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Chapter 468: Twin Planes

Chapter 468: Twin Planes

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"Regretting what? What happened?" Marvin asked, baffled.

Butterfly's expression was very unsightly.

This was unprecedented. From what he had seen of her, this Wood Elf always looked simple-minded and would remain indifferent regardless of what happened.

Could something very unpleasant have occurred?

But Butterfly didn't answer and only said to herself, "I regret…"

Shortly after, her expression changed and turned vengeful. "That Copper Dragon is too treacherous. He clearly knew about my extreme curiosity and still used that kind of mystifying trick!"

"I have to sort him out!"

Marvin was startled.

He had already gotten used to Butterfly regularly saying weird things, but an Elf who hadn't even reached 3rd rank wanting to deal with a Copper Dragon, wouldn't that be difficult?

Actually, Marvin was just being nice, how could that be only difficult? That was clearly impossible!

"Professor? What's wrong with him? Why is it getting more confusing?" Marvin asked, concerned.

Butterfly still looked upset.

She finally focused on Marvin and said with complicated expression, "I finally understand why you gave me such a strange feeling."

"That damn guy, he casually left his thing to someone else…"

"What's good about a kid like you? Fierce and greedy and only thinking about schemes, such a fool."

She rolled her eyes while scolding Marvin as she gently stretched her hands out, trying to touch Marvin's face.

Her expression became a lot gentler.

This movement startled Marvin.

'Is she possessed?'

'What the hell is she talking about?'

Marvin took a step back and called to her, "Hey! I'm not that kind of guy. Miss Butterfly, what happened to you?"

Butterfly froze before mumbling with a sense of loss, "Yeah, you aren't him."

She sighed, looking disappointed and frustrated.

For some reason, this expression made Marvin extremely pained.

It gave the same feeling as when Eric disappeared while saying that he missed that girl...

That kind of silent sadness was enough to dampen one's mood.

By the time Marvin recovered, Butterfly was already leaving.

But the way she left this time shocked Marvin even more.

She casually opened a Teleportation Door!

"Hey! We are in the underground temple…"

Marvin wanted to remind her that this place's spatial field was very chaotic and that opening a Teleportation Door might send the user to a random part of the Universe.

But the next second, a nice forest atmosphere spread out from the Teleportation Door.

Thousand Leaves Forest.

"Sorry. I can't take you to the Supreme Jungle."

Before Marvin could react, Butterfly continued, "But I believe that the wretched Copper Dragon will take you there."

"I have to go. Maybe we will meet again in the future."

"Don't waste his power."

After saying these confusing words, Butterfly stepped into the Teleportation Door. The door disappeared right away.

Marvin looked stunned.

What level of strength would one need to be able to open a Teleportation in such a frightening place?

Legend Wizard?

Surely ordinary Legend Wizards simply wouldn't be able to?

This was the tomb of the Dragon God, it had powerful Divine Power restraining it and no one would dare act recklessly in here.

But Butterfly… actually walked in so confidently.

Marvin was too lazy to even bother cursing her…'What do you mean you can't take me to the Supreme Jungle? Isn't it a driver's responsibility to take the passenger to their destination? You led me to the Lumber Woods from Steel City, right into a war between Metallic Dragons and Chromatic Dragons.'

'And now you slipped away, is that how you take care of your duties?'

But Marvin was actually more curious about Butterfly's identity.

'She said she regretted. What did she regret, after all?'

'It also seems to be related to Professor.'

Marvin's sight left the Teleportation Door's former location as he departed.

He felt some familiarity with the scenery behind the portal, he had gone to Thousand Leaves Forest many times. There was no shortage of familiar locations there.

He shifted his attention to the long hallway in front of him.

This hallway was different from the Azure Hallway and instead had many large murals on both sides.

There was a brazier every ten steps.

The flames on the braziers were inextinguishable Wizard Flames and illuminated the contents of the murals.

Marvin looked at them in order while walking toward the end of the corridor.

He had a hunch that these murals were the reason behind Butterfly's change.

The scenes depicted were very simple at the beginning, emphasizing the origin and rise of the Dragon Race.

It made sense for these murals to be within the Dragon God temple.

Marvin had also heard of what was shown in the murals.

The main idea was that a pair of planes were rotating in another end of the Universe.

The Twin Planes were intertwined in a spiral, with an overlapping area.

That overlapping location was called the [Dragon Battlefield].

Because that place was the battlefield for Dragons!

These two planes were very far from Feinan, possibly the most distant location of the Universe. They might even have been in another Universe, or perhaps it was all just a story made up by Dragons' descendants.

In any case, this story was very interesting.

There was only one kind of lifeform in the two planes: Dragons!

One of the planes was ruled by Metallic Dragons, while the other was the domain of the Chromatic Dragons.

The entire Universe's Metallic Dragons and Chromatic Dragons came from that place.

They hated each other to the bone and would fight to the death on the Dragon Battlefield for generations.

It was to the point that even when their descendants left the Twin Planes, they would also fight to the death when they met their enemies.

This explained why the Metallic Dragons and Chromatic Dragons hated each other so much.

Moreover, Feinan didn't have Dragons at the start.

All the Dragons were outsiders.

One day, an unforeseen event happened to the Twin Planes.

A unknown frightening existence appeared in the Universe and destroyed the Dragon Battlefield. The Dragons fled at the mere sight of that existence.

The entirety of the Twin Planes had been destroyed and most of the Dragons died.

Before their deaths, the Metallic Dragon God and the Chromatic Dragon God cooperated for the first time.

They opened a Multiverse Teleportation Gate and transferred Dragon Eggs to all kinds of newborn planes.

One of these Universes was the one containing Feinan.

And the newborn plane there was Feinan itself.

After this, the Metallic Dragon God exhausted himself to death while blocking that existence.

But the Chromatic Dragon God, Hartson, managed to escape.