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Chapter 467: Book of Forgiveness

Chapter 467: Book of Forgiveness

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Facing the greedy Book of Nalu, Marvin sneered and wrote:

–Continuous translation, otherwise you won't get any Divinity in the future–

The Book of Nalu immediately turned silent.

From Marvin's current understanding of the Book of Nalu, although it was now stronger, it had yet to reach the level of being able to hunt by itself.

Marvin was still its master.

Although the two had reached some agreements, it was due to Marvin's powerful willpower, that the Book of Nalu had no choice but to compromise.

–Only this time–

–Or you can pay one Divinity and I'll directly impart you the knowledge of Draconic–

The Book of Nalu quickly reacted.

Marvin hesitated but ultimately chose to decline the offer of the Book of Nalu.

Although he very much wanted to be able to understand Draconic, the Book of Nalu's knowledge impartation was clearly too straightforward.

He didn't doubt that the Book of Nalu had this kind of ability, but he hadn't forgotten that this was the artifact of the God of Deception.

And not that long ago, it tried to overmaster Marvin.

If it did something during the impartation process, Marvin would be in huge trouble.

He chose temporary translator in the end.

Thus, they reached an agreement. The Dragon Soul began using Draconic to communicate with Marvin, and the Book of Nalu quickly turned the Draconic into Common for Marvin.


Five minutes later, Marvin gained some understanding of the situation.

It was close to what he had guessed. The Dragon Soul's memories were damaged, he only remembered that he was trapped there by a powerful existence as a punishment.

Those six Dragon Teeth were the key for restricting him.

A specific item was needed to remove these teeth. The item was called the [Book of Forgiveness].

Marvin estimated that this Dragon Soul was most likely personally imprisoned by Dragon God Hartson.

As for the specific reason, he wasn't too clear about it.

It's just that according to the Dragon Soul's current appearance, this Dragon Soul didn't seem to be completely evil.

Although he was violent, that was because the Dragon Teeth were continuously harming him.

After Marvin tried to communicate, he restrained himself and strove to reach a peaceful agreement. Although he had to compromise, most Evil Dragon Souls would be driven by their instincts and directly attack Marvin.

After all, most of the time, Dragon Souls were simply pure willpower energy. He couldn't even meet the standard of a Soul, like Ghosts and Evil Spirits. He was only a damaged Soul.


With the explanations of the Dragon Soul, Marvin understood that the Book of Forgiveness was located in a library on the 2nd floor of the underground temple.

It was also said that this library contained a great amount of knowledge. It was one of the most precious secret locations of the Chromatic Dragons.

The Dragon Soul told him the way to enter the library.

But there was still one problem for Marvin.

Although Dragon God Hartson had already died, there was still someone guarding the library on the 2nd floor.

Librarian Fati.

A strange Wizard Dragonborn. Her body had been transformed by Dragon God Hartson and it was said that she had fused with the library, she would live forever and couldn't be killed.

Her Magic Power was very formidable and her origin of magic came from the secret of the Dragon Magic and not from the Universe Magic Pool.

Wizard Dragonborn Fati was the Guardian of the library. Anyone trying to enter would be obliterated.

The Dragon Soul warned that Fati was very powerful and that if he could, he shouldn't fight her from the front, otherwise Marvin might not be her match in the library's space.

As for the path to the 2nd floor, Marvin had already confirmed that it was indeed those reddish brown floor tiles.

As long as he stood on one and spoke some Draconic, he would immediately get teleported to the 2nd floor.

This was most likely the reason why Butterfly disappeared.

The Wood Elf not only understood Draconic, she also seemed very proficient in speaking and might have unconsciously said a word.


After the two were done communicating, Marvin put away the Book of Nalu while the Dragon Soul got out of the way, letting Marvin stand on the floor tile.

They had reached an agreement, the agreement was sealed through a type of soul contract.

The Dragon Soul provided him the 2nd floor's path and the specific location of the library while Marvin had to get the Book of Forgiveness to save the Dragon Soul.

Of course, there were additional factors.

But those couldn't be heard by the Book of Nalu.

When Marvin stood on the reddish brown tile, the Dragon Soul said in broken Common with a deep voice, "Suppressing Book of Nalu.. Willpower not enough."

"Something… In library… Can help you."

"While looking for Book of Forgiveness, can also try to look for it."

Marvin expressed his thanks after memorizing the description provided by the Dragon Soul.

When Marvin took out the Book of Nalu earlier, the Dragon Soul had an intense reaction.

He warned Marvin that the sheet was extremely dangerous.

But it wasn't like there is nothing capable of restraining it. In fact, there was such a treasure in the Dragon God's library.

With him doing such a good deed, Marvin was naturally more willing to help the Dragon Soul.

Otherwise, just the 2nd floor's path wouldn't be enough to sway Marvin.

After all, the 1st floor should still have many reddish brown tiles. As long as he was careful, he would still find some with energy remaining.

In short, both of them reached a superficial agreement in front of the Book of Nalu, and then reached a second secret agreement.

'In Feinan, regardless which library it was, it would be a great place.'

'Especially the stash of Dragon God Hartson. Besides the Book of Forgiveness and that item the Dragon Soul spoke of, there should be other nice things, right?'

Marvin stood on the colored tile and rolled his eyes, thinking how to maximize the profits.

Under the Dragon Soul's instruction, he repeated the Draconic sentence.

Next second, a powerful attraction force dragged him inside the reddish tile!


Marvin disappeared.

The blue light kept shining in the space.

At that time, the Dragon Soul's figure shrunk and condensed into a complete Dragon.

And the form was shockingly the same as the statue Marvin and Butterfly saw.


Deep Blue.

When Marvin opened his eyes, the main color of the 2nd floor was reflected in his eyes.

This area was clearly a lot brighter than the 1st floor. He appeared in a narrow hallway and both sides of the hallway seemed to be transparent.

A deep blue sea seemed to be surrounding the transparent tunnel.

Marvin could faintly see a flame flickering at the end of the tunnel.

'This is the Azure Hallway.'

Marvin recalled the map of the 2nd floor explained by the Dragon Soul.

After reaching the end of the hallway, he saw a familiar silhouette.

It was actually Butterfly!

Marvin thought to himself that meeting twice after being randomly teleported was too much of a coincidence.

But Butterfly wasn't looking very good.

She was looking at a portrait on the stone wall before turning to glance at Marvin with a complicated expression:

"I regret."