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Chapter 464: Loyal Tidomas

Chapter 464: Loyal Tidomas

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Once the Chromatic Dragons disappeared at the altar, the Metallic Dragons showed themselves.

"You really don't need our assistance to enter the Demi-plane?"

Silver Dragon Stein, still somewhat worried, doubtfully looked at the five individuals, "It might become troublesome if you meet a Chromatic Dragon in the underground temple before getting in the Nightmare Boundary."

Marvin rancorously smiled, he had a similar concern.

After hearing Professor's plan, Marvin naturally chose to join in.

In any case, this event was unfolding right before him, and Professor promised to help him reach the Supreme Jungle at the fastest speed after this. It would be a lot better than the unreliable Butterfly and her Griffin.

Moreover, his Chromatic Dragons Enmity was second only to the Evil Spirits. He was bound to be enemies with them, so it would be more advantageous to cooperate with the Metallic Dragons to stop them from increasing their strength early on. And if he waited for an opportunity to use his Dragon Slaying Spear, he might be able to get some unexpected rewards in the Nightmare Boundary.

The Dragons had no objections to Marvin's participation.

Dragon Slayer, Plane Destroyer, God Slayer… Obviously, these titles made the aura on his body quite convincing. Although the Dragons rarely paid attention to humans, when one had so many world-shaking achievements, they had no choice but to lower their prideful heads and give due respect.

With Marvin joining, the team became composed of four people.

Blade Master Kangen, Louise, the unknown person who was Kangen's friend and a very reliable female caster, Marvin, and Professor who could use an advanced Shapeshift skill.

This was a pretty good team because the Metallic Dragons heard of three to four places where the Crystal Statue or Rainbow Spring might be, thus they needed enough people to fighting against the Chromatic Dragons.

But at that time, a conflicting voice echoed.

"Can I also come in?" Butterfly asked very naturally.

The Dragons looked at this insignificant Elf and their eyes became wide open one after the other.

Silver Dragon Stein bitterly smiled while looking at the shining Dragon Scale in her hands, decisively thinking of sternly stopping her.

This wasn't a game. The enemies were all Dragons at the peak of Feinan, they had the most frightening physiques and magic, combined with the most malicious temperament. Five Ancient Chromatic Dragons, even the Ancient Metallic Dragons wouldn't look down on them.

A Wood Elf with low strength, did she want to become a Dragon snack?

But Stein didn't have time to say anything before he heard shocking words, "Of course."

Professor's voice seemed categorical.

Butterfly was overjoyed while the other Dragons all had doubtful expressions.


Besides the Chromatic Altar, Professor, who had shapeshifted into a human, looked like a wise and farsighted Senior.

He gently patted Stein's shoulder, "Rest assured, there are only top class powerhouses in our team."

Stein once again glanced at Butterfly who had yet to reach 3rd rank and inwardly shook his head.

The others also very much disapproved of Professor's decision, but the Copper Dragon's status amongst the other dragons was clearly very high, therefore his decision didn't meet any objection from them.

Thus, under the Metallic Dragons' expectant gazes, they began discarding Legendary Items on the altar like the Chromatic Dragons did.

Every time a Legendary Item was used, it would grant the right to use Teleportation.

It had to be said, the Chromatic Altar's appetite was quite huge, it actually needed Legendary items to be activated.

Fortunately, Marvin had a group of Ancient Dragons at his side.

That group of Dragons wouldn't be lacking in treasures gathered over the years.

Kangen entered the Altar first.

He was followed by Louise who was covered in thin black clothes all over, to the point where Marvin couldn't even see her clearly. But he knew she was strong, definitely not weaker than him.

Next was Butterfly. The Wood Elf excitedly sneaked into the altar and disappeared in a flash.

Marvin worriedly took a step forward and was the 4th to go through the Chromatic Altar.


The Chromatic Altar used random teleportation. It would teleport anywhere in the underground temple.

The underground temple's surroundings were enveloped by a mysterious barrier, forcibly entering would only collapse the temple.

According to the map the Metallic Dragons took a hold of, the underground temple had a total of five floors. Each floor had a different layout and the map was badly damaged. Finding the entrance in the lower layers wouldn't be easy.

The most troublesome part was that in the process they might meet a Chromatic Dragon or a Monster who lived in the underground temple.

Because of the proximity to the Dragon God's tomb, these Monsters had Divinity!

After finding about this, Marvin was a bit regretful that he released the Hellhound.

If he had brought that guy to the underground temple, the latter would have definitely eaten his fill and his strength would have substantially increased.

Naturally, to Marvin, lifeforms with Divinity had their advantages too.

Although his Fake Divine Vessel couldn't hold too much Divinity, the Book of Nalu could easily swallow those.

Recently, Marvin and the Book of Nalu reached a new deal.

Marvin would give it a bit of Divinity and the Book of Nalu would leak some secrets Marvin wanted to know in exchange.

Marvin knew that this deal was very dangerous. The Madeline event made Marvin more vigilant toward the [Rebirth] chapter, but due to the Witch's Tear's boost in power, Marvin estimated that he could still suppress the Book of Nalu and would occasionally ask a few helpful questions.


Darkness was omnipresent.

As Marvin's legs stepped on a damp stone, he smelled the odor of charcoal.

It smelt like a barbecue ruined by a messy chef.

No light, no flame, only primal darkness and turbid air.

The atmosphere here was simply too frightening.

'I knew Night Walker was the best choice.'

The darkness wasn't anything special to Marvin.

'3/4 of Feinan's instances are underground cities and in most of those underground cities, Darksight was a hidden advantage.'

Marvin remembered that in the past, a few guilds caused the prices of items with [Low Light Vision] and [Dark Vision] to reach the sky.

And [Darksight] was clearly something even more uncommon.

He moved uninhibited and relied on his sense of smell to quickly locate the place the burnt stench was coming from.

But all he saw was a dry area on the otherwise damp floor.

The area still gave off warmth and there were ashes on top. Looking closely, Marvin managed to find half of a fat worm on the edge of that area.

It had yet to die and was still struggling.

When Marvin softly touched it, it revealed its own weapon, a soft needle.

It could pierce through someone's skin and absorb someone's blood.

Marvin applied some force and ended the life of that thing.

He obtained a pitiful amount of experience from that guy.

'Dragon Breath… Darkness Worm…'

'Seems like Ell or that Ancient Black Dragon just passed by…' Marvin made a simple guess.

This place was the nest of Darkness Worms, they were active in the surroundings and viewed this place as their own domain.

Up till an uninvited guest showed up.

And only the Red Dragons and Black Dragons were able to spew flaming Dragon Breath.

If it was the Black Dragon, Marvin wouldn't be too worried. The Black Dragon was the only one he was certain of restraining among the Chromatic Dragons, otherwise, Black Dragon Izaka wouldn't have been so obedient.

But if it was the Red Dragon, he would have to be a bit more cautious.

Ell was very frightening, Marvin didn't want to be on the same floor as him.

But the underground temple's layout was very strange.

This place was the link between the Nightmare Boundary and the Prime Material Plane, there was some space-time distortion. Even Marvin's ability to enter the Shadow Plane any time had been restrained.

He also didn't dare to act recklessly lest he might be sent to some endless corner of the universe due to his carelessness.

The last time, he had been rescued by Ding and Jessica after ending up in the Astral Plane. This time, there wouldn't be someone to help him in this dark temple.

He stayed calm and slowly searched.

The temple was very vast.

The underground floors' height reached ten meters and it was very spacious.

But for some reason, most of the floor was damp. Marvin was very curious to know where that moisture came from.

Was there a river passing by the 2nd floor?

He turned a corner and noticed a shadow.

Marvin frowned, that shadow was motionless and was looking at a huge statue with interest.

'I really don't know if I'm supposed to consider myself lucky… Or unlucky…'

Marvin muttered and quickly walked over.

With how the teleportation was designed, for him to meet up with Butterfly so soon… Was her Luck Attribute maxed?

The Wood Elf was holding her chin, staring at that huge statue and reading the characters on top of it.

Marvin rudely asked, "First, this is a dark area, Wood Elves don't have Dark Vision, right?"

"Second, this is Draconic, do you understand Draconic?"

Butterfly was startled and jumped up. She turned and when she saw it was Marvin, she patted her chest and sighed in relief.

"I can't see, thus I put on glasses."

She pointed at those lovely glasses on her nose and said, "It can help me see things in the dark, otherwise I wouldn't dare come to the underground temple."

Marvin replied, "You shouldn't have come."

Butterfly ignored that comment and continued, "As for Draconic… Although I didn't learn it, I found out today that I seem to be innately able to read it!"

"In any case, I can recognize the characters there."

Marvin pondered.

He looked at that statue, it was a statue of a Dragon spreading his wings, and that Dragon's head seemed familiar.

"It says there that this Dragon's name is [Loyal Tidomas], so, interested in his story?" Butterfly casually asked.