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Chapter 459: Lumber Woods

Chapter 459: Lumber Woods
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In fact, Marvin never had any intention of letting the first Divine Servant of the Dream God go after finding signs of her presence.

His attitude towards Gods was clear-cut. This might be due to his previous life's experience, or maybe the dissatisfaction toward their attack on the Universe Magic Pool. Either way it was very unlikely for him to cooperate with the Gods in the near future.

Moreover, the Comprehension points provided by Divine servants were something Marvin was in dire need of.

Although he had already become a Legend and was considered a hero that could move unimpeded throughout Feinan with the power of the Ruler of the Night, it still wasn't enough in front of true Gods.

Thus, he still needed to quickly get stronger.

Hunting Divine Servants was a shortcut!

Thus, when he got close enough to Ambella, he unhesitantly launched an attack!

His daggers moved like lightning as they ruthlessly beheaded Ambella.

But the next second, Marvin's expression sank.

He clearly felt something wrong.

There was no log saying he killed a Divine Servant!

At the same time, Ambella suddenly scattered through the air.

'It's a [Reflection]!'

Marvin had an ugly expression.

He didn't think of this.

Ambella's strength had already reached this level?

No wonder she wasn't very nervous when he approached. Although she took precautions, she still wasn't afraid.

He was the person who killed Dark Phoenix after all, it was normal to have some reservations.

Marvin felt he had an opportunity, but he hadn't expected he would be deceived like that.

'No wonder I felt she didn't exist.'

Marvin smiled bitterly.

[Reflection] was similar to the [Projection], both would draw from particles to reflect their bodies on another world or plane.

The difference was that Projection would make use of the particles of the interplanar barrier while the Reflection would be using the user's own strength. Naturally, it was also possible to use some treasures.

It was also different from Doppelgangers and Avatars, as shattering a Reflection would have no effect on the main body.

'Looks like she wasn't just roaming in Steel City's vicinity, she was really trying to negotiate with me.'

'This is a big loss. Next time we meet, killing her would be more difficult.'

Marvin looked at the pile of dust that used to be Senma's corpse and inwardly shook his head.

Before the Gods descend, Ambella would undoubtedly become a huge problem.

He didn't know where her main body was, but since she already came to Feinan, she was bound to tempt a force for her cause.

Since Dream Scorpion had been stopped by Marvin, she would definitely look for another power.

In any case, in this long war between Gods and mortals, the Dream God already took the lead on the Gods' side.

Marvin didn't have any means to find Ambella's location and could only shake his head and leave.


Glacier, Far North.

Below a huge crack was endless darkness.

A green clothed woman had her eyes firmly shut.

Suddenly, she opened them.

A light appeared in the darkness, it seemed like someone had opened a door.

From behind the door appeared a bloody head.

That was a Barbarian's head, his face still displaying his anger.

He died with a grievance.

After the light door opened, a stunningly beautiful woman calmly stepped out, "I brought you a gift."

"Seems like you have had it hard, you look worse than the last time I saw you."

If Marvin was here, he would be able to recognize that woman instantly, it was the Dream God's First Divine Servant, Ambella.

Her main body was there.

The woman who just opened her eyes in the darkness was clearly the Azure Matriarch.

"If you had been stared at by the North Guardian day and night and fought a battle against a crazy psycho, you would also look bad." The Azure Matriarch reacted coldly, "You eradicated that Barbarian tribe?"

Ambella indifferently said, "They didn't want to accept God's favor and didn't listen to enlightenment, I had to purify them."


The Azure Matriarch indifferently said, "What do you want?"

Ambella smiled, "Someone's information."

The Azure Matriarch frowned, "Seems like someone stumped you."

Ambella surprisingly nodded and sighed, "The world has changed."

"I already feel that the current Feinan is different from the prophecy."

"Even the common farmer would pick up a hoe and resist, are those the weak humans I knew?"

The Azure Matriarch sneered, "Regardless if they are weak or strong, that doesn't matter, because they will end up annihilated."

"Do you know the difference between Magic Races and Mankind? If humans are this plane's parasites, then you… are the bigger leeches."

Her tone carried a hint of provocation.

Ambella didn't care.

The World Ending Twin Snakes and the Gods aren't on the same page, she didn't expect anything from the Azure Matriarch.

She only needed some information.

Although the Twin Snakes Cult was destroyed, there were still embers burning in the darkness.

She was a newcomer and needed more information.

"So, whose information? A Great Druid? Dragon? Or that monastery in the Dead Area?" The Azure Matriarch inquired.

Ambella shook her head and grimly said, "Marvin."

The Azure Matriarch immediately turned silent.

Then, she gnashed her teeth in anger, "Count it as you making a profit."

"I'll give it to you free of charge."


After leaving the forest where he met Ambella, Marvin rushed to the place the bandits gathered at.

This group had always been a walking disaster.

Before the Great Calamity, they didn't refrain from committing any crime, and ever since they gained a backing, it only turned worse.

Although their leader was already dead, there would still always be someone gathering them again to keep doing evil.

Although Marvin wasn't a hero obnoxiously obsessed by justice, he wouldn't mind casually getting rid of them.

Cleaning up that group of bandits, who didn't have the strength to put up any resistance, took him exactly three minutes.

After three minutes, he left that newly created field of blood and returned to Morrigan's Heart.

Regarding Marvin's return, Morrigan's Heart's people were a bit worried.

Marvin was somewhat astonished by their reaction.

But he quickly understood. It seemed like they didn't want to leave this place.

Captain Alexis explained the outcome of their discussion.

Most of them were inhabitants of Steel City, relatives of the dead soldiers.

They had too many memories of this place.

Since the bandit issue had already disappeared, they didn't wish to move.

But they were afraid of offending the unique powerhouse Marvin, thus they spoke tactfully.

Moreover, from Alexis' words came a 'if you really want us to move, then we will heartbreakingly leave our home, but we won't resist' kind of meaning.

After all, they didn't have the strength to resist.

Marvin muttered irresolutely, Morrigan's Heart's people's decision was really beyond his expectations.

Seemed like their feeling for their hometown was superior to the fear of the disaster.

But such a group would clearly be unable to protect such resources.

Thus, Marvin raised another suggestion:

– Morrigan's Heart's people didn't have to go to White River Valley, instead White River Valley would dispatch some troops to defend this place. –

In exchange, White River Valley would get food and weapons from Morrigan's Heart.

Marvin's suggestion made Alexis sigh in relief.

White River Valley still had a pretty decent reputation, moreover, these refugees also needed strength to defend themselves.

He thought for a bit and accepted Marvin's suggestion.

They then talked about the details.

Marvin planned to develop Morrigan's Heart into an outpost in the middle of the land. He saw that these soldiers and inhabitants didn't have much needs.

They just didn't want to part with their hometown.

He could easily help a bit.

For this cooperation to work, both sides had to sign a cooperation agreement.

Marvin didn't get involved with the details, he wouldn't be able to do much if he had to take care of these kinds of details everyday.

He directly used the Book of Nalu's connexion to Madeline to make her bring Lola and two Dark Knights to Morrigan's Heart. The specific agreement would be dealt with by a specialist.

After dealing with this, and despite Alexis' attempt to show his sincerity by wanting to lead Marvin to the 2nd floor's treasure house for him to try his luck, Marvin decided to leave quickly.

Morrigan's Heart was a huge treasure trove, Alexis and the others only opened the first level.

And further in, there were at least three treasuries. These treasuries needed the South Wizard Alliance's special unlocking method, which Marvin didn't know. Trying his luck would be currently meaningless.

Moreover, the treasuries wouldn't escape, as long as this place remained under Marvin's control, he would have enough opportunities.

He had already stayed in Steel City for too long, there was still a friend locked in that northern jungle, waiting for him to save her, he couldn't delay for too long.

He left the sewers and returned to that location.

When he arrived, Marvin was stunned. Butterfly, who said she would wait for him… Disappeared!


'So unreliable.'

Marvin couldn't help but scratch his head.

There is no trace of Monsters in the surroundings nor a trace of fighting and with the Golden Griffin protecting Butterfly, there shouldn't be any accident!

On the other hand, the only rational explanation was that this mystical messenger set off by her own will...

However, the Wood Elves are a bunch of people following the rules inflexibly. Someone like Ivan was already regarded as unconventional.

It was clear that this Elven girl wasn't a common Elf.

She departed after Marvin left her hanging there.


Marvin looked around and became increasingly gloomy.

Out of courtesy, he took care to not touch Butterfly on the way, and thus couldn't use Night Tracking.

The Golden Griffin had a special constitution, Marvin didn't want to remove a feather from its body.

He hadn't expected to suddenly lose track of her.

'Could they have been captured?'

Marvin was skeptical.

Although there was no trace of fighting, it didn't completely rule out this possibility.

Thus, he could only broaden the range of his search.

Five minutes later, he found a clue under a tree.

That was breadfruit's scraps!

'The fruit a of a breadfruit tree?'

Marvin pondered.

There was a fruit tree like that in the Elven Kingdom, but that breadfruit couldn't be consumed as food, it was used as a signal.

Only Wood Elves and their allies were able to see the breadfruits in the bushes.

Marvin was a Night Walker and he had a pass to Thousand Leaves Forest, so he could naturally see the breadfruit's scraps.

'This meant that she spontaneously left?'

It seemed that Butterfly met with something.

He unhesitantly followed the scraps all the way till the northern part of Steel City.

Though, there was so little scraps, it seemed that Butterfly was moving at high speed when scattering them.

This brought a lot of troubles when Marvin followed her trail.

He had no other choice but to make multiple checks to keep tracking her.

It was getting harder and harder for Marvin until finally the scraps ran out.

It was in front of a forest filled with thick fog.

On the edge of the forest were a few lumbering workshops which were established next to a river.

This river was known as the Norris River. It rose from the Millennium Mountain Range and flowed toward the center of the South Wizard Alliance territory before converging into the sea at Bass Harbor.

Steel City established workshops on the upstream part of the Norris River, as wood would be lumbered and processed there.

Those wooden logs would follow the Norris River and float downstream, saving transport expenditure.

'I unconsciously approached the Millennium Mountain Range?'

Marvin couldn't help but find it funny.

The Norris River was next to a forest which was called the Lumber Forest by people.

Most lumber workers only dared to work on the edge of the forest. After all, there were rumors that this forest was haunted by a Devil.

Not only that, it was said that the South Wizard Alliance's people tried to open up the forest multiple times, only to be met with failure.

It had to be known that if they could get through the forest, they would be able to open up a new path to the North like the [Volcano Pass], [Wizard Horn] and other similar paths.

But they failed.

Clearly, this forest was a bit magical.

And as a former player, Marvin naturally knew the reason behind it.

This was the Chromatic Dragon's gathering place!

This was the main instance of the [Dragon God's Wrath]'s expansion. It would happen in the depths of the Lumber Forest.

But Marvin didn't get to play this instance before transmigrating.

What was in this forest, he wasn't too clear about it.

But the trail disappeared in front of the forest, it was clear that Butterfly went in.

Marvin was caught in a dilemma.

His plan to hurry to the other side of the Millenium Mountain Range had been put to a stop by his temporary driver.

At this moment, he finally became aware of the importance of a flying mount.

It's a pity the Black Dragon was seriously hurt in the last battle, otherwise Marvin wouldn't have a need for this puzzling messenger to take care of his matter.

And now, he was clearly not allowed into the forest.

Who would have thought that just as he was planning to sneak in, a shout came from behind him, "Hey, Marvin."

"You'll die inside."