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Chapter 465: Suspicions

Chapter 465: Suspicions

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"Loyal Tidomas? Are you tricking me?"

Marvin glanced at Butterfly before his eyes focused on the stele below the statue.

But unfortunately, he couldn't read Draconic.

There were several ways to start learning this language.

First, reaching a high Affinity with a Dragon and have him teach you.

This method was quite difficult. It was very hard to get high Affinity with a Dragon. In his previous life, another player once tried to, and even though he could quickly increase his Affinity with the most kindhearted Dragon by gifting golds and treasures, in the end it only worked for a short time.

This was due to Draconic holding some Dragon Magic secrets, thus, regardless if it was Evil Dragons or Good Dragons, they had this uniform rule to not rashly impart Draconic to the other races.

For those who chose this path, it was bound to be filled with hardships.

The second method was even more exaggerated: Bloodline inheritance.

In general, some advanced lifeforms' descendants might pass Draconic through bloodline. Unfortunately, few people had this identity. Even Draconic Sorcerers' bloodline might not be pure enough to inherit Draconic.

The third method was the most feasible, that was to learn it through studying.

Unfortunately, from what Marvin knew, there were only two places in the world with books related to Draconic.

One was the Pearl Tower. Draconic was naturally among what could be learned in the City of Knowledge. The other one was the Wizard Alliance's Comprehensive Library.

The Comprehensive Library was concealed by the South Wizard Alliance's higher-ups, its location was endlessly drifting and it was hard to find. Even if Marvin wanted to look for it, without the Alliance's secret pass and key, he wouldn't be able to learn much from that place.

In short, it was hard for lifeforms other than Dragons to master Draconic.

Therefore Marvin was very suspicious, how did Butterfly learnt Draconic?

It had to be known that Wood Elves' innate gifts didn't include [Draconic Mastery].

In fact, Marvin wasn't sure whether Ivan, as an Elven Royalty, was able to learn Draconic.


But facts were in front of him.

Facing Marvin's doubtful attitude, Butterfly quickly translated what was written on the stele.

Although he still doubted the credibility of her words, after hearing her translation, Marvin sank into contemplation.

He looked at that mighty and fierce statue of Tidomas and frowned.

If Butterfly's words were right, then this matter was a bit strange.

This stele was crafted by an artisan of the Dragon Race, and based on what was written on it, Tidomas was the closest guard of the Dragon God Hartson. He was born in the Chromatic Dragons' nest, but wasn't tolerant towards Chromatic Dragons.

Indeed, he was an abandoned hybrid, the Two Headed Dragon. One of his parents was a Blue Dragon and the other was a barbaric beast from the Wilderness.

In short, the hybrid Tidomas was a pitiful creature abandoned in the dragon's nest.

Hartson took him in, yet despite this, Tidomas was still rejected and bullied by others.

Around the time he reached adulthood, Tidomas personally ripped off his additional head that distinguished him as a partial wilderness monster and become a Dragon Tomb Guardian.

Although he suffered bullying, and although the work of Dragon Tomb Guardians was loathed by all Dragons, Tidomas was still grateful to Hartson and was loyal till the end.

In the long years of guarding the Dragon Tomb, he stopped Evil Spirits, Devils and other Magic Races' invasions many times. He always fought at the front by himself, and because of his existence, the Dragon Souls residing in the Dragon Tomb enjoyed their eternal rest for years without being disturbed once.

This particular statue was crafted after a frightening battle when Tidomas once again stopped a plot from the Evil Spirits and received an award.

Dragon God Hartson not only erected his statue inside the temple, he also transferred him at his side to become the closest Dragon God Guardian. It was said that he planned for his body to be guarded by Tidomas after his death.


This was the content of the stele's inscription.

The superfluous words of praise were completely ignored by Marvin.

The rest was the important information.

The stele was clearly not written by the Dragon God, but by a craftsman of the Dragon Race tasked with it at the time.

From the way it was written, it was obvious the craftsman held a lot of respect for Tidomas.

He was the most loyal Guardian of the Dragon Tomb, Dragon God Hartson's closest Guardian.

Why did he degenerate into the Negative Energy Plane's 2nd Overlord?

'Could Tidomas only have had feeling toward the Dragon God, and defected after he fell?'

Marvin inwardly analyzed.

He fell something amiss.

Because this reasoning didn't make sense.

Becoming corrupt wasn't enough to become an Evil Spirit Overlord.

According to the rumors, Tidomas relied on the Dragon God's corpse to obtain the Evil Spirit Sea's approval, thus becoming powerful and turning into a newly advanced Evil Spirit Overlord.

If Tidomas was truly loyal to the Dragon God, he wouldn't go so far as to profane his benefactor's body, right?

Along with the name of the new instance, [Dragon God's Wrath], Marvin had a feeling that things weren't as simple as they appeared.


"What are you thinking about?" After translating the inscriptions for Marvin, Butterfly seemed to have nothing to do.

"I'm thinking of your true identity."

Marvin curiously watched Butterfly, "There aren't many Wood Elves proficient in Draconic."

From Marvin's Perception, Butterfly was a common Wood Elf.

The other Legends also seemed to had had that feeling.

Marvin never doubted this before.

But Professor's attitude today made him start doubting it.

Professor's wisdom was outstanding. He could see things others couldn't. He wasn't the kind of person who didn't care about others' lives. On the opposite, he actually cared about lives more than anyone else.

In such a dangerous situation he still allowed Butterfly to enter the temple with them, this in itself raised a lot of questions.

Either Professor believed he would be able to quickly find and protect her, which wouldn't make sense because it would waste his energy, or Professor believed that in such a frightening underground temple, nothing could harm Butterfly.

The second possibility felt unlikely at first, but after she translated the inscriptions on the stele, Marvin felt it was suddenly more likely.

Thus he wanted to figure it out.

But Butterfly was at a loss, "Me? I'm just Thousand Leaves Forest's Messenger?"

Her expression was naturally not fake.

'There it is again.'

'Flawless expression.'

Marvin had a headache.

He changed his method of inquiring, "For how many years have you been Thousand Leaves Forest's Messenger?"

Butterfly opened her eyes wide.

It seemed like the question baffled her.

She began to think hard.

Marvin shook his head and left Tidomas' statue, dragging Butterfly to walk toward the darkness.

He couldn't waste too much time on a random statue.

There weren't other monsters apart from the Darkness Worms in this floor.

It seemed that this place was their domain.

The current Marvin was well equipped, he had all kinds of tools in hands.

To deal with a Darkness Worm, a Molotov cocktail and a staff equipped with a Sun spell would be enough to crush it.

It's just that the gains from Darkness Worm were too pitiful.

After dealing with three Darkness Worms' Nests, Marvin only obtained 1 point of Divinity.

He turned to Butterfly.

The latter was still immersed in her thoughts ever since he asked that question.

If not for Marvin pulling her, she might still be rooted in front of the statue.

Thus, he cautiously took out the Book of Nalu and let it absorb that Divinity.

The Book of Nalu seemed especially satisfied after obtaining that Divinity.

Marvin quickly used his finger to write on it:

–1 Divinity for 1 question?–

–Ask…. As long as I know the answer.– These characters quickly appeared on top of the page.

–The Path to the Nightmare Boundary.– Marvin quickly wrote.

The reason he so readily participated in this operation was due to the Book of Nalu. Thanks to it, he might even be able to obtain the Crystal Statue or the Rainbow Spring.

Although the Rainbow Spring would only work for Chromatic Dragons, as long as it was in his hands, Marvin might be able to give it another purpose. As for the Crystal Statue, Marvin wasn't sure whether a human could become the statue's owner.

If that was the case… The scene would be magnificent!

Marvin in control of twelve Shadow Dragons was already an awe-inspiring scene.

Just imagine if Marvin could order forty to fifty Chromatic Dragons with a wave of his hand...

Wouldn't he be able to crush a Demon Lord's territory or some layer of the Nine Hells?


But the answer of the Book of Nalu made him helpless:

–1 Divinity, 1 question. If you ask me the path to the next level, I'll truthfully answer.–

–But trying to trick me into getting the path to the Nightmare Boundary… Do you think I'm dumb?–

Marvin rolled his eyes.

The Book of Nalu was actually negotiating.

This book definitely had a soul. Even if he was the master of that page, his position might be overturned anytime. He felt a headache just thinking about it.

He definitely wouldn't give too much Divinity to the Book of Nalu, that would be walking to his own doom.

Since that was the case, the question had to be asked at the crucial time.

He quickly put away the Book of Nalu.

He would have to rely on himself to find the entrance to the 2nd floor.

At that time, an explosion suddenly echoed in the darkness!

Because the underground temple was very spacious and empty, the sound could echo from pretty far.

Marvin's heart tightened.

'Could it be that a Chromatic Dragon found one of his teammates?'

"Let's go! We have to check!"

Marvin urgently said in a low voice. But he didn't hear any footsteps behind him.

He turned around and froze on the spot!

There was no one in sight!

Butterfly had silently disappeared.

Marvin began to feel the coldness of the underground temple.

The explosions in the distance grew even louder.

Marvin took a deep breath and sat down on the damp floor.

He used the lotus position that the Monks commonly sat in and started using [Earth Perception]!