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Chapter 463: Crystal Statue

Chapter 463: Crystal Statue
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"There are two specific things in the Nightmare Boundary which the Chromatic Dragons are most concerned about."

Professor was watching what was happening in the ruins while explaining to Marvin, "The first is Hartson's Crystal Statue."

"The second is a Rainbow Spring."

Hartson's Crystal Statue was said to have been made by the Chromatic Dragon God Hartson himself before his death.

This artifact had a very special function. The artifact holder would have three chances to order the Chromatic Dragons in Feinan.

This was a very frightening ability.

It had to be said that a Dragon could take a city down by himself, and a group of Dragons could defeat a few Mid Gods.

And there should be about forty Chromatic Dragons in all of Feinan. In fact, there should have been more, but Marvin killed quite a few Black Dragons, and there was also that Red Dragon sent to distract Ivan, who ended up dying.

These Dragons were like the Shadow Dragons lifeforms, they were genuine Dragons.

Although the Chromatic and Metallic Dragons were True Dragons and were still far less powerful than the rare Epic Prismatic Dragons and Time Dragons, they were still quite strong.

An Adult Chromatic Dragon was equivalent to another race's squad of ordinary Legends.

As for the powerhouses within the Dragon Race, such as Ancient Red Dragon Ell, they were second only to the people with the strength of a Plane Guardian, few people were their match in the Plane.

Once Hartson's Crystal Statue was found, there was an opportunity to order those powerful Chromatic Dragons.

This ability was something all the Chromatic Dragons yearned for.

Moreover, it was rumored that Hartson's Crystal Statue was refined from a fragment of Fate Tablet and contained the secret to become the new Chromatic Dragon God.

Ordering the Chromatic Dragons was just the simplest ability.

In short, this Crystal Statue was something those five Chromatic Dragons were determined to obtain.

The second thing, the [Rainbow Spring], also couldn't be ignored.

Like the Crystal Statue, they were both hidden in some location of the Nightmare Boundary. Even the Green Dragons who were the closest to Hartson didn't know where.

They could only fumble with the information they had.

But the only thing that was certain was that before his death, Hartson clearly said that the abilities he sealed were poured in the Rainbow Spring.

Finding the Rainbow Spring and absorbing the water would let them break through their limits and possibly reach the highest level of the Dragon Race.

In fact, to a powerhouse like Ell who already reached his upper limit, the Rainbow Spring was actually the most captivating thing.

Having reached his upper limit, if he wanted to become stronger, he would have to rely on external help.

The Rainbow Spring left behind by Hartson was definitely the thing he was focusing on.


In order to compete for these two things and ensure their cooperation, the Chromatic Dragons set down some rules.

For this event, their clans could only dispatch their strongest.

This was a good news for the Black Dragons on the verge of extinction.

As for the most numerous Red Dragons, they were actually disdainful. Ancient Dragon Ell's strength was clearly above the other Dragon Clans' Ancient Dragons. They were certain Ell would triumph.

Thus, the five Dragons gathered in Lumber Woods.

They began following the clues that were left behind and tried to open the secret Chromatic Altar, thus opening the ancient Nightmare Boundary.

But they were wasting a lot of time preparing this plan.

And during the process, some news were leaked.

In fact, this wasn't strange.

The Metallic Dragons were naturally antagonistic toward the Chromatic Dragons. Almost every Chromatic Dragon's nest was monitored by a Metallic Dragon. They intercepted some information exchanged during Chromatic Dragons' discussion and naturally made a move.

Although Hartson's Crystal Statue and Rainbow Spring had close to no effect on the Metallic Dragons, they definitely couldn't allow the Chromatic Dragons to obtain them.

Otherwise, not only would it create a disaster for the Metallic Dragons, but it would have catastrophic consequences for the entire Feinan.

The majority of Chromatic Dragons were ruthless, advocating scheming, slaughtering, and chaos.

The current Feinan was already changing due to the Great Calamity. Gods, Demons, Devils, Evil Spirits, and Monsters were already hard enough for Feinan's defenders to handle, if a group of ruthless Dragons who regained their powers appeared… The Metallic Dragons couldn't imagine what would happen.

Thus, with Professor in the lead, the normally lax Metallic Dragons unprecedentedly united.

They closely followed the plan and gathered the experts of each Clan today.

Moreover, they contacted far more powerhouses than just the Chromatic Dragons.

But there was still a problem in the Metallic Dragons' side, they were quite lax.

A few invited Ancient Dragons were still on the way and who knew when they would arrive.

"But to have four of us rushing here is already quite satisfying."

After saying this, Professor awkwardly laughed, "My compatriot always lacked the concept of being on time."

Marvin inwardly shook his head before suddenly recalling that Professor sent him on a delivery before!

"Hold on…"

"You made me go to Xunshan Monastery before…"

Marvin's words had yet to finish before a tall man's shadow appeared at the entrance of the cave.

"It was for this."

Blade Master Kangen.

A smile appeared on Professor's face, "Since you came, then Louise and Carter shouldn't be late."

"I left them to monitor the northern part of the forest." Kangen calmly said, "There seem to be some traces of movements from Green Dragons and Blue Dragons there."

"Hehe… Seems like the Chromatic Clans are scheming against each other." Brass Dragon Cromwell chuckled, "I'll bet that there will be a chaotic fight before they get hold of those things."

"The prerequisite is that no one finds the Crystal Statue." Professor said in a heavy voice, "That is the key to uniting the Chromatic Dragons."

The others nodded.

If a Dragon really obtained the Crystal Statue, then once the Chromatic Dragons were unified, their power would be even more frightening.

"Aren't we here to destroy their plans?" Gold Dragon Modique couldn't help but ask, "Why aren't we making a move? We can catch them unprepared."

"This would be meaningless."

Professor explained, "The key to open the Nightmare Boundary is in Green Dragon Modana's hands. That thing is for a one-time use. If we make a move now, it'll stop their plan, but it won't ruin their chances of obtaining the Crystal Statue or Rainbow Spring in the future."

"The Chromatic Dragons are very crafty, facing our encirclement, they would definitely choose to flee, or maybe we would be the trigger making them united. That's not our goal."

"If they escaped, then we might not know how long they will take before coming back. We can't watch over these ruins for a lifetime, right?"

"Thus, to foil their plans, we have to let Green Dragon Modana use her key."

Facing Professor's analysis, some raised objections.

Silver Dragon Stein reminded, "But if she uses the key, the Night Boundary will open."

"You know that we can't enter the Nightmare Boundary. As Metallic Dragons, it'll have a repelling effect against us, we simply can't enter Hartson's world."

Professor nodded, "Thus, I looked for a few helpers."

The other Dragons immediately looked at Blade Master Kangen.

The latter straightforwardly said, "There should be no issue with Louise, but it might not be so with Carter. He is an Assassin, and when I looked for him, it was for a surveillance request, he might refuse to enter the Nightmare Boundary."

Professor unhesitantly said, "My Shapeshift skill is at the 10th-circle, it should be enough to fool Hartson's repelling boundary. I should be able to go in as a Human…"

"This makes three of us."

At that time, Marvin couldn't help but interrupt, "Can I ask what's your plan?"


Ruins, shattered Chromatic Altar.

"Modana, you already tried 64 times."

Ell's irritated voice echoed once again, "That's just the first door, I see no need to find the correct combination, just shatter it."

"Or we could look for another way to enter the underground temple. Anyway, we know that the entrance to the Nightmare Boundary is on the 3rd floor of the underground temple."

The green clothed woman was crouching by the Chromatic Altar, patiently repairing it stone by stone, apparently trying to restore it to its former condition.

This place once had a magnificent building with many passages leading to the underground temple.

But after the fall of the Dragon God Hartson, these passages had been sealed.

To reach the underground temple, they had to go through the Chromatic Altar.

"You obviously know that Hartson didn't only take power from you, but also [Patience], why not try to overcome it?"

Modana answered Ell while she kept trying to restore the Chromatic Altar.

The Ancient Red Dragon immediately burst with rage, if not for the other Dragons, he might have already attacked.

At that time, when the Dragon God Hartson took things away from them, it didn't only contain power, there were also other things.

The Black Dragons were deprived of their [Reproduction], thus the low fertility they were complaining about became even more pathetic.

The Green Dragons lost their [Courage], thus they used schemes and rarely confronted their enemies from the front.

The Blue Dragons lost their [Precise Cognitive Abilities], the White Dragons lost their [Advanced Wisdom], and as for the Red Dragons, they lost their [Patience].

The lack of these things amplified the Chromatic Dragons weak points. This also was one of the reasons why the Chromatic Dragons hated the Ancient Dragon God Hartson.

Let alone the fact that he let a Lesser Dragon guard his bones and allowing thus the latter to become corrupt, leading to him becoming an Evil Spirit Overlord!

It was said that Tidomas' success was related to the Dragon God's bones.

He obtained a large power through the Dragon God's bones and was then acknowledged by the Evil Spirit Sea.

After these things happened, the chaotic and evil Chromatic Dragons naturally didn't have a good opinion of Hartson.


Time slowly passed and after roughly eight minutes, the Chromatic Altar had been restored.

"Fixed." Modana stood up and looked at the rest, "We only need to use a Legend item to open the passage."

"Who will go first?"