side, he made a decision.

He wasn't afraid of the Dream God's Divine Servant.

After passing through the Night Monarch's test, Marvin wasn't afraid of Ambella coming while he was sleeping.

To try to kill Marvin in his dream, she would also have to enter the dreamworld, and if she was killed then, she would also die in reality.

With Marvin's current willpower, he had no fear of losing to her.

If she came to fight him directly, it would be even better.

The most important thing was Ambella's status as a Divine Servant!

'The Dream God was a High God. If I kill his First Divine Servant, how big will the reward be?'

With Marvin's current realm, ordinary Monsters couldn't meet the needs of his Essence Absorption System.

Experience points became increasingly useless. Now he needed to kill Divine Servants, God Spawns, and other similar lifeforms.

He had a plan for this, but he hadn't expected that he would be lucky enough to find a Divine Servant's traces in Morrigan's Heart.

Moreover, it was most likely the first Divine Servant who came to Feinan.

A pondering expression appeared on Marvin's face.

After some time, he released Senma. The latter fled in a hurry, scared witless.

Marvin didn't care about him, he had already marked Senma and could use Night Tracking to chase him down anytime.

During the Great Calamity, the sky was dusky and the Laws were in chaos, he could also use many of his Night Walker skills during the day, increasing Marvin's dominance.


The next thing to do was to deal with the soldiers and the former inhabitants of Steel City.

Alexis' group seemed a bit nervous.

This was a person that could kill a group of bandits in an instant, after all.

His group didn't have the right to talk in front of him.

But at that time, the disguised Elf suddenly took off his hat, revealing a young face.

"It's you!" Amo yelled in shock.

The others also had pleasantly surprised expressions, mixed with respect.

"Sir Marvin!"

After Marvin exposed his face, they all became excited.

Marvin was famous throughout Feinan after all.

Before the Great Calamity, he used his own strength to repel two armies. He ignited the Source of Fire's Order first when the disaster struck and established his own Sanctuary. He even successfully killed a God!

People who didn't know better felt that Marvin's strength was already on the same level as that of the Great Elven King and the others.

His prestige and fame were very high.

Although these people in Morrigan's Heart had been underground for a long time, they had still managed to learn about it since they were also located in Steel City.

The mysterious man being Marvin was a huge good news to them.

Because from what they knew, this young Marvin had a good temperament. Moreover, he also had a huge territory and shouldn't have any evil intent toward them.

Alexis was excited but still nervous. After the young Amo's sudden words, he turned silent.

Seeing everyone's expressions, Marvin was somewhat helpless.

His name was now famous and everyone knew about him.

Naturally, this included the Gods.

Everything had its pros and cons, and he could only let nature take its course.

The rest was naturally a lot easier.

Marvin told Alexis his purpose here.

White River Valley was indeed lacking in food and weapons.

At the same time, he also gave an invitation to Alexis. After all, Morrigan's Heart was a half-abandoned Sanctuary and didn't have too many defenses.

Compared to White River Valley's Holy Sanctuary, this place was really too unsafe, despite being hidden.

Marvin's invitation was clearly within the expectations of Alexis and the others, but they needed time to consider. Becoming part of White River Valley meant that they would have to move, and the food and equipment in Morrigan's Heart would also fall into Marvin's hands.

The negotiation between them was a very troublesome question.

Marvin gave them some time.

The weapons and food here wouldn't run. He was more mindful of that Divine Servant of the Dream God.

He left the underground fortress and started using Night Tracking to chase after Senma.


After leaving the maze-like sewers, Marvin arrived on the surface of Steel City.

Senma slipped away very quickly, but with Marvin's speed, he still chased him down easily.

He didn't choose to go to the location Senma gave him. Regardless of whether what he said was true, a group of bandits clearly couldn't compare to a Divine Servant.

'As someone chosen by a Servant of the Dream God, how could he reveal her location so easily?' Marvin sneered inwardly.

He had let Senma go free on purpose to find the Dream God's Servant.

As expected, he followed Senma's escape path toward the west, leaving Steel City and arriving at a dark forest.

After entering the forest, he cautiously entered the Shadow Plane and once again used the Shadow Vortexes to move forward.

Soon, two silhouettes appeared in front of him.

Senma was fearfully standing in front of a woman wearing something similar to the robes worn by Chinese men on Earth. While lowering his head, he recounted, "We met some huge troubles."

"That person was very powerful and was definitely a Legend powerhouse. I didn't have the strength to retaliate."

"I partly told information about you, and I think he believed me. If I'm not wrong, he should be in the Creek Valley to the east."

The Dream God Divine Servant dully said, "Clearly, you are wrong."

She looked to an empty spot to the side and called out, "Legend powerhouse of Feinan, please come out. We might not necessarily be enemies."