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Chapter 469: Ancient Times’ Secrets

Chapter 469: Ancient Times’ Secrets

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Naturally, Hartson didn't arrive at Feinan right away.

He floated through the Universe for a long time and spent a lot of stamina during his journey.

When he reached Feinan, those Dragon Eggs had already hatched on their own.

The antagonistic relationship between the Chromatic Dragons and Metallic Dragons was slowly taking shape on Feinan. But the Chromatic Dragons were more vicious, making them somewhat infamous to the other inhabitants.

But at that time, Feinan had just left the Primal Chaos Era.

The Wizard God Lance had descended, so the Chromatic Dragons didn't dare to act unreservedly. As for the Metallic Dragons, they were always relatively lazy. As long as the Chromatic Dragons didn't provoke them, they would rarely attack.

Both sides were at peace for a while.

Up until Hartson's arrival.

According to what was depicted on the murals, after Chromatic Dragon God Hartson reached Feinan, he tried to rule over the whole plane.

The details of his fight against Wizard God Lance weren't shown on the murals, but they did show Hartson granting different powers to his people, making them into the different types of Chromatic Dragons that currently resided in Feinan.

Meanwhile, the Wizard God also decided to bless the Metallic Dragons after he found out about the existence of the Twin Planes from them.

Lance warned Dragon God Hartson to restrain the Chromatic Dragons, or else he would personally make a move.

The Evil Dragon God naturally wouldn't lower his head so easily, so he and Lance fought, which presumably ended in Hartson's defeat.

Thus, following their agreement, he created the Nightmare Boundary as well as his own temple.

Afterwards, there was an unforeseen event in the Chromatic Dragon Race. Marvin was familiar with the story on that mural so he skipped it.


After seeing this, Marvin couldn't dispel the doubts in his heart.

This all didn't seem to be related to Butterfly.

Thus, he looked toward the other side of the corridor.

This was another continuous series of murals. The contents weren't limited to the Dragons' origin and internal affairs.

Even the matters of the Primal Chaos Era were included.

When the first Chromatic Dragon Egg hatched, Feinan was still in the midst of the Primal Chaos Era.

Because the Chromatic Dragons had yet to receive the strength blessing of the Dragon God, they stayed cautious in order to survive the era filled with Beasts and Monsters.

At this time, a powerful character appeared on the mural.

He was shrouded in darkness, but his eyes gave an incomparably warm feeling.

'Night Monarch…'

Marvin seemed to understand something.

Although the mural was very blurry there, he still had the soul of the Night Monarch, and had an inexpressible reaction.

The Night Monarch treated all lifeforms equally, and during the time of Eternal Night, he blessed all the weak.

At that time, in order to survive, the Chromatic Dragons, just like the Metallic Dragons, temporarily relied on the Sanctuary established by the Night Monarch.

That was the original [Eternal Night Paradise].

This originally was the name of the Sanctuary, but it was later refined as an Artifact before the Night Monarch's death.

The Eternal Night Paradise was the Artifact held by the Night Walkers' Leader and possessed unimaginable strength. Because of a coincidence, Marvin once obtained it in the game. Of course, he didn't get it from O'Brien. He didn't even know about O'Brien back then.

Now that he thought about it, it was extremely likely that O'Brien had been secretly killed by a certain God. This led to Eternal Night Paradise being lost and ending up in Marvin's hands.

In this life, he became a Night Walker, and the heir at that! This could be considered fate.


Marvin continued going forward. After a while, he noticed something and stopped.


His eyes opened wide in shock.

This mural depicted the event of the Night Monarch establishing his Sanctuary.

He was still shrouded in darkness and others couldn't see him clearly, but his smiling expression could vividly be felt.

He was standing on a tower, cheering while waving his arms.

The Legion of Dark Knights cautiously guarded the Sanctuary. His troops and the powerhouses of all races were present.

A familiar face was now in front of Marvin.

His breathing halted.


The woman on the mural looked exactly like Butterfly!

She was calmly standing behind the Night Monarch, smiling beautifully at that high-spirited man.

Her expression was definitely not one of an ordinary battle companion.

Marvin seemed to understand something.

'I had the feeling that Wood Elf was strange…'

'Turns out she was someone from ancient times? How could she live for so long? Why did she hide among the Wood Elves?'

'If they only look alike and the person on the mural wasn't Butterfly, then who was it?'

The shock in Marvin's mind intensified until he hurriedly looked away.


The murals of the Dragon God Temple were very detailed. There were lines of Draconic carved on the side.

Using the Book of Nalu's translation abilities, Marvin understood why this mural was there.

When the Dragons reached Feinan, if not for the Night Monarch blessing them, they might have been exterminated.

Thus, even after Chromatic Dragon God Hartson's arrival, they still greatly respected that Monarch from the ancient era.

And when the Dragon Race established the Dragon God Temple, they sought Hartson's agreement to write down this history.

From what he had seen of the murals, Marvin speculated that there should still be someone conscientiously working at writing down history, even after the fall of Dragon God Hartson.

This hallway was like a history book. The history of the Dragon Race as well as major events across the ages were recorded upon it.

On another section, Marvin saw the Dragon Rebellion, the Nightmare Boundary being sealed, and the Dragon God's fall. This meant that these murals weren't made in a single sitting. The differences in style were clear proof of this.

Marvin kept looking. In the next mural, that woman who looked exactly like Butterfly, or perhaps Butterfly herself, appeared several times.

He learnt a few things.

After the Night Monarch set up his Sanctuary, he was fighting on all sides. And that woman followed him from beginning to end.

Eventually, the Wizard God descended, and Feinan's Order stabilized.

But the Primal Chaos Era wasn't over yet. There were still many frightening Monsters eyeing Feinan covetously.

The mural showed the Night Monarch helping the Wizard God set up the initial Universe Magic Pool and leaving Feinan with the Wizard God.

They went on an expedition around the Universe to exterminate the Astral Beasts and all kinds of Monsters around Feinan.

This was an endless war, and for its duration, the Ancient Elven God was Feinan's ruler. Therefore, the continent reached the 2nd Era, the High Elven Rule.

And the first crowned High Elven Ruler… was shockingly that woman.

'Just a messenger of Thousand Leaves Forest, she said…'

'It was actually such a big matter?'

Marvin's mind froze.