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Chapter 461: Chromatic Dragons

Chapter 461: Chromatic Dragons
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"You really followed!"

After that hand touched his shoulder, a voice spoke next to Marvin's ear.

Marvin was surprised.

That woman clearly had no fighting ability, so how could she approach him so quietly?

If she had been holding a weapon, could he have been sneak attacked?

He looked at the Wood Elf with shock.

Butterfly was still unrestrained as she chided, "Don't look at me like that, it's not that I became frightening, in fact, your reactions have worsened."

"This is the Hall of Loss. I didn't expect to find out one day that the story told to me in my childhood was real..."

Marvin frowned and immediately checked his logs:

[You discovered the Hall of Loss]

[Noble Knowledge Reminder: The Hall of Loss seems to be inextricably linked to the Evil Chromatic Dragon God]

[You reached the surroundings of the Hall of Loss, suffering from the effect of the Slow Halo; Perception reduced by 70%]


70% Perception reduction!

Marvin couldn't help but cough in surprise.

This place was so scary.

For Marvin, who relied on his nimbleness and senses, this place was simply a nightmare!

"Is it the effect of the Chromatic Altar?"

Marvin glanced at that badly damaged multi-colored altar. Although it was already shattered, he could still feel a faint strange power.

"No," Butterfly answered, "the Chromatic Altar is already broken."

"There is another force nearby suppressing our Perception."

'Our Perception?'

Marvin couldn't help but inwardly curse. It looked like Butterfly wasn't affected too much.

This Wood Elf was really weird.

"Hold on… Let's start from the beginning." Marvin couldn't help but ask, "Didn't we agree that you would wait for me? I still have an important matter to take care of!"

Butterfly blushed in shame. "Eh! I forgot about that matter."

"Because of some special reason, I couldn't help but follow here."

Marvin looked at her and didn't know how to deal with her.

"Your Gold Feathered Griffin?" he asked.

"I let him hide, he is too conspicuous," Butterfly answered naturally.

Marvin scratched his head. "What did you plan to do?"

"What's the [Special Reason]?"

"Ah… The special reason?" Butterfly suddenly grabbed Marvin and hid in the bush on the side.

Her movements were graceful and Marvin couldn't help but go along with her...

"Look, she came…"


A huge shadow came up from another part of the forest and rushed over.

Winds cut through the trees, creating rustling noises.

The huge creature folded her wings and slowly descended, landing above the ruins.

She had precious gemlike green eyes and her green scales were blending in with the forest leaves. She stopped at the edge of the ruins and sat down quietly, apparently waiting for something.

"Green Dragon?" Marvin was filled with doubts.

Seeing his doubts, Butterfly whispered, "I found this Green Dragon by chance and followed it into the forest."

Marvin had an annoyed expression on his face.

He was someone who planned his moves meticulously, but that girl in front of him was too much of a wildcard.

Because she noticed a Green Dragon, she followed it?

What was so special about it?

She wasted so much of his time!

He was about to tell Butterfly that he urgently needed to rush to the Supreme Jungle and had no time to spy on a Dragon near the Chromatic Altar.

Who would have thought that a powerful Dragon Roar would come from the east at this moment!

'Another Dragon!'

Marvin's expression was solemn.

Moreover, he was a bit familiar with that Dragon Roar!

The huge body was awe-inspiring, along with an overbearing Dragon Might!

The previous Green Dragon didn't give that kind of feeling to Marvin.

But this larger Dragon was different.

His body was covered with blazing scales, his eyes looked menacing, and when he landed at the edge of the ruins, he crushed a large part of the forest!

"I hate those Treants! They speak too much nonsense! Foolish Tidomas!"

The newcomer was waving his limbs and tail around and uprooted all the surrounding trees.

Fortunately, Marvin and Butterfly were hiding in the bushes, and the other side didn't use large-scale magic, so they were able to narrowly escape.

Marvin's expression changed.

If it was only the Green Dragon, he wouldn't care.

Although the Green Dragon's strength was around the middle among the Chromatic Dragons, with the Dragon Slaying Spear and his Ruler of the Night class, he wouldn't have an issue at all… As long as he didn't give her the opportunity to cast a Dragon Spell, he would easily be able to kill her.

But the new arrival… Even Marvin couldn't handle him!

Ancient Dragon Ell!

Marvin didn't expect him to appear here!

After he invaded the East Coast, Ell was chased by Ivan for a while, but eventually recovered.

He was undoubtedly powerful. In all of Feinan, perhaps only the people on the level of the Plane Guardians could contend with him alone.

Marvin estimated that he couldn't kill him even with the Dragon Slaying Spear.

Let alone now that there was a Green Dragon at his side that couldn't be considered weak either.

From the thickness and the degree of transformation of the Green Dragon's scales, Marvin estimated that this Dragon's age should be between that of an Elder Dragon and an Ancient Dragon.

They were both incredibly powerful Dragons.

'Even though the Red Dragons and the Green Dragons are Chromatic Dragons, they simply can't work together, so why are they here?'

Marvin gave an inquiring look at Butterly.

The latter also looked puzzled and shook her head.

She seemed to be scared by Ell's appearance and didn't dare to say anything else.

Marvin kept calm and carefully observed what was happening.

After Ell vented, the situation calmed down.

The Green Dragon said in a low voice, "Tidomas' origin is very suspicious, don't rashly mention his name."

"He is just a corrupt Dragon Tomb Guardian," Ell scoffed in disapproval.

The Green Dragon said in a measured voice, "Over the years, there were many Dragon Tomb Guardians who became corrupt. But not one was able to become a Negative Energy Plane's Overlord. To gain approval of that life brewing in the Evil Spirit Sea… It's not that easy."

Ell let out a heavy snort, apparently not wanting to keep talking about this topic.

Shortly after, he impatiently roared, "Those three fools are still not here?!"

"Calm down, Ell," the Green Dragon said in dissatisfaction. "This is my domain."

Red Dragon Ell sneered, "Could it be that you want to fight me, Modana?"

The Green Dragon didn't back down. "I don't fear any challenge in this forest. Sir Hartson gave the secret key to our clan and gave us the power to guard it!"

Ell's amber eyes were full of anger. "Foolish Hartson!"

"Just because you Green Dragons are more deceitful and sinister, he believed you were more intelligent. He didn't know of your cowardice and shyness. Because of this, we have waited for so long!"

"I can't wait to get back!"

Modana coldly countered, "Only I kept my composure. Now is the best timing."

"Those Plane Guardians and fools obsessed with justice are dealing with the Gods, so now is the best time to use that secret key."

At that time, a thunderous sound came out.

A few shadows descended.

"I have to agree that sometimes, being cautious like Modana is reasonable."

A spotless white Dragon as cold as the snow at the top of a mountain quickly descended. He elegantly walked to the Green Dragon's side and looked at Red Dragon Ell. "If you learnt a tiny bit of patience, you wouldn't have been beaten so miserably in the East Coast."

This was a White Dragon!

Marvin looked at the scales on his neck and felt his throat being stuck.


'Is this a group of Ancient Dragons?'

Ancient Red Dragon, Ancient White Dragon… He didn't even need to guess about the other two shadows.

An Ancient Blue Dragon and an Ancient Black Dragon, the latter of which was one of the two Black Dragons left in Feinan.

The other one, Izaka, was still enslaved by Marvin.

This Dragon was his mate, named [Ikarina]. These two seemed to be twins.


Having his scar exposed in public, Ell went berserk.

A dark red light flashed on his chest. This was the sign of his Dragon Breath being prepared!


Black Dragon Ikarina coldly interrupted, "Since everyone arrived, stop your senseless fighting."

"Since the Chromatic Dragons are gathered, it's time to open the [Nightmare Boundary]!"

The Blue Dragon nodded. "Isn't that the reason we gathered today?"

"After the Dragon God fell, the Chromatic Dragons split up and became unable to cooperate. It is time to end this situation."

"[World Disaster, Black Dragon Return], half of the conditions for the prophecy have already been fulfilled. We have to work together for the remaining half!"

Red Dragon Ell let out a heavy snort and took the initiative to walk to the edge of the Chromatic Altar.

The five Dragons all used a shapeshifting skill at the same time!

Their clothes were made of the same color as their scales and thus they could easily be recognized.

They stood on the side of the altar, apparently feeling around for something.


'What are they planning?'

Marvin frowned.

The Dragon God Wrath expansion didn't have too much information. It was said to be related to the Dragon God Hartson and the world he established.

The secret of the Lumber Woods was too ancient. It was from the same era as the Night Monarch.

Maybe only the Chromatic Dragons' leaders knew about it.

Butterfly's face was full of excitement like she was watching a huge play.

Marvin simply remained silent.

He felt that he had to do something.

But at that time, a heavy voice came out behind him. "Hey, little things, this matter isn't something you can blindly mix in."

'Damn weakened Perception!'

Marvin turned around very uncomfortably.

A huge head was staring at him.